12 Simple Henna/Mehndi Designs for Men and Groom

Mehendi is an art form and mostly applied on hands and feet by women during traditional occasions notifying positivity through the vibrant deep orange colour. Although Mehendi is most inclined towards women, with the changing times, the trend of mehndi for men, especially mehndi for grooms has gained momentum. Brides apply Mehendi all over the palm and that is considered as a part of bridal makeup. Men have started doing the same calling it as groom mehndi; they apply it not just on the palms but on the chest and arms too, signifying the value of the most important day of their lives.

Global Mehndi Designs for Men or Groom:

With the growing fashion trends and Mehandi being one of them, men have a wide range of mehndi designs to choose from, as part of groom mehndi.

Indian Style Mehendi Designs:

The Indian mehndi is an easy and beautiful encapsulated with mandalas. Starting from a dot in the centre of the palm extending to the edges of the palm or towards the wrist, the mandalas – the rangoli kind of amazing design are very much in trend!

Pakistani Mehendi Designs:

The Pakistani mehndi designs are best known for their ethnicity, detailing and exclusive patterns. Although this mehndi application process is time-consuming, it is most sought for, especially in the bridal or groom makeup package. Pakistani designs are complex-looking designs but are truly elegant when it comes to the hands of a handsome groom!

Arabic Mehndi Designs:

The Arabic mehndi designs are easy, exclusive and elegant! Although these designs revolve around depicting the beauty of flowers, vines and leaves, there are stylish and trendy! Starting with one stroke on the wrist moving up to the index or the middle finger, the Arabic mehndi designs are just amazing for grooms that like some simple yet stylish mehndi on their hands for their big day.

Egyptian / African Mehendi Designs:

Egyptian mehndi designs have a glimpse of mythology and the African which consist of geometrical shapes, lines and dots. These are stylish on both men and women.

Flowery style designs look good when applied on the shoulder or arms and not on palm. Mehendi for men could be applied on the wrists, chest, arms, neck and shoulders; these parts are those attracting ones and art on those makes it more attractive.

Special Groom Mehendi on Hands:

Tattoos are most often permanent and it is very hard to remove it from the skin. Once it has been drawn very big in any of the parts that could be seen, it is a sad thing that no more designs could be tried. Instead of tattoos mehndi could be used, Mehendi goes off in a few days and that each time a new design can be applied.

Hands are a good place for men as well to apply mehndi. Mehendi on arms looks striking. Just like tattoos, Mehandi also can be done with freehand designs. Mehendi designs are mostly floral and have a girly look, but that doesn’t mean other forms of designs can’t be applied. Ask the expert to get into your shoes and draw one that will suit you, or simply tell him/her what you would love as a design on your arms.

Designs for palm can be simple and easy or more detailed as per the individual. Simple mandalas at the centre and few geometric designs on the fingers will be great on any groom. Or, you could also try out a bit more fancy stuff to make it look really beautiful.

For Any Male Mehendi Lover:

If you are the groom’s friend or brother and wouldn’t want to go for traditional mehndi on palms but want to participate in the mehendi ceremony, here are some stylish options for you.

Alongside tattoos, mehndi for men has become a trend. Moreover, people who hesitate to have tattoos because mostly they are irreversible and the fact that restrict them from certain things like being a blood donor or simply a restriction as per their religion, are now looking forward to this trend to fulfil their tattoo desire which is totally natural without any side effects or skin irritation and will last longer than temporary tattoo stickers. Different types of henna or mehndi with different essential oils like lavender, tea tree oil, cajeput, eucalyptus and clove oil, the aromatic stress relievers are available in the market today.

On The Neck:

Mehendi on the neck is one mesmerizing thing when done on men. People more promptly notice a tattoo or mehndi on the neck. That makes you look trendy and macho. This need not always be something that is traditional, you could go ahead and treat this to be a newer kind of tattoo and get done things you always to have inked. This way, you can actually see how good it suits you and then take a call to if you really need a permanent tattoo on the design.

On your neck, you can have simple yet lovely mandalas or Indian floral patterns. You can also have freestyle design that has different artistic designs. A sun or moon sign on your nape or behind your earlobe will be cool.

On The Chest:

On your chest, you can draw a larger design that expresses your inner thoughts, your pain, your path of success with one huge design. It can be the design that define you or anything dearer to you. Most often, these might not be visible. But you could still flaunt a little of it around the chest and leave open a few buttons to allow your friends to see. That’s sure one hot thing!

On The Back:

As like the chest, the back design also reflects your passion, love and hate. Egyptian mystical designs will be more suitable to design your chest and the back. You can get really big mehndi designs done here and that’s one reason why people love to get inked even, on the backside of the neck. This way, you get ample space to try out the design of your choice and let out some creativity within you.

On The Shoulders:

Men are blessed with the broader shoulder. So why can’t we use it for artwork? Designs that starts from behind your earlobe to shoulder then your arm and biceps will give you a masculine look. Arabic designs can be used for shoulders and they will look classy. Check out our recommended mehndi design for your shoulder. Broad shoulders is sure a blessing!

For men, with broad shoulders, circular design with a lot of details will be great with your sleeveless shirts. If you are planning for vacation on beach city this will make you look trendy and stylish person.

Here are Some Quick Pick Tips for You:

  • Prepare the skin before applying the henna by cleaning with warm water.
  • Apply eucalyptus oil or mint oil on the area where you going to apply henna. This helps to open the pores.
  • Make sure the room is airy because sweats can ruin the designs.
  • Always have a tissue or waste cloth around you so that you can wipe when you made a mistake, but keep I mind that it should be done within a minute.
  • Once you finish your design apply the mixture of lemon juice and sugar with the help of cotton balls. Make sure that henna has dried before applying the mixture. Repeat the process again.
  • Wait for at least an hour before removing it. The henna has to dry completely.
  • For the exact tattoo, looks use black henna.
  • Left is more preferable for applying mehndi that is the person himself can apply it for him.

Youth today are set free to try anything different. As that matter of fact, this mehndi is new, stylish and trendy yet that has a long history. These are affordable, has no side effects or medical fears. This groom Mehandi for sure will be a viral trend on the internet. Many youngsters have already started this new culture at their weddings.