10 New and Best Haircuts and Hairstyles for Boys in 2020

10 New and Best Haircuts and Hairstyles for Boys in 2020

These boys haircuts are in trend right now. If you are too bored on having the same hairstyle from years together or from several ages, then it is time to change. There are several latest and trending new hairstyle for boys to try out, and these are among them. These best haircuts for boys suit different types of people, those who love simplicity and casual looks along with stylish and dashing ones. Not just girls, these simple hairstyles for boys can also make you look super trendy and cool and will help you elevate your style quotient. Continue reading hence to check out what best cool hairstyles for boys suit the most. They are quite versatile, and we are sure you would pick one of these out!

10 Simple and Cool Haircuts for Boys:

Let us now see the trendy boys haircuts. These latest hairstyles for boys include both teenage guys and toddler boys and also kid boy hairstyles.

1. The Nice Boy Smart Look:

The Nice Boy Smart Look

If you are looking for a good and smart hairstyle for the toddler boy or young kid, then this is among the best hairstyles for boys. This goes well with a blend of simplicity, smart look and also stylish look. Hence you can blindly go ahead with this stylish haircut for boys if you and your kid like this.

  • Suitable Hair and Face Type: This cute hairstyle for boys goes well with round shaped face with short hair.
  • Matching Dresses: Try this style with a casual T-shirt and shorts.
  • Perfect Occasion: This kids’ hairstyles for boys can go well with family outings.
  • Best Season to Try: Wear this style in any season as you wish.

2. Slick and Polished Haircut with Fade:

Slick and Polished Haircut with Fade

If you prefer both a blend of style and also traditional way, then this kid’s haircut for boys is the best. This has a touch of modernity with a fade on the side and slicked back polished style towards the side. And this is among the top cute boy kid’s haircut for sure and will make your kid look super stylish and polished too. Try it out surely!

  • Suitable Hair and Face Type: Kids with oval-shaped face suits this hairstyle with any hair type
  • Matching Dresses: This goes with all kinds of outfit easily.
  • Perfect Occasion: This hairstyle for boys is good for everyday use.
  • Best Season to Try: Summer is an excellent time to try this style.

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3. The Rocking Style for Kid Boys:

The Rocking Style for Kid Boys

If you prefer totally rocking and stylish modern look for the kid, then this is the hairstyle that suits the best. It is undoubtedly a different hairstyle for boys and is well blended with their innocent and smart face. Your kid would also totally love it surely and will make him stand out in a crowd as well

  • Suitable Hair and Face Type: Try this for oval-shaped face and any hair type for your kid.
  • Matching Dresses: Wearing cute shorts and a T-shirt would suit this style.
  • Perfect Occasion: This goes well with playtime with friends.
  • Best Season to Try: Try this popular hairstyle for boys in any season as you wish.

4. The Messy Look:

The Messy Look

This modern hairstyle for boys is definitely in the top of our list. This is quite trendy and stylish, will make your kid feel special. This hairstyle for boys is among the popular ones right now this year, given the way its popularity has been increasing. It is quite easy to recreate, and all we need is teasing the hair as much as possible.

  • Suitable Hair and Face Type: Round shaped face with wavy hair will look good in this haircut.
  • Matching Dresses: Nice formal shirt and jeans will look super stylish here.
  • Perfect Occasion: Wear this haircut style for boys while going to parties with family
  • Best Season to Try: Try this in during season as you wish.

5. The Lifted-up Hairstyle:

The Lifted-up Hairstyle

While this hairstyle is well known in older guys, it is also among trendy and nice hairstyles for boys. If you are ready for this bold and funky style for your young kid, it is a totally good choice to try it out. Your kid will definitely feel quirky and good after this.

  • Matching Dresses: Kids can wear this style in day-to-day casual outfits.
  • Perfect Occasion: This is good with any casual day outings for kids.
  • Best Season to Try: Wear this during summer at its best.
  • Suitable Hair and Face Type: Round shaped face will look super cute here for kids with any hair type.

6. The Messy Teenage Boy Fade Cut:

The Messy Teenage Boy Fade Cut

This boy’s short haircut is among our top favourites in the list. This is a super trendy and dashing style. It is quite popular nowadays as we often see young teenage guys trying this haircut. There is short fade on the backside and a good messy style on the top. Try it out to know how dashing your boy could possibly look in this style

  • Matching Dresses: Wear super casual and comfortable outfits with this look.
  • Perfect Occasion: Go out with friends or family in this style.
  • Best Season to Try: This is totally good to try in any season as you wish.
  • Suitable Hair and Face Type: Oval and diamond-shaped face boys with any hair type can work on this style.

7. The Bold and Sexy Style:

The Bold and Sexy Style

If you are into boys medium haircuts, then this totally goes well. This medium hairstyle for boys goes good with young guys who love to create a great first impression. Ladies surely are going to get impressed in this laid back trending style. It is stylish and cool and is among the most wanted style to have.

  • Suitable Hair and Face Type: Oval shaped face with any hair type can go well with this style.
  • Matching Dresses: Casual shirt and jeans looks good in this look.
  • Perfect Occasion: This style goes well with family and friends outings.
  • Best Season to Try: Wear this look for any season as you wish.

8. The New Side Cut Style:

The New Side Cut Style

This is a long hairstyle boy’s look. This haircut for boys with long hair on the side and normal hair beneath is new in trend and fashion. If you like to flaunt in style and are interested in trying out new look often, then this is good to go. Those who are bold and smart should definitely try out this look.

  • Best Season to Try: Winter is good to go in this look.
  • Suitable Hair and Face Type: Oval and round shaped face can try this look with wavy hair texture.
  • Perfect Occasion and Dresses: Wear casual T-shirt and shorts to look dashing when going to college or outside with friends.

9. The Good Boy Look:

The Good Boy Look

There are still guys who love to be simple and smart looking. They are attentive with good clarity in life. This is one such short hairstyle for boys look. And this hairstyle for boys with short hair is there in trend for several years and still here to stay. Several young teenage boys religiously follow this.

  • Matching Dresses: Wear this with a nice shirt and pants to look good.
  • Perfect Occasion: This is a cute and casual everyday style to try out.
  • Best Season to Try: Any season, be it summer or winter is suitable for this look.
  • Suitable Hair and Face Type: This is a hairstyle that looks well with round and oval-shaped face with smooth hair texture.

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10. The Hair Lift Messy Style:

The Hair Lift Messy Style

Some guys prefer a rough and tough look. This is one such hairstyle for boys with long hair and also short hair. And this is a totally rocking style and is well suited for young teenage boys who want to experiment with a new look. You would surely love it too if you choose to try it out.

  • Matching Dresses: Wear casual shirt and jeans to look dashing and hot.
  • Perfect Occasion: Try this style for date nights or going out with friends.
  • Best Season to Try: Any season is good to go with this haircut.
  • Suitable Hair and Face Type: Guys with the oval-shaped face can look good here with any hair type.

Additional Tips:

  1. Teenage and young guys’ haircut is limitless. You can quickly try the range of styles available in the market
  2. If you want a lifted hair look try using gel or pomade or wax
  3. Do not miss out on applying oil to hair every week as the gel may dry out a bit if you are a regular user.
  4. Do not over shampoo just because you have short hair. Always do it as required, not more than twice or thrice a week.
  5. Trim hair as required and needed. This will help to grow healthy hair.
  6. Do not use gel too much on young kids.

These are all new and trending boys’ haircuts in the market. Try them out, and you would surely love it. Given the range of hairstyles, you can easily choose one for yourself or your kid as necessary and work on them. They are super easy to manage, maintain and do as well. All you need to do is follow these trends and ask your stylist or saloon person to cut accordingly. You will surely be satisfied with this look. Let us know what you think of here in comments. We would love to hear from you!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. If I want to change hairstyle, how much time should I wait to grow hair?

Ans: Generally, short trims can allow hair to grow fast. This can help to grow your hair soon to change the hairstyle. Further clean scalp and moisturized nourished hair will also help hair to grow well and healthy. This can be anytime from 1-3 months, depending on your hair growth time.

Q2. How can I let my hair stay in place down and flat for long?

Ans: If you want to let, hair stays in place down and flat, then wet the comb and drag the hair down while brushing. Further, apply the gel and then hair spray to make sure hair stays in that place for a longer time than usual.

Q3. Can washing hair often make the hair grow fast?

Ans: No, this is a wrong idea. Washing hair often can damage hair. Clean scalp keeps hair healthy, but over washing can take away natural oils from your hair and can cause extensive damage.