15 Perfect Dotwork Tattoo Designs for Women and Men

15 Perfect Dotwork Tattoo Designs for Women and Men

Dotwork is an inking procedure where the tattoo artist tattoos a few dots for a striking visual impact. They can create a full image or only shading by using a dot art technique. Stippling is the method where shading is done by using dotwork. There is more ink they use like grey, black or red ink pattern. This style had launched recent years and recent years have seen a revival in this style of pattern.

You can use this dotwork tattoo pattern with the other different style of tattoo designs. Dotwork tattoos are the latest trend in the tattoo world. You can get any design done using this technique. Choose from the various types given here to decide on your best tattoo.

Cute and Best Dotwork Tattoo Designs:

Let’s find here with shown dotwork tattoos for your style of passion.

1. Polka Dotwork Tattoos:

Polka Dot Work Tattoos

Choose a contemporary design with these dot tattoos are built up by making dots of different sizes. The dot tattoos look like prints. You can select a simple or complex design to use the dot pattern.

2. Landscape Dotwork Tattoo:

Landscape Dot Work Tattoo

You can get a complete design with just dots using the dotwork tattoo art. This comprises of just dots that fill up the design. Here you have a sunrise and sunset design.

3. Intricate Dotwork Tattoo:

Intricate Dot Work Tattoo

Here you have an intricate tattoo dotwork that is large and covers the back of the person. Use thick dots and thin dots to show character. Placement of the dots also makes a lot of difference.

4. Butterfly Art Dotwork Tattoo:

Butterfly Art Dot Work Tattoo

Check out this beautiful and intricate dot art tattoo that is perfect for an arm or leg area. The art design is made sensational with the thick dots placed close to each other. Choose from the many art designs available.

5. Mandala Dotwork Tattoo:

Mandala Dot Work Tattoo

The Mandala design is very popular nowadays and this is also seen in the tattoo world. This mandala dot tattoo is large and can be placed on the back for the complete look. Each of the petals in the design is done using the dots.

6. Animal Dotwork Tattoo:

Animal Dot Work Tattoo

Here the artist uses a gradual and subtle design with dotwork to create this dot style tattoo. The big cat design is wonderful and makes a statement. Check out other designs that use the dot style too.

7. Sprig Dot Tattoo:

Sprig Dot Tattoo

You can choose some of the trendy small dotwork tattoos that are popular. This leaves design is also a perfect small dotwork design. Select simple and minimalist patterns.

8. Combination Dot Tattoo:

Combination Dot Tattoo

Choose the best of both the worlds with this dots and lines work tattoo.  The main design has long lines and the center pattern is filled with dots. This technique makes for a complex design. You can mix any design with dotwork pattern, you will get a good combination of more designs in this style of dot art.

9. Dot Flower Tattoo:

Dot Flower Tattoo

Here is a lovely dotwork flower tattoo that looks stunning on the arm. The leaves and the flower are filled with dots. Make any flower design look great with this technique. This one is best for college going girls.

10. Universe Dot Tattoo:

Universe Dot Tattoo

Choose a universe tattoo with the black dot technique. This technique uses black dots of varying intensity to specify the design details. The area around the planets is marked with dots close to each other. If you like to study the universe and you are OK with design a universe structure, and then try this tattoo on your hand, you will get good comments too.

11. Hand Animation Style Dot Tattoo:

Hand Animation Style Dot Tattoo

Consider this dot tattoo style for your next tattoo. This has the shading and lines made with dots and this creates a stunning masterpiece. The dot tattoo is specific and is achieved with fine dots all around. Uniqueness is the specialist in this tattoo; animated hand style design takes proper effect.

12. Black and White Dot Tattoo:

Black and White Dot Tattoo

This is another dot tattoo work that stresses on the shading work. The shading is done by putting dots closer to each other to give a darker shade. The dots when placed far apart give a lighter effect. This design takes more time, but you will get good design after finishing your tattoo art.

13. Abstract Dot Tattoo:

Abstractdot tattoo

Choose brilliant dotwork tattoos with geometric designs. These dotwork geometric tattoos look awesome when they cover a large area. These can also be small geometric designs. You can personalize this design with your geometric pattern skill.

14. Art Work Dot Tattoo:

Art Work Dot Tattoo

This mandala dot art tattoo is perfect for large areas. The mandala is made with tiny dots placed side by side. The pattern is very popular and intricate. Especially this one design demanded by women’s. Choose from different artwork designs to make it a personal one.

15. Dotwork Tattoo Sleeve:

Dot Work Tattoo Sleeve

Get a dotwork tattoo sleeve if you are ambitious and daring. This fills up the entire arm and is made with intricate and bold artwork. The dotwork done on these tattoos is perfect for filling up the arm and that is why they are called tattoo sleeves. This is good for a fitness lover, it helps them to maintain their focus.

Dotwork is a tedious strategy, yet it is definitely justified even despite the holdup. Each dot must be set unequivocally, so artist needs patient as well as more skill. This design takes more time to design so when you plan for such type of designs that time gets some experienced tattoo artists. This is precise work so needs proper attention too. Dotwork tattoos are good when you want artistic renditions of your patterns. These are filled with fine and thick dots placed at strategic positions to achieve shading effects.