25 Splendid Pompadour Hairstyles for Men in 2020

Wanting to sport a pompadour? But little scared about how to take care of it or proceed to create that style for you? No sweat, we’ve got everything covered regarding pompadour hairstyle. From its types to taking care plus also how to enhance your pompadour – we’ve covered it all here. So, without wasting any more time, let’s delve into the beautiful and creative world of pompadour hair styling. You’ll not regret this.

The Best Pompadour Hairstyles for Male with Images:

Let’s see the following top 25 pompadour hairstyles which are useful to make a different hairstyle of the others. Also, you look really like your friend.

1. Side Part Pompadour:

Side Part Pompadour

This a very different approach to pompadour haircut. Pompadour mainly focuses on backside coming off the hair. Here it is the side part’s part line that will be acting as the base of the hair. This will give a very beautiful look and will definitely look stylish. It is recommended to use a good matte finished product that has a nice looking texture. The side hair will be enough by using wet hair gel.

2. Short Pompadour:

Short Pompadour

This is great pompadour haircut where you can flaunt it with your traditional features of the haircut. It can be achieved with short hair and can suit almost any situation. In order to get a modern look, it is advisable to style the hair from the part line. Also, if you want to get a clean look, get a good wet hair gel.

3. Undercut Pompadour:

Undercut Pompadour

This type of pompadour haircut is great to try out. This undercut pompadour looks really good and gives out more impact than faded sides. The top of the head becomes volume heavy which gives it a strong style. Also, it has a lot of flexibility as well, so that you don’t have taken care of much of styling. The longer hair also looks good over the sides too.

4. Curly Pompadour:

Curly Pompadour

Pompadour haircut isn’t always about curly hair. It’s all about straight hair. The look you get with straight hair is totally not possible with curly hair. Still, with good texture, volume and the right cut could land you with a great curly pompadour cut. It will look awesome and will embrace the fantastic neatness of pompadour styles out there. You can also include under undercut or short sides as well.

5. Wavy Pompadour:

Wavy Pompadour

A classic pompadour haircut will give you sharp and edgy looks. But this wavy one will give you joy and full of youthfulness. Great for fashion as this style doesn’t take itself much seriously. This look is also easy to approach and create as well.

6. Pompadour Fade:

Pompadour Fade

This hairstyle sorely relies on pompadour fade. A fade style is associated with many hairstyles of man. This popularity comes from the pompadour’s ability to give stability and cleanness to a messy style. It combines all the main styles with tapered edges of the classic design. Due to a short length above the ears, it will create a look of having more weight and volume on top.

7. Quiff Pompadour:

Quiff Pompadour

This pompadour fade creates a very stylish look. It combines both the pompadour as well as the quiff. It gives a whole lot of volume on top of the head. It looks very beautiful as well. The quiff can also be made simple as well, by making it smaller or larger. This clean quiff looks very strong compared to a messier quiff which appears soft.

8. Mini Pompadour:

Mini Pompadour

This smaller than short pompadour creates a pompadour fade. It is also called the mini pompadour. This is great for men who have short hair and thus cannot make the classic pompadour. This type of pompadour can be enjoyed by those people and can wait as hair will start to grow. Even though this haircut will not gain much attention, it is still great for the modern man.

9. Straight Pompadour:

Straight Pompadour

This type of pompadour fade creates a very sharp and classic look. Even if this haircut can be done on wavy hair, the best results are achieved on straight hairs. So, if you don’t have wavy hair, you can give this one a try. Also looks very professional and sports a very clean, neat look as well.

10. Modern Pompadour:

Modern Pompadour

Even though pompadour is a timeless classic, it is given a 21st-century twist to look it like a modern pompadour. This gives it a more sleek, stunning and edgy look. As long as one has the confidence, he can pull this look off. This version of pompadour is more defined than the original version and thus can make the face appear longer. People with round faces are also suited to this. type of moder

11. Pompadour And Beard:

Pompadour And Beard

This is a type of modern pompadour look where it is combined with a beard to give the ultimate look. This combination will really turn heads and eyes. It is not easy to pull off though. Firstly, the size of the beard should be in shape with your pompadour, otherwise, it would really look odd. Also, regular maintenance and trimming is very much important in keeping it beautiful.

12. Single-Length Pompadour:

Single-Length Pompadour

Nowadays, men’s pompadour is all about undercuts. But some still show longer sides. This single length pompadour will create no differentiation between the length of the sides and top hair. This gives a more classic look. The side sections of the hair can also be taken to create the pompadour. This look gives a very polished shine, but the height of the hair is less here. Side part can also be added, if required, to this style.

13. Full Volume Pompadour:

Full Volume Pompadour

This is a type of men’s pompadour where the full volume of the hair is tested and used. It is all about taking the original concept to a whole new level, by increasing the width and length of the pompadour. This look can be sported by anyone, but the person having the thickest hair will benefit the most. You can shave the side to create a total pompadour look, and also use a blow dryer as well as the necessary product to get those desired results.

14. Textured Pompadour:

Textured Pompadour

This type of pompadour includes a pompadour undercut in a very sleek way. This textured style will give a little bit of structure and integrity to the whole thing. This is ideal for both offices as well as after office hours. This texture is easy to create as well. But if you have straight hair, it might be difficult to pull this look off. Therefore, use of texturizer is recommended.

15. Asian Pompadour:

Asian Pompadour

This Asian pompadour has a pompadour undercut. This haircut looks fantastic on various kinds of people. The sleek and dark looking Asian hair is totally fit for making pompadour. It will look very stunning and gorgeous. If the hair volume is huge, then pompadour can be easily achieved. But if the hair is thin, the hair volume can be increased with the use of various products.

16. Elvis Pompadour:

Elvis Pompadour

The classic pompadour had originated back in the 1700s, but it was not a popular haircut until it was used by the rock culture of 1950s and Elvis Presley himself. In this way only, the popularity of the pompadour took off. In the previous days, pompadour used to sleek and fully straight, while nowadays, it’s all about volume and texture. In order to get this look, you have to use various products to get that smooth design.

17. Slicked Back Pompadour:

Slicked Back Pompadour

This is a type of classic pompadour, where if your hair is smooth and sleek, you deserve this haircut. This pompadour looks polished compared to textured ones. It also gives an old-school, retro look as well. In order to get this beautiful look, it is recommended to use wax or hair gel or even blow drying, before proceeding to do the styling.

18. Disconnected Pompadour:

Disconnected Pompadour

This pompadour hairstyle male special is truly set to introduce an extra life into your haircut life. This haircut should be a way to that excitement. A disconnected undercut is now combined with a good looking pompadour and thus it looks ideal to the 21st-century man. This very good looking hairstyle will be very eye-catching as well.

19. Textured Relaxed Pompadour:

Textured Relaxed Pompadour

This relaxed pompadour hairstyle male special type haircut will really make you feel confident. This look combined with a normal pompadour, this haircut will show others the definition of being a cool laid back finish. This is great for people who have thick and wavy hair as well. If someone doesn’t have thick or wavy hair, then use of various products might help.

20. Pompadour with Shine:

Pompadour with Shine

This pompadour hairstyle for men looks very shiny. Also to make sure you have sufficient shine, this is a criterion to make your hair very natural. Then you have to blow dry it and after that use pomade for styling. After that use of shinning spray will increase the shine factor.

21. Pompadour with Extra Volume:

Pompadour with Extra Volume

This pompadour hairstyle for men needs the specially of having extra volume. Pompadour is already a great stylish haircut, but if you have more hair volume, that beauty could go much higher. You have to use various products, including the use of volume increasing products, pomade, etc. And finally, you can taste the final results.

22. Pompadour with Blonde Hair:

Pompadour with Blonde Hair

Along sporting a pompadour, there are also a lot of different things you can explore more. You can play with size, the texture and even the colour of your hair. This will make your pompadour more stunning and sleek as well. You can also use hair pomade in increasing its style.

23. Pompadour Mid Fade:

Pompadour Mid Fade

This is a very different take on the pompadour route. If combining the original pompadour with mid fade, then the whole thing would look just exciting. It has a longer hair in the middle of the head to the shorter hair around it. This gives a very unique shape and size to the look. This also will look very sharp and edgy as well. You can use hair pomade as well to increase your style factor.

24. Short Curly Pompadour:

Short Curly Pompadour

When your hair is curly, this is the haircut to get. This haircut will give you a curly pompadour. This is fully stylish and beautiful looking as well. Also, need just a wide tooth comb to style your lovely hair. You can also use pomade hairstyle products as well, to increase your style factor. If you want extra volume, just blow dry the roots of the hairs.

25. Short Pompadour with High Fade:

Short Pompadour with High Fade

This type of pompadour haircut gives you that military type stylish look. But do keep in mind to maintain proportions as well. Too much fade can elongate the face too much, but a high fade with a short pompadour will look the best. Also, use pomade hairstyle products to increase the style quotient.

This huge list makes us clear on how to style a pompadour. Also, we come to know the many types of styles associated with a pompadour. This will not only help you decide what will be your next pompadour haircut but also makes you aware how to keep it regularly under check.