10 Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Tired

10 Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Tired

Some makeup mistakes make you look older, but other bad choices can draw attention to any redness in your eyes or dark under eye circles, giving you a tired look that you definitely don’t want.

If you want to always look fresh and energetic, here are the makeup mistakes that make you look tired. Make sure you avoid them and make the right choices for your makeup in order to avoid looking like you barely slept last night.

1. You’re Making Unflattering Color Choices

When your makeup kit could easily be described as fifty shades of grey, you need to step back and choose some more vibrant shades. Any makeup color with grey undertones can give you a tired look, but that’s not the only mistake in your color palette that can have a negative effect. Using just soft natural hues can also have the same effect. As a good rule of thumb, don’t stick to a single color family when putting together your look.

2. Your Shade of Concealer Is Off

Picking the wrong concealer shade for your under-eye area is one of the worst makeup mistakes that make you look tired. It doesn’t matter if the concealer is too light or too dark, the effect will be the same. Make sure that your concealer is the right shade and apply it in a room with good lighting to create a natural effect.

10 Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Tired

3. You’re Lacking Definition

Even if you’re using more than a single color family, a makeup that lacks definition can also make you look tired. When you’re using the same color intensity and you end up with a plain look, you’re also going to look like you didn’t have enough sleep. Focus on giving definition to your eyes and lips or simply add a touch of blush.

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4. You’re Choosing the Wrong Eyeliner

Whether you prefer pencil, gel or liquid eyeliner, your choice of color can lead to one of the makeup mistakes that make you look tired. Black eyeliner can accentuate blood shot eyes, so when you notice too much red in your eyes, even if you’re not tired, choose a brown one. Metallics are also problematic. Avoid gold and bronze if your skin has cool undertones, and stay away from silver if your skin has more warm tones. For the bottom lashes, you can also stick to waterproof eyeliner to prevent any smudging.

5. Using Mascara On Your Lower Lashes

Using mascara on your lower lashes can highlight dark under eye circles, and the effect is even more pronounced if you’re also using the wrong shade of concealer. Go for a more subtle look with mascara on your lower lashes, and experiment with clear or brown mascara to reduce the tired look.

10 Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Tired

6. Going Too Far with the Powder

Using too much powder is not just one of the makeup mistakes that make you look tired, it can also make you look much older. Stick to a translucent powder for a more fresh look, and make sure that it’s always blended well.

7. Keeping Your Complexion Too Pale

Even if you don’t want a fake tan, a little bronzer goes a long way. Looking too pale can make you seem tired, so make sure that you’d adding even a small hint of color. Whether you’re using a bronzer or a touch of illuminating powder, make sure that you add a little color to prevent your making from making you look tired.

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8. You’re Not Using Eye Primer

Skipping the primer in the eye area can turn out to be one of the makeup mistakes that make you look tired, especially if you prefer dark colors when it comes to eyeliner. A good primer will help the liner stay put without any smudging that extends downwards and makes you look like you barely got any sleep last night.

10 Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Tired

9. Using Pink or Red Colors on Your Eyes

Reddish shades and pink hues can pick up and accentuate any red in your eyes, making you look tired even after a good night’s sleep. Use really warm shades of eyeshadow and eyeliner carefully. If you’re going for a pink look, you can also add white eyeliner on your waterlines to prevent this unflattering effect.

10. Going Too Far with a Smoky Eye

When you’re going for the full drama with a black or grey smoky eye, you’re making one of the makeup mistakes that make you look tired. Instead, try a softer smoky eye, in bronze or copper, that won’t make your eyes look smaller and more tired.