15 Best Tips for Dry Hair to Make It Shiny At Home

We all dream of shiny hair, hair that bounces and dances in the winds, like those women and men in glossy magazines or on television, don’t we? Newsflash: we have horrible dry hair for company, and reality slaps hard when we must comb them or style them to look gorgeous. Well, all hope is not lost at the end of the day. Here are a few tips for dry hair which help our hair come back to life, so please read on and stay well-informed.

dry hair care tips at home

Why Do We Have Dry Hair?

  • You could be surrounded by pollution.
  • You could be using hair dyes.
  • You could be using electrical devices to perm, straighten or dry your hair.
  • You out in the sun too much.
  • You swim in chlorinated water.

If you have said agree to one or more of the above-mentioned statements, you have dry and brittle hair, hence the reasons. However, as mentioned, there are ways to beat the dryness and to bring back the luster, shine, and bounce. Hence, please go through the dry hair tips given below, grandma knew best and now we do too. Not to worry, we bring to famous tips from our grandmas’ treasure to help you.

Tips for Dry Hair

Homemade Dry Hair Care Tips:

Here is a List of 15 best hair care tips for dry hair.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar For Dry Hair:

Tips for Dry Hair Apple Cider Vinegar For Dry Hair

Dry hair needs conditioning and what better way to do that than use apple cider vinegar for the same. Apple cider vinegar is used as a weight loss agent, and helps hair stay soft, shiny, and clean, moisturizing every strand. It also removes residue or build-ups left behind by too much shampooing of the hair. If you use too much hair wax, gels or styling products, apple cider vinegar ensures cleaning it all. This allows the hair scalp to stay clean and allows breathing of the scalp to happen as well. Be free from itchier scalp and dandruff.

  • All you need is a cup of apple cider vinegar and water in equal measure, use it as a last rinse and pat dry.
  • Thrice a week and you are good to go!!

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2. Banana And Avocado For Dry Hair:

Hair Care Tips for Dry Hair Banana And Avocado

Banana and avocado when mixed together and used on dry hair, it helps with nourishing and conditioning the hair. It also helps moisturize the hair and the nutrients along with essential oils found would bring back the shine, glow, and bounce. This would make split ends vanish, lesser hair fall to be bothered off and the elasticity of the hair is improved to a large extent.

  • Mash a banana and avocado.
  • Add a little almond oil for scalp nourishment; your hair will surely thank you for this nourishment.
  • Apply this mixture to your hair for one hour.
  • Rinse your hair as normal.

3. Hot Oil For Dry Hair:

Dry Hair Care Tips Hot Oil

Hot oil treatment on a weekly basis would be great, since it brings back the lost moisture and the hair starts living again. A mix of castor oil, coconut oil, mustard oil, and almond oil, when warmed and applied, would be an excellent dry hair treatment. The pack brings back the lost moisture and adds shine to the hair strands too. This allows nourishment and hair growth, and no more damages to fear in the future. Once a week and one hour every time with a warm turban therapy followed, brings back the hair’s glorious days.

  • Add equal quantities of castor oil, coconut oil, mustard oil, and almond oil.
    Warm the oils.
  • Massage this mixture to your hair and leave it on for one hour.
  • Wash it off with cold water!!

4. Essential Oils:

Dry Hair Care Tips At Home Essential Oils

Use the right essential oils for your hair, and the dryness would be shooed away in weeks. Dry hair happens since sebum and moisture from the hair are stolen or maybe the scalp cannot produce enough oils, naturally. Therefore, hair gets damaged, brittle and breaks away soon, and split ends appear. Speak to an expert on how to use oils of bay, lavender, chamomile, parsley leaves, birch and sandalwood or even lemon and rosemary too.

  • Mix a teaspoon each of the oils and warm them well.
  • Use your fingertips to massage the scalp in a circular motion and nourish the roots.
  • Follow it up by a hot turban therapy, keep the turban on for twenty minutes.
  • Wash the hair with cold water.

For better results, some women and men keep the oil overnight, you could do the same too.

5. Honey For Dry Hair:

Honey Tip For Dry Hair Honey

Honey would be great as a conditioner to use for dry hair. It helps moisturize the hair and brings back the shine and sheen. When the hair is damp,

  • Apply half a cup of honey and let it remain on the scalp for half an hour.
  • Use lukewarm water to give it a rinse and pat dry with a clean towel.

Do this thrice a week for the best results to show. Honey pack is one of most perfect hair care tips for dry hair.

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6. Avocado And Egg For Dry Hair:

Dry Hair Care Tips Home Remedies Avocado And Egg

  1. Make a paste of an avocado or the oil of the fruit mixed with an egg and honey would be effective to use.
  2. You could also use a teaspoon of your mild herbal shampoo along with this.
  3. Use this mixture to clean the hair.

This mixture shines the strands, removes dirt and grime, and brings in texture to dead and dry hair.

7. Lemon And Curd:

Treatment For Dry Hair Tips Lemon And Curd

  1. Mix an egg with honey, lemon and curd.
  2. Massage this paste to your scalp.
  3. Leave it on for half an hour and rinse as usual.

It’s eggs all the way, especially when mixed with honey, lemon, and curd. The paste when kept on the scalp and massaged into for half an hour, thrice a week, nourishes the hair, cleans the scalp, and promotes hair growth. The mask also helps condition the roots and maintains strong hair follicles as well. It is one of the best tips for dry hair and gives nourished and smooth hair.

8. Gelatin Protein For Dry Hair:

Gelatin Protein Hair Wash Tips

Protein is needed for dry hair, hence use gelatin. Damaged and distressed hair needs to be fed, which gelatin does by offering moisture and proteins.

  • Mix a teaspoon of gelatin in warm water and a dash of vinegar to it make the best potion for dry hair care.
  • Apply the paste on the hair.
  • Leave the paste on for half an hour.
  • Rinse it with cold water and towel dry with care.

When done thrice a week, your hair becomes bouncy and lustrous.

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9. Aloe Vera For Dry Hair:

Tips For Dry And Rough Hair Aloe Vera

Moisturizing the hair is important, and that is why one should have Aloe Vera treatments administered. The paste of Aloe Vera makes the hair silky and soft, adds texture and cleans the scalp.

  • Mix Aloe Vera,with an essential oil and curd, to form a paste for dry hair care treatment.
  • Keep this for an hour on your hair and rinse with cold water.

10. Mayonnaise For Dry Hair:

Beauty Tips For Dry Hair Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is good for the hair, and it works wonders on the dullest of all hair types too.

  • Half a cup with lemon juice, mixed well and applied on the hair makes a good hair pack.
  • Leave it for an hour or so.
  • Rinse with cold water.
  • This is one of the best and ideal tips for dry hair which can make your hair lustrous and healthy.

11. Use Conditioners For Dry Hair:

Tips For Dry Damaged Hair Use Conditioners

Refrain from washing your hair every night to avoid dry hair. For the people who think wetting your hair can make it smooth, beware! It can further exaggerate the dryness which might result in worsening the damage of your hair. However, if it becomes necessary to wet your hair, then one can simply condition the hair from roots to tips and moisturize it and scrub the head. Leaving the shampoo stage in this part might help to refresh the nerves in your scalp. Conditioning can be done on a regular basis for a temporary fix, to add shine to your hair, but shampooing should be done occasionally and not daily.

12. Finger Combing:

Hair Care Tips For Dry Hair Finger Combing

Dry hair care tips at home also include not brushing your hair much. Frizzy hair might not be ideal,however brushing your hair causes the hair to lose its moisture and become brittle, thus resulting in hair loss. Finger combing is ideal as it helps spread the natural oils more evenly from the scalp to the shafts and so it distributes evenly.

13. Don’t Combing Wet Hair:

Hair Care Tips for Dry Hair Don't Combing Wet Hair

Dyeing your hair can also make the matters worse. So before even trying to experiment with your already dry hair, follow up all the homemade tips for dry hair. Comb your hair only after it is dry, use eggs to nourish it, and only then plan a trip to your favorite parlor. The hot oiling bit does its trick as well when you don’t have time for other conditioning steps. That should make a huge difference and minimize the damage that would have been encouraged otherwise. Be sure to never use a dryer before you go to get your hair colored, since it makes room for more harm to your already dull hair.

14. Healthy Diet:

Hair Care Tips For Dry Hair Healthy Diet

Bring about changes in your routine and you will notice a difference in your hair as well. Chances are of late you have been super busy and neglecting all your assets to death. Thus, your hair is retaliating back now. Don’t worry though! There is nothing that can’t be fixed. With minimal adjustments in your life, such ashaving a healthy meal, drinking lots of water, oil massaging your hair every alternate day, not tying your hair too tight, or sleeping with your hair pinned up, etc., your issues will go down in no time, leaving you with great shiny hair again.

15. Apply Milk For Dry Hair:

Hair Tips For Dry Hair Apply Milk For Dry Hair

Has anyone ever told you milk isn’t just good for your bones? Most often, the problems that follow up with dry hair include dullness. As known from time immemorial, milk can add glow to everything that is dipped in it. This applies for your hair too. Being a liquid, it also softens your hair.

  • Mix 2 tsp of honey and add around 1/4thcup of coconut milk or thick milk to it.
  • Apply this on your hair, from the root to the tip.
  • Wash it off with cold water.

The difference will be evident soon enough- much to your delight!

Now that you know these hacks for dry hair care at home, you can stop your daily struggle with your dry hair, while your friends all sport their perfect shiny locks. Take your time to decide which ingredients to pick out for the day and you will turn heads in no time without even trying too hard.

Few Tips to avoid Dry Hair:

  1. Follow the right shampoo and conditioner approach while cleansing your hair. There are several kinds available in the market. Choose the right product that hydrates your hair.
  2. Protect your hair while drying. Avoid using a towel to dry your hair instead use an old t-shirt. Avoid hot tools, but if you have to, use heat protectants like serums gel-based products before using those curling rods or straightening tools.
  3. Get regular hair cuts or just trim the ends. The ends tend to get dry very quickly, so get rid of the damaged ends by cutting ½ an inch on a regular basis helps avoid split ends and keeps your hair healthy.
  4. Protect your hair from the sun. Wear a hat to avoid damage from UV rays as this leads to dryness.
  5. Avoid chemicals and products that dry your hair. Products like hair colour and other heating tools as they tend to dry the hair.
  6. Ensure you follow a healthy diet. Diets rich in protein, vitamins and essentials oils / fats promote healthy hair growth from the inside. Include leafy vegetables, fruits, fish and whole grains as they contain essential fatty acids that help nourish your body and your hair.

Tips to Wash Your Dry Hair:

Washing your hair, the right way can be confusing and you’re not alone. We grew up learning things differently. Here are a few expert recommended tips for washing your hair:

  1. Rinse your hair first and preferably with warm water as it opens all the pores to absorb the oils from in your conditioner.
  2. Condition your hair first if it is long. That’s right. Protect the fragile ends by conditioning first and then shampooing.
  3. Lather your scalp first. Most experts recommend that your shampoo only your scalp and the hair closest to the scalp. You don’t need more shampoo to cleanse your hair. A coin-sized amount on your palm is just enough.
  4. Gently massage the shampoo starting at the scalp and in vertical strokes. Avoid circular motion as it can tangle your hair.
  5. You don’t have to repeat. Just shampoo once and that’s all the cleaning your hair needs.
    Condition your hair from the mid-length to the tips. Squeeze the water out and then apply the conditioner. The longer the conditioner stays, the better the absorption.
  6. Rinse with cold water. This closes all cuticles and gives your hair more shine.

Again, choose the right product for your hair.

Follow these simple home remedies for dry hair, and with some persistence, your hair will be luscious in no time! Have you ever used these kitchen ingredients in your hair care routine? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below.