15 Latest Asha Savla Mehndi Designs with Pictures

Asha Savla is the Goddess of Mehendi designs. Her designs, courses, books and products are outstanding. She is a very skilful and talented professional stylist. Asha is specialised in Henna tattoos and has her own Mehndi tutorials. She has products that are launched under her name, which made her name renowned in the world of Mehandi.

She has a website on her own where you can get in touch with her, buy her books and products and also sign up for the various Mehndi courses that she offers. Her Mehndi designs are so enchanting that women have always wanted to get one of these for themselves. Here we have listed 15 latest Mehndi designs by Asha Savla so that even you can carve one for yourself without any difficulty.

Latest Asha Savla Mehndi Designs 2020:

1. Traditional Asha Savla Mehandi Design:

asha savla mehndi designs

Mehandi is a and unique form of body art tattoos. They stand as a symbol of a particular religion and also signify something important. The traditional Asha Savla Mehndi design covers your arms till the back of your palm and gives you a very traditional look. This is the most popular mehndi designs used during Indian weddings, and have been made especially for the bride.

2. Full Arm Asha Savla Mehndi Design:

A full arm Asha Savla Mehandi design for brides looks beautiful and stunning. They are gaining popularity with time and are in great demand these days. The products are completely natural, don’t have any side effects and look professional once they are made. This Mehandi design contains various elements and has a lot of details which is just amazing.

3. Leaves and Peacock Asha Savla Mehendi Design:

Leaves and peacocks are some of the common designs that are used while making beautiful Mehandi tattoos. They look stylish, unique and simply amazing. This type of Asha Savla bridal mehndi designs is well made that it makes everyone star struck.

4. Rich Asha Savla Mehandi Design:

Asha Savla Mehndi Designs are very rich, beautifully stylish and made with a lot of patience. the mehndi pattern looks prettyColourfuland the appearance is just beyond words. In occasions like marriages, this type of Mehandi designs gives a rich look to the bride’s hand.

5. Intricate Asha Savla Mehandi Design:

Mehandi designs are very healthy, pain-free and an important part of the eastern culture. They are known to beautify your skin and also give you a glamorous outlook. This Asha Savla Arabic mehndi design has great detailing and intricate patterns which are bound to look beautiful.

6. Floral Asha Savla Mehendi Design:

Asha Savla has covered all types of Mehendi designs for hands, but the prettiest of all is the floral one. This design has different styles of flowers which have been made look very authentic, exciting and feminine in appearance.

7. Palm and Hand Mehndi Design By Asha Savla:

Mehndi tattoos are a form of body art which help you express your emotions and also brings out the soul that lives inside you. The different colors, patterns and shapes used for the palm and hand tattoo looks neat, pleasant and professional.

8. Different Styles Asha Savla Mehndi Designs Hands:

Different Styles Asha Savla Mehndi Design

The different styles Asha Savla Mehendi design contain two different styles and patterns on each palm. The presence of peacocks, flowers and traditional Indian patterns make it look subtle, attractive and ethnic in appearance.

9. Small Asha Savla Mehandi Design:

A small Asha Savla Mehandi design can be carved at the back of the palm. Cute and attractive looking design can be used to make it look charming and appealing. The fact that this design is so small as compared to other designs is what makes it unique.

10. Latest Mehendi Design from Asha Savla:


When ladies wear the western outfit and want to have mehndi on her hands, both full hand design and the traditional designs will not go with such outfits. But Asha Savla has brought a unique design on hands that can be said as a flowery and feathery design that suits well with western dressing.

11. Asha Savla Bridal Mehendi Design:


From ages, we have come to see the bridal mehndi design from lots of artists all around the world. Bridal designs most probably include the Indian bride and groom on each handjewellery including traditional peacock and leaf designs. Asha Salva bridal mehndi designs are so fine and accurate that she can include the bride and groom design both in one hand.

12. Beautiful Bridal Mehendi by Asha Savla:


It’s not only Indian brides that suit best with Indian Mehendi designs. But, also brides with gown on their wedding occasion can have mehndi on her hands. A decent looking outfit combines best with a decent outstanding bridal mehndi design by Asha Savla that includes a jewelry type design resembling like ornaments on her hand.

13. Colorful Hand Mehendi Design by Asha Savla:


The beauty of hands can be increased by decorating with ornaments but the mehndi to the hands gives a spark. Asha Savla Mehandi designs for hands have plenty of colorful designs in mehndi. A dark lined mehndi design with bold designs look awesome on fair hands. A V-shape design always gathers attention on the back of the hands.

14. Abstract Mehendi Design from Asha Savla:


A simple and attractive abstract mehndi design can enhance the beauty of the hands. Half circles that match both hands when brought together look amazing. While simple dotted flower brings a glow to the fair skin of the hands. Asha Savla mehndi patterns are awesome in many simple and outstanding ways.

15. Stylish Hand Mehendi Design by Asha Savla:


Stylish mehndi designs are also one of the best works in the latest mehndi designs by Asha Savla. Floral veils or circular veils make the hands look pretty. A wrist band style design on the wrist of the hands also attracts an attention to the design. The spectacular design helps ladies also look beautiful without ornaments on the hand. A decorative idea with diamonds stick on the pattern makes your hand look more sparkling.

Asha Savla, a mehandi artist is well known for her creativity. Her unique and stylish designs bring plenty of attractive styles in mehandi designs. The latest designs that Asha Savla has brought includes in to abstract and geometric shapes or even motifs that are apparently different than the regular Indian, Arabic, or traditional mehandi designs. While, the regular designs that are the Marwadi, Rajasthani or Pakistani designs in mehndi are indeed speechless.

Asha Savla has proved her dynamic Mehandi designs not only in contemporary designs and traditional designs but with a great impact over-complicated and straightforward mehendi designs that look awesome on hands. We can find number of such beautiful designs in Asha savla mehndi books.

Mehendi also is known as henna is a beautiful art for women to make her look attractive. Asha Savla mehndi patterns can help you look gorgeous.

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