51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#1: Chin-Length Blunt Bob with Semi-Short Bangs

Unlike the classic bob, this chin-length blunt cut is updated with semi-short bangs. This makes it the perfect option to show off your heart face shape. Best suited to those with thick hair, this style looks great when left to its natural texture. Or, it can be tamed with a round brush and medium-hold styling product. It’s great to show off your features while keeping length and volume through the ends. The best way to achieve added definition is to use a small curling iron to create loose waves. Consider a light-hold hairspray to create a hold with flexibility.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#2: Wispy Layers and the Cutest Bangs

Wispy layers and the cutest short bangs will create a soft and feminine look perfect for those wanting a fresh and playful hairstyle. The wispy layers add movement and texture, while the short bangs frame the face and draw attention to the eyes. This haircut works well for women with different hair types and face shapes, as it can be customized to suit individual preferences. Try to get your hair cut every 6 weeks to keep it looking fresh!

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#3: Shoulder-Length Crop with Choppy Shorter Bangs

If you have thin, fine hair, try having a shoulder-length crop and shorter bangs. Request your stylist to keep most of your hair’s weight at the bottom, add less layering, and apply more texture. These steps help maintain the hair’s fullness and prevent it from getting too wispy at the ends. Suggest to your stylist to dry-cut or style your hair before adding texture. This way, they can see how your hair lays and where texture is needed. For an added touch, try adding some curls and a light texture spray for more separation and definition.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#4: Long Layered Hair with Short Uneven Bangs

Looking for something quirky and fun? Try this long layered hair with short, uneven bangs. A haircut like this lets you keep long hair on the fun side with a textured bang. This adds a mix to your same ol’ long-haired style. If you can, use a 1-inch curling iron through the ends to create a soft wave. They will last you a few days for a perfectly effortless look.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#5: Short and Thin Bangs

For women who want to switch up their look, neck-length cuts with short and thin bangs can be a great option. The bangs add texture and visual interest. All while the shorter length keeps the hair from becoming weighed down. This style works especially well for women with round or heart-shaped faces. Invest in good salon professional products to keep this cut looking its best. Start by using lightweight styling products that won’t weigh down your hair. Start by applying a volumizing foam to damp hair, then blow-dry with a round brush to add volume and shape. Finish off with a lightweight hairspray to hold the style in place without feeling stiff or crunchy.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#6: Short and Thick Straight Bangs

I suggest you try these short thick bangs if you love a short fringe! This is a great option if you already have bangs and you’re committed. Don’t forget to talk with your stylist about styling products to control your bangs.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#7: Ice White Pixie Mullet with Choppy Fringe

This ice white pixie mullet with choppy fringe is guaranteed to bring out your inner magic. It’s the best cut for low maintenance for everyday styling. You can let this grow out and change the style easily. 6-8 weeks haircuts are necessary to keep the shape.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#8: Bright Orange Blunt Cut with Very Short Fringe

Here’s a bright orange blunt cut with a very short fringe. You probably have a smaller face shape when you can pull off a micro bang. You will want to avoid going too short if you have a long or long face shape. If your hair is curly, remember how much hair shrinks when going short.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#9: White Thin Hair with Short Curved Bangs

Consider a white thin hair texture with short curved bangs. If you have finer aging hair, ask for a blunt textured bob for a modern style with fullness. Wearing a thinker fringe on fine hair gives you fullness and nicely shapes your face.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#10: The Cutest Salt and Pepper Pixie with Short Fringe

My number one pick for you older ladies with a longer set forehead is short hair pixie with baby bangs. This low-maintenance look is the best way to frame your face in a flattering way. It emphasizes your features without overwhelming them. The length of the bangs should be kept above brow level to give the illusion of a shorter forehead. If you have fine or thinning hair, this look can work wonders for you as it does not add too much volume on top. To keep those bangs tame, use my favorite product. Redken Control Hairspray 28 works great after styling them!

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#11: Sleek A-Line Bob with Very Short Rounded Bangs

A pivoted a-line with straight bangs is a great hairdo for women with long faces. It’s a modern look that adds a bit of structure to your face, making it look less drawn out. To get the most out of this look, you’ll want to ask for your hair to be dry cut to the exact length and shape that suits your face. You’ll also want to use a good styling product, like a molding paste or wax. Both add texture to your hair and help keep the shape intact. If you keep it trimmed regularly, you’ll avoid losing shape.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#12: Before and After Pixie with Short Bangs

Try a modern, feminine, and easy-to-style pixie cut with short bangs. The graduated, rounded shape with the short chunky bangs is a flattering look for any face shape because of its extra volume. If you have an active lifestyle and you’re considering growing out a shorter cropped cut, this is a perfect choice for an easy-to-manage hairstyle. This cut is suitable for both curly or straighter hair. On curly hair, apply a curl cream and let it air dry naturally or diffuse dry. On straighter hair, tousle dry and use a pomade or paste for texture.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#13: Razor Cut Shag with Micro Bangs

With its modern and edgy look, the razor-cut shag with micro bangs is a style when you want to make an impact. It’s great for those who want that extra texture and volume without committing to a full-on fringe. And, it can easily be dressed up or down if you choose. An experienced hairstylist with technical expertise will help create this look. This way, it suits your face shape and complements your features.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#14: Trendy Shaggy Mullet with Short Rounded Bangs

A trendy shaggy mullet with short rounded bangs has been a popular style for a reason. It’s the best way to get an edgy, modern look without having to sacrifice length! I advise asking your stylist for a layered cut that’ll give you lots of volume and texture. To keep it looking fresh, using styling products like mousse or sea salt sprays are ideal. I recommend Rabbit Brush Goods, Shag spray for light hold, and all-natural ingredients. To finish, blow dry your bangs forward for more of a lived-in look.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#15: Cute Messy Bob with Choppy Short Bangs

Try a trending cute short bangs look if you’re wanting an edgy style with a sophisticated spin. My best advice is to ask for a messy bob with choppy layers. This style is perfect for women with fine to medium hair that has a bit of a wave to it. Ask your stylist for long layers at the crown with shorter layers around your eyes and cheeks. For styling, I recommend Oribe Soft Mousse before blow-drying your hair in sections. It helps to create texture and volume. Finish off with L’Oreal Elnett Hairspray to keep it in place without being too stiff.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#16: Textured Angled Bob with Micro Fringe

If you’re looking for a modern and edgy look, consider the textured angled bob with a micro fringe. This style is perfect for those who want to make a statement. And you can do so without sacrificing comfort and convenience. Ask your stylist for layers that are slightly longer in the front and shorter at the back. It will help to create volume and movement. Avoid using too much product, as this will weigh down the texture of your hair. To enhance natural shine, use a lightweight styling cream or serum!

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#17: Long Straight Hair with Baby Fringe

Your texture plays a huge part when you are considering a new style. This will help you decide if you will plan to change your routine. If so, shift to daily thermal styling or low effort, refreshes. Long straight hair with baby bangs wears best on women with naturally smooth hair. It then creates low maintenance. Whereas, having some texture in the hair would call for a different approach.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#18: Edgy Silver Bob with Edgy Short Fringe

An edgy silver bob with an edgy short fringe is a perfect shape for the creative woman. A style that’s a bit unconventional is best for a unique and fearless person. Typically, haircuts that have strong angles or edges require frequent maintenance. In order to keep up with the short fringe, a 4 to 6-week time frame is recommended.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#19: Beautiful Makeover with Short Fringe

If you’re tired of your old look, go for a beautiful style with short fringe. Going for a big chop is always the best way to bring life back into your locks. My advice to bring a bit of an edge is to try a micro short fringe. Chipping into the ends will give your hair the trendy cool-girl vibe you have been looking for.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#20: Pastel Silver Pixie with Short Fringe

Nothing looks as cool as a short pixie cut in a cool silver hue. My best advice is to always go to a professional for a color like this. You really need to eliminate warm tones. This can be hard to manage at home, while maintaining the condition of your hair. A strong short fringe is balanced with soft textured layering. It’s your best bet for a feminine but fierce look. Style your hair with a matte textured paste for a trendy finish.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#21: Black Hair with Bright Red Short Bangs

Black hair with bright red short bangs is definitely an edgier style fit for an adventurous woman. Dyeing your hair a fun color can be a great way for self-expression and exploration. One of the easiest ways to incorporate color blocking is by framing your face with it. Adding a bold tone to your bangs is simple, yet makes a statement.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#22: Razored Long Hair with Extra Short Fringe

Razored long hair with extra short fringe is a modern twist on a shag. When using a razor be sure to use a fresh blade for each guest. Razor blades get dull fast and can wreak havoc on hair’s cuticle. To maintain the best hair quality, angle your razor at 45 degrees when cutting. Cutting straight into hair or hacking hair can cause damage and instant split ends.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#23: Two-Toned Hair and Bangs

Two-toned hair and bangs is an elevated way to accent your hair color. In my experience, when you highlight the level of care shifts. You’ll want to keep it healthy so that you don’t have breakage.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#24: Light Brown Long Hair with Baby Bangs

Light brown hair with baby bangs and choppy layers can be a safe option for you if you’re a fan of the punk-rock style. If you’re confused about how short to go with the fringe, the best way for you to know is to book a consultation before your actual haircut appointment.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#25: Jaw-Length French Bob with Micro Fringe

One of the best styles to show off your eyes and cheekbones is a jaw-length French bob paired with a micro fringe. Ask your stylist if you can blend your micro bangs into the bob to create a soft roundness around your eyes, while also hiding any fine lines of wrinkles in that area. If you have finer hair, go for a blunt cut instead of layers, but ask for lots of texture for volume and movement.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#26: Cute Bob Cut with Wispy Thin Bangs

Micro bangs are a huge trend. They can make any haircut look edgy. I highly recommend that you talk to your stylist in depth before you decide to cut these. If your hair has any cowlicks in the front it will make these bangs stand straight up. So, ask your stylist to be sure they will work for you.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#27: Jet Black Pixie with Very Short Choppy Bangs

Pixie cuts can be very flattering and quite easy to do at home as long as you maintain your shape. For my clients with cuts like this, I suggest that they get it cut every 5-6 weeks if you can. Don’t forget to get a wax or pomade for easy styling at home.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#28: Jet Black Shag with Micro Bangs

A jet black shag with micro bangs is for the elder emos and alt girlies. It’s a haircut that has made a comeback and looks best with a tousled, messy style. If you can, ask your stylist to use a razor when cutting the interior layers and micro bangs. Thinning shears will also help take out any unwanted bulk in your hair. Your best bet is to find a hairstylist that feels comfortable with edgy haircuts and using a razor.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#29: Medium-Length Auburn Shag

Walk on the wild side with a medium-length auburn shag. Ask your stylist to brighten up your color with a bold red and add some shaggy long layers with a strong bang. This messy shape is easy to style with a texture product and your hands. If you have super straight hair, add some quick waves with an iron or wand. You might want to blow dry the bangs flat with a brush, but whatever you do, this cut has style.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#30: Curly Bob with Short Bangs

Curly short bangs are always an oh-so-chic on a bob. If you have naturally curly hair, adding texture will give it more shape and make it easier to style.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#31: Short Hair with Short Bangs

Short hair with short bangs can indicate edginess and cuteness. That depends on how you wear it. This hairstyle features short baby bangs for a younger-looking edge. When considering this chop, be mindful of the length of the fringe—bettie bangs are short. They’re ideal for women who have a small forehead or for those who don’t mind having their fringe above the brows.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#32: Shag Hair with Short Bangs

This shag with a short fringe is amazing! This haircut lets you keep your girly length while still keeping it punk rock around the edges.

To style, all you need is a diffuser and some sea salt spray! You can keep it soft around the edges for a business-friendly look, or funk it up for the creative job interview.

By allowing your hairdresser to cut the fringe short and bits around your face, it’s like a hair contour that instantly brings your eyes and cheekbones to perfection.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#33: Layered Hair with Short Bangs

This layered hair with short bangs is perfect for transition hair that you’re trying to grow out. Adding internal layering everywhere gives it a choppy texture.

There is this awesome product from L’Oreal Professionnel called Savage Panache. It’s a texturizing spray and my favorite product for giving an airy texture. Put your fully dried hair upside down and spray Savage Panache globally. Put your head back and shake your hair and arrange however you like it to be. It will give the perfect airy texture that works great for an internal layered cut.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#34: Casual Mirco Bangs

This is a casual hairstyle with short, micro bangs. The cut itself is heavily textured and shaggy with the baby bang, but with soft layering to take unnecessary weight out of the hair.

I call it casual editorial because its effortless look with the striking detail of a baby bang makes you want to take a double take.

Baby bangs are a lifestyle, not a trend. You are committed! I recommend visiting your stylist regularly to keep your fringe sharp.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#35: Shaggy Hair with Short Bangs

Such shaggy hair with short bangs is so chic, and is more natural-looking with a natural wavy texture! This haircut gives thickness and volume to finer hair. The cute baby fringe gives the cut maximum style with minimum effort. Know that bangs are a commitment, so get these short, Betty bangs if you’re down to style them each day.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#36: Medium-Length Hair with Short Bangs

Medium-length hair with short bangs always looks stylish. Just look at that level of beauty—it’s sensational! This style is a chic vintage cut, jazzed up with waves, and paired with a short fringe. Here’s to any girl that desires a low-maintenance hairstyle.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#37: Rockabilly Short Bangs

These are gorgeous short Bettie Bangs and pair well with a long face. Use a flat iron to style it into a simple straight bob for an edgy vibe.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#38: Stacked Bob with Short Bangs

A very chic and classic stacked bob with short bangs that can be played up as a little edgy with some styling if you’d like. You should be prepared to style. These short bangs are not for someone who is low-maintenance, and it’s hard to achieve this look if you naturally have very coarse hair.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#39: Curly Hair with Short Bangs

A curly hair with short bangs with a shag bob haircut has a lot of versatility.

The haircut with short bangs could be worn straight and sleek, straight with a texturizing product, or curly and free. You can also add accessories like a headband or barrettes.

When considering a cut like a curly bob, the greatest thing to take into account is the curve of the hair and the neck. A graceful long neck is most flattering for this cut. Medium to fine-textured hair with a loose to medium curl is the ideal hair type for this style.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#40: Textured Edgy Short Bangs

This edgy haircut with short bangs has lots of texture. The short bangs because are so versatile and they can frame the face to bring out her cheekbones and draw attention to your beautiful eyes. The choice of length can make a huge difference in how the overall hair will look.

To style, all you need is a nice gel to set the waves and comb the bangs in place. You can also blow dry it into a wild voluminous style and use a paste or pomade to create texture. If you have straight hair, the second option of styling would be the best way to style this cut.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#41: Long Wavy Layers with Choppy Bangs

This long wavy hairstyle with a short fringe is as sexy and flirty. Strong short bangs can change your entire look. The added bonus is that it transforms a basic, boring topknot into a chic and trendy style. Getting bangs that go with your face shape can be like an instant facelift!

Consider this haircut, considering visiting the salon every three to five weeks for a quick snip. As the bangs grow out, they can easily be shaped into a heavier side bang. Bangs can be customized for all face shapes, but suggest that women with round faces steer clear of the super short baby fringe trend and try something a bit longer and more cheekbone-grazing.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#42: Shoulder-Length Hair with Short Bangs

A shoulder-length haircut with short bangs is edgy and moody. To style, use a few pumps of Aveda Smooth Infusion Style Prep Smoother through the lengths. Diffuse or air dry, then touch up curls with a curling wand. Finish with Aveda Texture Tonic and finger comb through the curls. These short bangs hairstyles are ideal for women who want to stand out. It requires minimal styling and works best with fine to medium hair that is wavy or straight.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#43: Straight Blunt Bob with Short Bangs

This straight across blunt bob with short bangs makes a statement with its sharp lines. It also has a vintage glam feel with a rounded short fringe. This is where the short fringe is rounded and comes up higher at the temples.

For products, get a shine serum for condition and hairspray to keep everything in place.

This blunt bob haircut with shorter bangs is great for women who want something different and a little edgy, but not totally out there.

Fine hair types do work best with this cut as the hair is smoother and easier to manage. Thick or curly hair would need a lot of work to maintain and would need straightening every day.

Shorter fringes can be done on most face shapes because the length can just be adjusted to suit.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#44: Short Wispy Bangs

A textured shag with short wispy bangs cut with a straight razor creates the piecey bits and movement with the layers.

For products, a good texturizer like a sea salt spray to put in wet for lift and movement and a product for moisture to further piece the layers once dry like a hair balm.

This short bangs hairstyle is super low maintenance because they do not grow in heavy and can be pushed to the side once they get longer.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#45: Bob with Shorter Side Bangs

A bob with shorter side bangs flatters women over 40 the best! Pairing the chop with a blonde hue makes a youthful edge. Flattening the ends with iron is sure to offer a more polished finish. This haircut is pretty stunning and easy to style.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#46: Cute Choppy Short Hair with Bangs

Wear a cute short hair with short bangs to create that edgy image. Comb your hair to add fullness, and mist a hairspray to secure the style. This short hair cut with bangs is guaranteed to look sleek on natural straight locks.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#47: Long Hair with Short Bangs and Beach Waves

Long hair with short bangs? Why not! With a long-length chop like this, beach waves are perfect. A natural hair texture would appear cute in this cut, too. The micro bangs give maximum style with minimum effort. So, what’s your thought? Hop on the fringe trend now!

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#48: Inverted Bob with Short Bangs

Ask for an inverted bob with short bangs to achieve a classic, versatile hairstyle. This inverted bob with a short fringe is ideal for women who like to make a statement with their hair. It can be worn straight or wavy. Having a straight fringe is maintenance, too, and styling it every day is a must.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#49: Super Short Bangs

Super short bangs are trending this season. These bangs are great for women with oval faces and a textured long bob haircut.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#50: Short Bangs for a Round Face

This edgy short haircut with bangs complemented by those choppy short baby bangs complements round faces. Note that having a blonde color requires high upkeep, but the cut makes this whole look easier to maintain and style.

51 Cute Short Bangs Trending in 2023

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#51: Ear-Length Bob with Short Bangs

Match an ear-length bob with short bangs and get that one-of-a-kind style! This haircut is a round-shaped bob that is shorter in the front, longer in the back. It does have a reverse internal graduation shape, as well as, a micro fringe for an extra drama. As a result, both the short fringe and reverse internal shape give a shaggier, edgier vibe. This haircut is best for girls with straight tresses who aren’t a fan of everyday styling.

An ear-length bob with short bangs is similar to a French bob haircut. The ear-length hairstyle in the photo is a transition haircut that’s growing out a pixie. Don’t you love the baby bangs? They’re super easy to wear and Blowdry or air dry.

Make sure your bangs are thick enough, though, if you have cowlicks in the front. Use a mousse on wet hair to air dry or diffuse, especially if you have a natural wave. For a sleeker style, use a smoothing cream and Blowdry using a flat brush with bore bristles or paddle brush.

Baby bangs open up the face, shows off the brows and eyes. It’s easy to maintain and wear.