10 Latest Single Line Mehndi Designs with Pictures

To enhance beautiful appearance mehndi is the ideal and striking way. Mehndi or henna once applied on hands or feet’s stays for longer duration of time and makes ladies look beautiful and charming throughout the day.

There are various type of pattern found in mehendi design out of which single line mehendi designs are one which would love to apply on hands by all the women’s. It will glorify the hands extensively with these simple and easy single line mehndi designs and get complemented on every occasion.

Traditional and Simple Single Line Mehndi Designs for Hands:

Let’s have to look at top 10 single line mehndi designs for women’s.

1. Heart Shape Single Line Mehndi Design:

single line mehndi designs

This is one of the most extraordinary and unique single line mehandi designs with heart shape. A big size heart is drawn and the inner part is filled with small intricate line and it is outlined with thick dotted borders similarly another heart shape is designed on the wrist.

2. Paisley Line Single Mehndi Design:

Paisley Line Single Mehndi Design

Paisley is a very rare but a unique art found in mehandi design. In this pattern more of curved lines are applied making it appear fabulous and looks great on a woman personality. This type of design is looks very attractive and easily catches the attention of others.

3. Peacock Mehndi Designs Single Line:

Peacock Single Line Mehndi Design

The peacock bird is admired by people for its beautiful looks; the awesome peacock motif designed on palm makes it appear superb. The single line peacock design is very much in demand as it can be applied very easily and takes less amount of time.

4. Curvy Single Line Mehndi Designs Hands:

Curve Line Single Line Mehndi Design

Single line curved mehendi design comes out in awesome way and gives a new look to the hands and fits very well on the palm. There are various types of curves line mehandi motif available and that will help to decorate to get wonderful designs on the hands.

5. Leaves Pattern Single Mehandi Design:

Leaves Pattern Single Line Mehndi Design

This type of single line twisted leafs design pattern comes out beautiful on the back on the hands. Though this design is very simple but it appears extremely aesthetic that’s the reason it highly adorned by all the women’s.

6. Checks Single Line Mehandi Designs:

Check Single Line Mehndi Design

This type of check line single mehndi design comes out very beautifully and looks very trendy on both palms and feet’s. The check pattern design suits to every age group of females and looks brilliant, even suits to every occasion or festivals.

7. Cute Single Line Mehndi Design:

Cute Single Line Mehndi Design

Single line mehndi designs are appreciated by those people who loves to decorate hands but do not want to spend much time for applying. This type of cute and simple single design stands a good choice for them and appears very cute and trendy on palms.

8. Modern Type Single Line Mehendi Design:

This type of mehendi is the most extraordinary and stylish looking single mehendi design which is designed at the back of the hands. The design is applied in the circular pattern with the small curves and lines highlight the beauty of it.

9. Easy Single Line Mehandi Design:

This type of single line mehandi looks very striking and very appealing. The design is very easy to apply and can instantly decorate the palms in a beautiful and artistic way. This is the best single line Arabic mehndi designs for weddings.

10. Blooming Flower Single Line Henna Designs:

Flower or floral design is very common and is applied since decades. Though the design is very simple but looks remarkable and stunning on hands. In this design small and big flowers are included to give an aesthetic appearance to the palm.

Mehendi design is gaining popularity among all age groups as it enhances the persona and the exquisiteness in Ladies. Single line mehndi are very easy to apply as it a single broad line designed with easy motifs can be applied giving a stylish yet traditional looks. This type of design suits to every occasion or festivals and even can be applied on a casual day.