15 Outstanding Leg Mehndi Designs To Try In 2020

The custom of decorating bodies with beautiful Mehndi art has been in practice since times immemorial. Especially in countries like India and Pakistan, a Mehndi function is a ritual, where the bride’s hands and legs are adorned with intricate Mehndi art. Originally Mehndi was done elaborately on the hands and was kept simple on the feet. But times have changed! The modern bride wants nothing but the best on her D-day. Stunningly beautiful and complex motifs are created on the legs of the bride, to make her delicate feet look gorgeous. Featured in this article are some of the best Leg Mehndi designs for the new-era brides. Take a look!

simple leg mehndi designs

Simple Mehndi Designs for Legs:

While finding hand mehndi designs can be very easy, finding the right leg mehndi design in variety can be confusing, so here are some cool leg mehndi designs for you,

1. Round Leg Mehandi Design:

round mehendi design for legs

This mehndi design features a round mandala style design in the centre of your foot and a few patterns above and below it to complete the entire design. The overall look is elegant. The round mehndi design for legs is nothing but concentric circles with different patterns adorning them and yet it doesn’t fail to be attractive and eye-catching.

  • Suitable for which Function: Suitable for parties, family functions and engagement ceremony.
  • Pair with: Pair with indo-western or western outfits.

2. Magnificent Full Leg Mehendi Design:

full leg mehendi design

An elaborate mehendi pattern of well-shaded flowers and leaves running along the side of your entire leg is a magnificent sight. The thick black of the mehendi stands out against the lighter shade of your skin. The shading helps add depth to the image. It makes the petals look more realistic.

  • Suitable for which Function: Apt for parties and family functions.
  • Pair with: Pair with a long dress with a slit to expose the beauty of the design.

3. Arabic Tribal Leg Mehandi Designs:

mehandi design for legs

This mehndi design has a more tribal look because of its abstract pattern of well-placed shapes. This mehndi doesn’t have flowers or huge motifs/figures, just a simple pattern that adorns your leg like some sort of ornament. The dots and spirals even look like gems hanging from jewels.

  • Suitable for which Function: Suitable for festivals and parties.
  • Pair with: Most appropriate for indo-western outfits.

4. Trendy Mehndi Designs For Legs:

floral mehandi design for leg

A stylish mehndi design of flowers curling up your calf is excellent to look. The curves have little circular design made all over as well as leaves. It’s easy to make and not very time-consuming. The design can be applied on arms and hand too as well as arm and forearm which makes it a very durable design.

  • Suitable for which Function: Apply for parties or family functions.
  • Pair with: Pair with stylish traditional or indo-western outfits.

5. Gujarati Leg Mehendi Design:

Gujarati Leg Mehendi Design

The patterns and lines in this design give the appearance of an elegant anklet adorning your leg. The design consists of peacock motifs spread on all the fingers whereas the pattern of leaves, curves, lines are used to fill in several spots. The spacing in this mehndi makes it a less complicated design.

  • Suitable for which Function: Suitable for engagement ceremony and family functions.
  • Pair with: Pair with heavy traditional outfits and anklets.

6. Glittery Leg Mehandi Design:

Glittery Leg Mehandi Design

A more preferred design for parties or girl’s night out. The sparkle of glitter makes the design look vibrant and more alluring. A pattern of flowers running up the length of your leg looks just great when shaded with some glitter. This mehndi design is easy to create and is very similar to a temporary tattoo.

  • Suitable for which Function: Perfect for parties and girl’s night outs.
  • Pair with: Pair this with your favourite western or indo-western outfit.

7. Bridal Mehndi Design for Legs:

Bridal Mehndi Design for Legs

Bridal henna designs are elaborate and heavily ornamental for legs. This mehndi design features several intricately detailed bands that are placed one above the other above your foot. The design consists of the mandala as well as Indo-Arabic designs placed together thoughtfully making it look like ornaments.

  • Suitable for which Function: Most suitable for wedding or engagement ceremony.
  • Pair with: Pair with anklets and heavy traditional outfits such as ‘lehenga’.

8. Cute Mehandi Design for Legs:

easy mehndi designs for legs

An anklet style mehndi design is spread across the side of the feet with intricate detailing spread all over that are Indian design inspired. This type of mehndi designs for legs are simple and cute. A thin, curvy line is running like a border along the edge of your foot, its simplicity makes it look attractive and different as well as suitable for a party.

  • Suitable for which Function: Best for festivals and parties.
  • Pair with: Pair with any casual or favourite indo-western outfit.

9. Beautiful Leg Mehndi Design:

Beautiful Leg Mehndi Design

A beautiful Mehandi design with flowers and diamond-shaped patterns look excellent on legs and greatly artistic. This mehndi design is easy to make, but the intricate detailing requires a little patience. The design is intricate part pattern and part spacing with only a showy flower on the front side and intricacy on fingers.

  • Suitable for which Function: Apply on functions such as engagement ceremony.
  • Pair with: Pair with indo-western or traditional outfits.

10. Mughlai Mehendi Design for Legs:

Mughlai Mehendi Design for Legs

The design here comprises of checks pattern that are outlined with continuous curves and filled in with four small dots each. The fingers are decorated with more intricate checks patters where as the ankle area has Indo-Arabic style mehndi spread across in forms of bands towards the complete ankle length.

  • Suitable for which Function: Most appropriate for wedding/marriage ceremony.
  • Pair with: Pair with a heavy lehenga or saree and chunky anklets.

11. Dulhan Mehndi Design for Legs:

Dulhan Mehndi Design for Legs

Kashmiri mehndi designs are made up of intricate design pattern which has many entangling and interlacing lines and designs which make it complete but gives a rich look. The design here is made out of flowers, leaves and dots majorly. The filling is simple with dots and lines whereas the flowers and other patterns are made thickly.

  • Suitable for which Function: Apply it for engagement or wedding ceremony.
  • Pair with: Pair with heavy traditional outfits or Indo-western clothes.

12. Multi Coloured Mehndi Design:

This is Khafif Mehndi design for legs which is created using black mehndi and normal mehndi. The black mehndi is used to do the outlining of the entire design whereas the regular mehndi is applied to fill in completely. There are no filling patterns in this style of mehndi design.

  • Suitable for which Function: Most ideal for engagement or marriage ceremony.
  • Pair with: Pair with heavy traditional lehenga and high heels.

13. Moroccan Mehndi Design for Legs:

Moroccan Mehndi Design for Legs

Made out of patterns that resemble Aztec, with triangle and lines spread across, this is a Moroccan mehndi design. Moroccan design is famous among ladies in middle east countries. In this type of designs instead of floral or ethnic designs, a more geometric pattern with lines and squares Moroccan pattern is build up.

  • Suitable for which Function: Apply for family functions or engagement ceremony.
  • Pair with: Pair with indo-western or traditional outfits.

14. Indo-Arabic Mehndi Design For Legs:

Arabic Mehndi Design For Legs

It is a combination design wherein an Arabic design is a pattern outlined and traditional pattern of Indian design is filled in Arabic design which brings out an elegant inter-cultural design. It is a simple design pattern most commonly used during traditional occasions such as weddings.

  • Suitable for which Function: The design is suitable for engagement and marriage ceremonies.
  • Pair with: Pair with heavy traditional outfits.

15. Anklet Mehndi Design:

mehandi leg design

Mehndi is done in a circular shape to resemble an anklet along with layers of jewellery like pattern. The design especially enhances the beauty of the feet. The anklet design can be done with red mehndi or with some addition of black mehndi and highlighting the floral designs with colours or stones which glows out and makes it look like a real anklet.

  • Suitable for which Function: Apply this for engagement ceremony or family functions.
  • Pair with: Pair this with ankle length ‘Salwar Kameez’ with ‘Mojri’.

Additional Tips for Mehndi Designs on Legs:

  • Always a pick a simple leg mehndi design that is similar to the mehndi design you choose to apply on your hands.
  • Consider applying a concoction of lime juice and sugar with the help of cotton on the dried mehndi as there are chances of the dry bits falling out instantly.
  • To show your mehndi on legs in all its glory, opt for footwear that lets your design be visible attractively.
  • Make sure to choose a design based on the occasion rather than choosing any design for any event, e.g. refrain from selecting a bridal leg mehndi design for a party.

Mehndi will always be a part of the ‘to-do list’ for ladies when it comes to festive season or any traditional festival. For a wedding, it is a tradition of wearing mehndi for the bride but also the ladies who attend the wedding and are usually part of the groom and bride’s family partake in getting henna on their hands. The closest relatives go for mehndi designs for legs for marriage. The ever growing and constant love for mehndi has now given people a chance to apply it on any given occasion, so go ahead, get your cone and start doodling.

Leg Mehndi Designs