10 of the Best Spa Treatments for Blackheads

10 of the Best Spa Treatments for Blackheads

There are plenty of at home treatments for blackheads, but few are as effective as a spa treatment performed by professionals. If you want to improve your complexion by getting rid of them, check out some of the best spa treatments for blackheads.

From clay masks and special facials to microdermabrasion and chemical peels, discover the most effective treatments for blackheads that you can get at a spa. While most are available as kits for at home use, you’ll usually get a more powerful effect with the help of a licensed cosmetologist.

Face Steaming

While steam doesn’t automatically open pores for every type of complexion, it definitely increases the ease of blackhead extraction for many. 

You can try steaming at home, but you’ll be a lot more relaxed at a spa, where it’s just a small part of the overall treatment. Skip the face steaming if you suffer from rosacea or any type of fungal infection.

Clay Masks

Definitely one of the best spa treatments for blackheads, clay masks can draw out impurities from the skin with a deep cleansing effect. They can also contribute to temporary breakouts before clearing your skin, but they’re very effective when it comes to removing blackheads. Choose kaolin clay masks, because white clay can help clean out your pores with less side effects than other types of clay.

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Glycolic Acid Treatments and Chemical Peels

Salicilyc and glycolic acid treatments are often used in the process of removing blackheads. AHAs and BHAs are available in many exfoliators, but a spa treatment under the supervision of a licensed cosmetologist has a higher concentration and can be more effective against blackheads. If these don’t provide the desired effect, other chemical peels can help even more, but they can’t be used regularly.

10 of the Best Spa Treatments for Blackheads


Blackhead extractions usually follow facial steaming, and when they’re performed by a professional, the right of scarring is much smaller than when you do it yourself at home, making them one of the best spa treatments for blackheads. Clearing out the clogged follicles can be performed with comedone extracting instruments like loop extractors and removal guns, but the sterilization of both your face and the instruments are sterilized, and your skin is treated with an antiseptic after the procedure.

Manual Exfoliation

Special scrubs that are used for manual exfoliation in spas can also provide relief from blackheads. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about that kind of exfoliator is used, some may be too harsh for your skin, but with the advice of a licensed cosmetologist you’ll be able to find the right option.

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Laser Therapy

Isolaz was developed for acne, but it’s also one of the best spa treatments for blackheads. It combines the power of laser therapy with a vacuum and topical application. Unlike chemical peels, which can be damaging to sensitive skin, Isolaz and other types of laser therapy are more gentle on your skin while still helping you get rid of blackheads.


Another excellent way to solve your blackhead problem, microdermabrasion is available for at home treatments, but you’re better off getting the treatment at a spa. The painless process also encourages collagen production.

10 of the Best Spa Treatments for Blackheads

Galvanic Spa Treatment

One of the best spa treatments for blackheads, galvanic treatment use direct currents during a facial to remove impurities from the skin. It’s not a treatment you can get at home, and the results can be impressive after just a few sessions.

Volcanic Ash Facials

If you’ve already tried clay masks with little improvement, volcanic ash facials are an alternative method for pulling out impurities from your skin. The volcanic ash is rich in sulphur, which also helps protect your skin from environmental damage.

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Regular Maintenance

Once you’ve tried the best spa treatments for blackheads, it’s important to stay on top of the situation so blackheads don’t return. You’ll need to cleanse your face twice a day, and use a gentle chemical exfoliant up to three times a week. Opt for oil-free moisturizers and change you pillowcase weekly.