52 Lovely Dark Brown Hair with Highlights for 2023

52 Lovely Dark Brown Hair with Highlights for 2023

52 Lovely Dark Brown Hair with Highlights for 2023

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#32: Chestnut Highlights

Chestnut highlights help naturally dark-haired women achieve a lovely low-maintenance look. You can leave your roots as your natural hair color since this mixture of warm and cool highlighted tones creates more dimension and movement! During the coloring process, I recommend you talk with your colorist about using a smart bond to minimize hair damage.

52 Lovely Dark Brown Hair with Highlights for 2023

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#33: Bright Pink Ombre Highlights

Bright pink highlights on dark brown hair make a bold choice of hair color for women. It’s a fun color that softly blends with your natural dark brown shade. Pink is a trendy hair color right now, and having multiple tones in the hair gives a beautiful sunset appearance! Having the right products is huge for maintaining your new fashion colors. I highly recommend you use a gentle sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner like Pureology Hydrate and Redken Color Extend Magnetics. Try to wash your hair as little as possible; when you do, wash it in cold water to keep it from fading often.

52 Lovely Dark Brown Hair with Highlights for 2023

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#35: Mocha Highlights for Dark Hair

Adding mocha highlights to your dark brunette hair is a great way to have a flattering “I woke up like this” look. I highly suggest using a dry texture spray or wax sprays like Unite Texturiza or Sexy Hair Play Dirty. These products are a must for creating an effortless, textured look that has just enough of a playful style without looking messy.

52 Lovely Dark Brown Hair with Highlights for 2023

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#37: Caramel Honey Highlights

The caramel honey highlights on dark brunette hair are glamorous and low-maintenance. You don’t have to go in often for touch-ups because there isn’t a line of demarcation as it grows. Caramel balayage and honey highlights are for you if you want to avoid returning to the hair salon every six weeks. You need to use R+Co Gemstone shampoo and conditioner. It’s sulfate-free, which helps maintains the color and doesn’t strip the hair color or get brassy. After shampooing, I recommend R+Co High Dive for moisture and a little R+Co Motorcycle flexible gel around the hairline to help smooth natural curls during the blowdry.

52 Lovely Dark Brown Hair with Highlights for 2023

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#38: Ash Brown Highlights

Add radiant ash brown highlights to your locks if you want a soft brown ombre. The color itself seamlessly transitions softly from a rich brown to kisses of a dark golden blonde. An ombre can be very drastic in its color graduation from dark to light or light to dark, while a sombre is just a few hues lighter from its deepest shade. I highly suggest you get a gloss treatment from Redken’s Shades EQ Gloss line six to eight weeks after color application to keep your hair color looking fresh. With rice protein and pomegranate oils, it gives your hair tons of shine while maintaining that awesome tone and strength in your hair.

52 Lovely Dark Brown Hair with Highlights for 2023

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#40: Soft Sandy Blonde Highlights

These sandy blonde highlights on darker brown hair were done using the balayage ombre technique. This technique will leave a soft, natural grow-out in your hair versus highlighting to the root. These blond highlights are great to have if you have a very busy lifestyle. The color is painted off of the root. Therefore, whatever color is chosen will not clash with your skin.

52 Lovely Dark Brown Hair with Highlights for 2023

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#41: Glossy Mahogany Highlights

You can get mahogany highlights in many different ways over many sessions to keep it fresh and budget-friendly. To maintain this look, you must get color-safe products. Any rich color will fade without proper take-home products. All colors but grey and blonde have red in them, which means they will fade fast, and you’ll lose the rich tonal value of your hair.

52 Lovely Dark Brown Hair with Highlights for 2023

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#42: Rooted Pink Highlights

Pink highlights on rooted dark brown hair are a great way to get ready for summer without doing your whole head. For these highlights, you’ll need to lighten the hair beforehand. This will work for women who don’t mind day three or four hair (an amazing dry shampoo will be your best friend!) as the color will last longer the less you wash it. Spending a lot of time in the sun is more likely to fade the color as well. I suggest wearing a hat if you plan on being in the sun for a while.

52 Lovely Dark Brown Hair with Highlights for 2023

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#43: Mocha Highlights on Mid-Length Hair

If you’re a dark brunette, adding mocha highlights is a great option because this color will appear blended for a long time.

52 Lovely Dark Brown Hair with Highlights for 2023

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#44: Pink Strawberry Highlights

Getting pink strawberry highlights for dark brown hair is a great transition when you’re bored with your blonde highlights. It’s rich and trendy but can still be office appropriate. When it fades, it will turn into a beautiful pastel. I recommend you use a sulfate-free shampoo. One of my favorites is Lanza Healing Color Care shampoo and conditioner. It has plant botanicals that keep your color from fading and gives incredible softness and shine. You should use a deep conditioning treatment once or twice a month, especially if you have pre-lightened hair.

52 Lovely Dark Brown Hair with Highlights for 2023

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#46: Dimensional Bronze Highlights

Getting dark brown hair and bronze highlights will give you beautiful brightness without the upkeep of traditional highlights that start at the scalp. I suggest you talk to your hairdresser about adding deep “v” patterns to create a ton of dimension throughout your hair. To maintain this hue, I recommend Pureology Hydrate shampoo and conditioner. I also recommend you use a purple shampoo once a week to fight away brassy tones and Olaplex #3 to help keep your hair healthy and strong between chemical services.

52 Lovely Dark Brown Hair with Highlights for 2023

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#47: Subtle Caramel Brown Highlights

You can’t go wrong with a classic bob and some caramel brown highlights if you have dark brown hair. I recommend using Oribe Straight Away Smoothing Blowout Cream to create and maintain your short dark brown hair with highlights. This is one of my new favorite hair products for medium to coarse hair! It seals down your hair cuticles, leaving a beautiful sleek finish. It also reduces drying time.

52 Lovely Dark Brown Hair with Highlights for 2023

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#48: Rich Copper & Violet Highlights

Copper and violet highlights on layered brown hair look fantastic. The root area is more natural, and the bold ribbons of color attract the eye’s attention. The rich violet undertones with the dramatic copper highlights create a dynamic combination.

52 Lovely Dark Brown Hair with Highlights for 2023

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#49: Beach Golden Highlights

Adding dark brown balayage and golden highlights will showcase your hair color’s dimension. This is a great color and style if you’re seeking a low-maintenance hairstyle and color. The added beach waves are great for your hairstyle if you’re looking for a quick style that lasts from day to night. The best part about the hand-painted balayage is that it’s blended at the top, allowing it to grow beautifully and extending your time between salon visits.

52 Lovely Dark Brown Hair with Highlights for 2023

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#50: Dimensional Grey Highlights

These dimensional grey highlights melt from the dark to light perfectly. It’s a stunning hair color. I recommend you use a purple or silver shampoo to keep the silver color from fading as much as possible. This color will need more maintenance if you want to keep it silvery. Visit your salon for a gloss once every month.

52 Lovely Dark Brown Hair with Highlights for 2023

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#51: Smoky Silver Highlights

This is the shade for you if you want silver highlights that pop against your dark brown hair. You may need a lightener to help achieve your desired level and help with the hair’s health.

52 Lovely Dark Brown Hair with Highlights for 2023

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#52: Lighter Highlights for Long-Haired Brunettes

Experiment with a lovely bohemian, beach-waved look with a natural and subtle color made up of lighter babylights that frame your face. Like what I recommend for brunettes, you should use sulfate and paraben-free shampoo and conditioner. I recommend OI by Davines. This highly moisturizing brand will keep your hair healthy while protecting your color. I highly recommend this type of highlight for most hair types – from thick to thin and curly to straight. It works with many different textures, which is great. Consultation is key to ensuring you’re on the same page with your stylist and you end up with the best results for a dark brown hair color with highlights!