12 Simple Rules to Eliminate Dark Circles Under Eyes Permanently

Dark circle! Is it possible to remove permanently? If you are tired or irritated to spend lots of money on the different products or creams for removal the dark circles permanently then this article is for you. Nowadays, each and every individual is very much beauty-conscious and for them dark circle is big concern. As it disrupts the look of a person and make you feel conscious in the crowd. It evens takes away that refreshing look and lends you a pale appearance. The dark circles give an impression of ill health to others which is not correct. So now you can reduce dark circles permanently by using products available in the homes, and by eating healthy, fibrous diet with lots of fluids and water.

Remove Dark Circles Permanently

There are many causes dark circles under your eyes like too much fluid under the skin, extreme crying, hereditary, lack of sleep, allergies, infection, Iron deficiency or further diseases. As you know that, eyes are most perceptive organ of our body therefore it wants particular attention. In this article will explain how to reduce dark circles permanently.

Permanently Remove Dark Circles from Women’s Face:

Here are certain effective ways to remove dark circles forever.

1. Mesmerizing Rose Water to Get Rid of Dark Circles:

rose water 546


The rose water is a fabulous astringent which evenly rejuvenates the skin and helps you to get rid of dark circles permanently without many hassles. It regular application hydrates the skin and maintains the ph level also.


One teaspoon of Rose water, half teaspoon of cold milk and cotton.

Process of Application:

Mix both the ingredients and with the help of cotton balls apply on the dark area and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Then wash it with normal water and pat it dry. Apply twice a day for faster results.

2. Amazing Ice Bags to Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes:



This is a tricky way to get rid of dark circles as ice is extremely cold, it works majestically on the dilated skin underneath the eyes by smoothening the blood cells and remove dark patches permanently.


A thin clean towel with some ice cubes

Process of Application:

Put some ice cubes in the clean towel or wash cloth and place it under the eyes for 10 -15 minutes in the morning after you get up from sleep. Do it regularly in the morning and see the changes in your appearance as blood or fluids starts getting detached.

3. Healthy Diet to Remove Dark Circles Permanently At Home:

Fertility diet

It very important to eat healthy balanced diet as it lends essential vitamin and minerals and helps to keep the skin supple and soft. Include seasonal fruits and lots of leafy vegetables as it’s a good source of Iron which in turn keeps the skin glowing and removes dark patches around eyes.

4. Good Sleep with Proper Posture:

Getting Enough Sleep Each Night

It’s very important that you have adequate sleep on daily basis as inadequate sleep lends you puffy eyes and over the passage of time dark circles starts emerging. You should also sleep in proper posture as it helps you get rid of dark circles permanently. Sleep on your back in a straight line; maintaining head elevated using pillow, while your mind are soothe, this approved the flow of blood and fluid. Avoid sleeping too much in air-conditioned room.

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5. Marvelous Olive Oil to Remove Dark Circles:

olive oil


Olive oil is dynamic, great anti-oxidant and is a rich moisturizer. The oil contains all essential minerals and vitamins which help to remove dark circles gently.


Two teaspoon of olive oil with pinch if turmeric

Process of Application:

Mix both the ingredient and then on a clean face apply in the affected area. Leave it for 10 minutes only as turmeric might leave some spots. Clean with normal water.

You can also gently massage the affected area with extra virgin olive oil and leave it overnight. Next day wash it normal water and use daily to remove dark circles permanently.

6. Correct Removal of Eye- makeup:


It you leave the make up overnight it due course dark circles might start appearing you may start looking mire older than your age. So it’s necessary to take away each and every one your eye make-up similar to Mascara, Eye-lashes, and eye linear prior to going to sleep.


Cleanser, Mild face wash and a clean towel.

Process of Application:

Clean the face and eyes with a cleanser and ensure all the makeup is removed. Then with a mild face wash clean the face and if required apply some lotion before going to bed. Good practice would remove the dark circles permanently.

7. Exercise To Get Rid Of Dark Circles:

Regular exercise helps to maintain fine circulation of blood all through the body in addition to the face area, reducing circles and even slow down the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. Also look for Yoga too, that motivate your breathing, exit fresh skin and performing it on regular basis would help to remove dark circle permanently.

8. Potatoes to Remove Dark Circles under Eyes:

potatto - homemade tips (2)


A potato contains vital bleaching agents and helps in lightening the dark circles and permanently reduces the dark circles.


Two thick slices of potato chilled in refrigerator

Process of Application:

Cut two thick slices of potatoes and refrigerate for some time. Then place it above the eyes as it covers the affected area. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and wipe it with normal water. Use it daily and easily get rid of dark circles.

9. Stunning Tomato and Lemon Juice to Remove Dark Circles Permanently At Home:

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Tomato posses powerful bleaching properties and lemon juice is rich in Vitamin C and effectively lighten the skin in a smoother way.


One teaspoon of lemon juice and fresh tomato juice

Process of Application:

Mix a teaspoon of lemon juice with tomato juice. Then with the help of cotton apply on the dark circles and let it get dry. Then wash it off with normal water. Apply in and morning as well in night for effective results are remove dark circle permanently.

10. Vitamin E Pill to Remove Dark Circles Permanently:

Vitamin e capsules for skin


Vitamin E is a fabulous anti-oxidant which helps to keep the skin appears fresh and young than before. It regular usage helps to reduce the dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness beneath the eyes .


Two Vitamin E pills

Process of Application:

Obtain vitamin E capsules. Rupture a capsule cautiously and smear it to the skin round the eyes. Wash well following no less than 10 minutes. Its smell is unbearable but it is useful to remove dark circles permanently without much pain .

11. Drink Enough Water To Get Rid Of Dark Circles:

Skin care tips - Woman water

Drinking at least 8 -10 glasses of water are necessary to hydrate your skin. If you drink more water if helps to flush out toxins from the system and reduce the salt concentration around the eye, slowly helping you to remove dark circle permanently.

Just keep in mind that you drink more water and fluids, other than try to maintain the drinking not extra than 4 liters per day.

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12. Laser Light Therapy to Remove Dark Circles Permanently:

Laser therapy again resurfaces the skin and gradually reduces the dark circles and wrinkles and makes your eyes appear more beautiful.

If any above remedies not work then, stare into more persistent treatment, for example chemical peels or laser light therapy. These can successfully treat dark circles occurs by hyper pigmentation. It can also aid zap away external vessels which show throughout the skin plus darken the area.

Here are the tops ways through which you can get rid of dark circles permanently and appear more beautiful than ever. So pick the tips and try to inculcate them in your daily routine and look prettier.