28 Flattering Dark Hair Colors for Every Skin Tone

28 Flattering Dark Hair Colors for Every Skin Tone

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#10: Sweet Dark Mocha Brown

This dark mocha brown hair that sits above the shoulders is an effortlessly sassy style.  A shorter-length bob is perfect for anyone wanting easy wash-and-go hair while still having the option of styling. Of all shades of brown hair, this warm chocolate brown color is a great option for lighter skin tones wanting to take a trip to the darker side. If wanting extra dimension, pair this dark brown hair with caramel highlights.

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#20: Inky Black Shade

This look is a shoulder-length, straight-across (non-angled) textured bob with inky black hair color. My favorite thing about this look is its versatility because it can be worn in many ways. When women consider doing a similar look to this or going shorter to a shoulder-length cut, My advice is always to ask about your lifestyle.

The color that I used was Redken Color Gels 3n. The woman’s natural color is level 6/7 neutral/warm brown, and she likes to keep it very cool, dark, and rich. She has naturally very thick hair, so there was thinning involved in the cut on top of the actual cut and shaping. She has a hidden undercut underneath as well. The cut is still long enough to put in a small ponytail.

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#21: Warm Dark Brunette Balayage

Dark brown hair with highlights can be achieved with a dark brunette balayage that will catch everyone’s eyes. The warm tones that balance out the dark roots are something to love about this. Think about your starting level in regard to how dark your natural hair is.

If you have a darker base, these brunette highlights are great for a low-maintenance look. The warm tones work well with medium to darker skin tones and any skin color that doesn’t have a lot of pink or red. If you have red in your skin tone, this might make the skin look more red. This dark hair with caramel highlights is a wonderful look for a more low-maintenance lady because you’re adding color without an every four to six-week commitment. All products used are by Redken.

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#25: Dark Ash Black

Sure, there are various shades of black hair, and this one is the dark ash black hair color. My favorite thing about this is how deep, rich, and cool-toned it came out while still having that slight natural-looking highlight.

I used JOICO to achieve this color. A combination of sulfate-free, color-care shampoo, and conditioner is recommended to keep it looking nice and deep. This darkened hair color is best for the low-maintenance woman with naturally darker hair. It’s ideal for someone that pushes their appointments out closer to ten to 12 weeks rather than six to eight. I believe this would look great with any skin tone.

28 Flattering Dark Hair Colors for Every Skin Tone

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#26: Dark French Roast

Your long hair will look stylish in this dark French roast color. It’ll look even more natural with dark brown roots. If needed, give your long brown hair subtle layers for added movement. You can run a flat iron through your ends when styling to avoid a lifeless result, too!

28 Flattering Dark Hair Colors for Every Skin Tone

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#27: Dark Charcoal Tone

Here’s a dark charcoal tone that can make your black-brown hair come out more stunning. Its glossy finish works best on thick, fuller-looking locks. When styling, opt for volumized waves to give your long-length mane the soft movement it needs.

28 Flattering Dark Hair Colors for Every Skin Tone

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#28: Sweet Espresso Hair Color

If you’re into something minimalist, pretty hair colors such as this shade of dark hair can be your fave! This has a rich espresso-brown hue that sheds a glow under the sunlight. Chop your hair where it sits on the shoulders to maintain its fullness. For an easy go-to style, beach waves look pretty on a dark brown hair dye with an O-shaped barrette clip as an accessory.