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10 Latest and Best Dreadlocks Hairstyles for Women

Dreadlocks! These styles have got quite a lot of attention in the recent decade, all thanks to the blend of fashion, music and pop culture, along with cultural influences from across countries. While both men and women are popular in dreadlock hairstyles, today we have something unique and special, customized for you!

The dread hairstyles for women are famous all across the globe for the unique and new sense of style statement, looks, and sassy trends. If you are among them who is into ultra_modern and yet lovely artistic looks and want to flaunt in your attitude, we have curated some super creative and magical styles in these trends. Let’s get started for those!

10 Latest and Best Dreadlocks Hairstyles for Women

10 Latest and Trendy Dreadlocks Styles for Girls, Ladies in 2022:

Woman! If you are in search of those perfect, intricate, sassy, fun and yet contemporary creative looks, these dreadlocks are for you. Although they may seem a bit tricky, requires a lot of patience, these are not to be missed if you love bold and heavy styles! Here are our top favourite picks!

1. Long Dreadlocks Style:

10 Latest and Best Dreadlocks Hairstyles for Women

Here are our top favourite dreadlock hairstyles for ladies. If you have long hair and want to try out dreadlocks, well, first we appreciate the patience. But be rest assured, you are going to get fantastic end result post this braiding session, and you are going to look no less than a creative and individual full of sass and attitude. With bossy vibes, style statement and confident looks, these locks and braids are going to make you stand wide apart from the regular crowd!

Oval, diamond and rectangular face shape is good to go. Wear this for women in winters and monsoons seasons. Women in the age of 30s and early 40s can try this look. Only western casuals can suit this look very well. Curly and wavy hair texture can be a fantastic fit for this look. Women can wear this for their regular day to day activities.

2. Short Dreads:

10 Latest and Best Dreadlocks Hairstyles for Women

If you have short hair, it is much easier to replicate these dreadlocks styles for ladies. As similar to that of lob or bob cut, these locks look chic and vibrant with a pinch of sass and confidence. They are simple to care for and can be even left alone without bothering for months together. You do not need to bother about styling, maintaining your hair anymore! Young women must not miss this easy one!

Diamond, oval and heart face shape are good to go. Wear this for women in the summers and spring seasons. Women in the age of late 20s to the late 30s can try this style. Casual knee_length dress and jeans or shorts can be ideal. Wear this for women in straight and wavy hair texture. These are perfect for women who are in artistic activities.

3. Top Bun with Dreads:

10 Latest and Best Dreadlocks Hairstyles for Women

With several styles going around, women who love dreads should not miss this perfect and idealistic dreaded bun. This white girl dreadlocks bun hairstyle is lovely, intricate, and as much takes a lot of time to get this done. Although it may take time as it is thick in nature, this top bun is best for women who have a chic and no care attitude. Especially if you are in the creative, artistic, and music field, this suits best even for the profession!

Oval, diamond and rectangular face shape is good to go. Summers and monsoons are the best seasons for this style. Wear this for women in their 20s and early to mid_30s age only. Nice simple top or tees with jeans/shorts and jackets/blazers can be amazing. Any hair type can try this look easily. Parties, music events and similar occasions/careers are best and ideal here.

4. Mohawk Hairstyle with Dreads:

10 Latest and Best Dreadlocks Hairstyles for Women

Men’s Mohawk is quite stylish and popular already. At these times, we bring you amazing and lovely Mohawk dread hairstyles for girls. Women who love to be the centrepiece of attraction, and want all attention and praises on you must try this Mohawk hairstyle. However, remember, only if you are a bold and confident woman, you must try this out! These Mohawk dreads are here to stay as a style statement and in shelf life.

All face shapes can try this look easily. Monsoons, winters and spring season can be useful to go. Wear this style for women in their 30s only. Casual westerns and shorts are an ideal fit for this look. Any hair texture can be best to try this Mohawk dreads. These looks are only ideal for funky and thematic parties or events.

5. Hippie Bold Dreads:

10 Latest and Best Dreadlocks Hairstyles for Women

We accept it; hippie looks are quite challenging to recreate. But if you have an eye for the fashion world, or want to take up the challenge to style accordingly, this similar dreads hairstyle for girls with colourful accessories, hair beads, and threads are best to go with. Here, we can see that the dreadlocks are well taken into two sides, and added with colourful hair attachments to black hair. You can, of course, go with something of your choice and yet look mesmerizing and unique.

Oval and diamond face shapes are best to fit here. Wear this for women in winter and monsoons season. Women can try this look for those in the age of 30s. Knee_length dresses and flared outfits, with bohemian vibes, are best to try. Straight and silky hair is a good fit. Wear this for women during outings with friends or vacations.

6. Dreadlocks Ponytail:

10 Latest and Best Dreadlocks Hairstyles for Women

The ponytail is among the most versatile and fashionable looks for women of all ages and across the globe. Well, we have a tweaked and twisted variant within this, with dreadlocks. Wondering how, all you need to do is gather the dreadlocks done to a pony, with elastic, or scarf. You rest to be sure that it will look lovely and yet feminine. Women who believe in simple, secure, and yet mesmerizing gorgeous beauty styles can try these dreadlock medium length hairstyles.

Round, oval and diamond face shape is ideal for this shoulder_length hair look. Summers and monsoons season is good to go here. Wear this for women in the mid_20s to mid 30s age group. Wear casual knee_length dresses or skirts. Any hair texture can try this style without hesitation. Try to wear these looks for dinner events and parties.

7. Dreadlocks with Bang:

10 Latest and Best Dreadlocks Hairstyles for Women

You are wondering how a feminine style of bangs is suited to most modern dreads? It is all about creativity and imagination, we say! If your imagination has no limits, you can also recreate such a highly idealistic style in reality. This is an example, Work on the cornrows or bohemian dreads with the style of front bang, and you can also look no less than this icon!

Round, oval and square face shape is ideal. Any season is good to go in these dreadlock hairstyles for females. Women in the age of 30s and 40s can try this style to look youthful. Wear this only with casual western outfits. Curly and frizzy hair women can try this look. These looks can only be suitable for modern and sassy events or during nightclubbing parties.

8. Pink Box Braid:

10 Latest and Best Dreadlocks Hairstyles for Women

We bet you haven’t imagined having colourful dreadlocks in this manner. These Asian dreadlocks look are in a variant of box braids done after colouring the hair with pink highlights. Only if you think locks aren’t enough for the sass and attitude within you, and you wish for another bold addition, these pink or colour of your choice look can fit in your preferences well!

All face shapes can go well in this modern look. Try this during winters, autumn and monsoons season. Wear this for women in the age of late 20s to late 30s only. Women can try this with modern dresses and skirts. Any hair texture can try and attempt this Asian hairstyle look. Try to wear these looks for night parties.

9. Dreadlocks with Fade:

10 Latest and Best Dreadlocks Hairstyles for Women

Fade has been a highly coveted look for guys and men. Well, not just for them, not we see women also seek similar looks with bold style statements. This is going on trend and looks quite striking, all thanks to this mix of dreadlocks with fade in the side and underneath. You can alter this as per your choice and go with high, low or medium or undercut fades.

Oval and rectangular face shapes are ideal here. Summers are best to deal with these fade looks. Women in the age of 30s to 40s can try this look. Casual tops and western outfits can be ideal in this latest hairstyle. Wear this for women with any hair texture, as it can suit anyone. This is good to go during outings and casual vacations.

10. Multi_Colored Funky Dreads:

10 Latest and Best Dreadlocks Hairstyles for Women

Are you a sucker for contemporary and ultra_modern funky looks? These multi_coloured thin dreadlocks styles can be of your style in this case! Go ahead with having dreads with different colours of your choice, such as red, grey, blue, yellow, brown, orange, and pink, or even ombre to look unique and yet quirky and vibrant. We bet you would enjoy this new sought after hair look. What do you think?

Oval, diamond and round face shapes are good and suitable. Wear this for women in winter and monsoons season. Women can try this in the age of 30s to look youthful and quirky. Casual tops and dresses or skirts can be ideal here. Straight and silky hair or wavy can suit it best. Parties and social gatherings can be apt occasions and events to try this.

Additional Tips:

Well, as much as these dreads look stylish and overbold, remember, they aren’t easy to work on. Here are a few tips on maintaining them well,

    Make sure to go only to professionals working on dreadlock styles. These require a lot of patience and time, and hence cannot be done by just another person. Do not twist hair too much with dreadlocks as it may break. While hair maintaining is easy with dreads, as you may not need to open and redo them frequently, make sure hair receives enough nourishment and moisture. Conditioners, oils and good washes are required. Do not leave the hair open with dreads while sleeping. Tie it tight and high. If you do not wish to go through all the effort or temporarily try them before you decide, you can catch hold of artificial and fake dreadlocks hairstyle extensions available in the market as well, which can make you look just the same.

With these all new and modern dreadlocks hairstyles for women, we hope you found the perfect fit for you. Make sure to try them out only if you are ready for the bold and heavy look, and yet we bet you can look dashing and full of attitude. Throw out your bossy vibe and work on these essentials, and the attention would be on you!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. Can little girls try dread styles?

Yes, you can go ahead with simple baby dreads and little looks for girls of a very young age.

Q2. What are popular south African inspired dreadlock hairstyles?

The famous African looks in dreadlocks include hairdo with dreads, braids dreadlocks, ponytail dreadlocks, bob dreads, and half_bun hairdos with dreads. These are also imitated popularly by African American hairstyle statements these days.

Q3. Who are celebrities who have flaunted dreadlocks effortlessly?

Celebrities such as Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, Shakirahave got quite famous in their dreads, which also have pushed these style statements with global and worldwide appeal.