30 Beginner Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks to Look Beautiful

We all know the importance of eye makeup in the whole face makeup. No makeup is complete if you neglect eye makeup. Here is a guide with eye makeup tips which can help us explore more on different types of eye makeup methods. Often we tend to concentrate and work only with a couple of eye shadows and neglect other colours, but the whole artistic sense lies in the fact that we should be able to blend different types of colours in a bold manner and try them out. The entire face look is complete only when we manage to work on deep cut eye shadows and turn in the style with different colours and mixes.

Here to guide you with different simple eye makeup tips and tricks, which you can work on yourself. They are suitable for different types of skin colours, and you do not need to worry about the match. This eye makeup guide for beginners will help you confidently work on getting the bold look for the next occasion, so what are you waiting for, delve in and experiment with confidence!

30 Best Eye Makeup Tips for Beginner:

Let us begin our eye makeup tutorial step by step here. These tips will help you learn how best to do eye makeup at home. So today, let us talk about the top 30 best how to do eye makeup tips that can help you apply eye makeup properly and in the best way.

Eye Makeup Tips

1. Base and Crease Makeup:

How to do eye makeup step by step? First, it is important to start with the base and crease. Any eye makeup will not begin in itself directly by applying the eye shadow. It is very important to have a clean base or eyelid before starting any eye makeup. We often ignore this fact and start applying eye makeup on the surface, which has oil and dirt. If someone asks how to apply eye makeup step by step, then first begin with base and crease.

2. Prime the Lids:

Prime the Lids

Eyelid primers are a new trend nowadays. You can buy these from any good branded store or online. If you do not want to spend an extra buck on this, then apply one dot of face primer on your eyelids and blend well while doing the makeup. This will help your makeup sit properly and for longer on your eyelids.

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3. Concealer:

This is very important to conceal the dark circles underneath your eyes. Any simple eye makeup tutorial will also emphasize on the use of a concealer. Invest in a good concealer. Concealers are often assumed to be used only for the face, but the tip here is applying concealer to the eyes as this will ensure that eye makeup will stay for a longer period of time.

4. Colour Concealer:

We often face the problem of bluish-green veins around our eyes, or the eyes may be puffy due to lack of sleep. You can invest in green colour concealer, and these will minimise the appearance of the bluish veins. After applying this, you can apply normal concealer. Even a normal eye makeup tutorial for beginners will tell you the importance of a colour concealer.

5. Foundation:

Do not neglect the foundation application on the eyes. Foundation which should be kept on the full face should be applied after this step so that it makes your skin tone appear even.

6. Separate the Junction:

Some people have small eyes, and they can separate the junction of the nose and eyes by application of highlighter at that point.

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7. Think Of Eye Shadow Combinations:

Now is the time to choose perfect eye shadow. As per festivities, celebration, and dress choose the best matching eye shadow colours. Take the nearby shades of it in order to blend well with ease. Choose eyeliners in brown or green to highlight brown eyes.

Eye Makeup Looks

  • You have brown eyes then wear eye shadows of gold, silver or moss green.
  • If you have green eyes, then you can wear brown eyeliner or green eyeliners.
  • You can wear pale shades of green, golden or even grey for your eyelids if you have green eyes.
  • If you have black eyes, then you should wear black eyeliners. Dark red liners can also look good.
  • You can try light shimmer golds, light blues, or you can also wear peach colours.
  • If you have grey eyes, you can wear eyeliners in light black or light charcoal. And you can also wear green eyeliners.
  • You can wear grey or light gold eye shadow. And you should keep the eyelids soft in colour. This will enhance the colour of your eyes.

8. Eye Shadow:

Eye Shadow

a. Choose Colours:

Choose the best shades of nearby colours at first on what can match your dress and occasion.

b.Think of Depth and Blend:

Think about what colour should be blended with which other colour and depth of each eye shadow. The depth and blend are what can make smoky eye makeup or blended makeup with different colours.

c. Different Lid Sections:

Apply the eye shadow beginning from the inner corner of eyes and start increasing with shades in the middle and end of the eye.

d. Tear Duct:

Do not neglect this area. Apply a dot of eye shadow near tear duct too

e. Outer V Shape:

Blend near outer V area with V shape. This will help all eyeshadow colours to blend well and mix within.

f. Inner Corner of Eye:

Take silver or white eye shadow and rub on the inner corner of the eye to get further accentuation.

Make sure to blend in colour with ease. Take a blending brush and blend it well in between to not notice the difference between each colour. Blending is the key secret, the more you blend, the more good it will look. The best way to get eye makeup to blend in the colours is to do so with a clean Q-tip applicator brush. It should always look like one colour is getting mixed into the other and the next one into another.

9. Crease Highlighting:

Highlighting the crease area is essential. You can do this with a light brown eye shadow. This is good when you want to wear something neutral for the lids. This can be good for office makeup.

10. Smudging Helps:

Take a Q-tip applicator brush and smudge the kohl on the lower rim. This gives an instantly smokey effect.

11. Lash Curler:

Eye Lashes

Now is time for lashes. Curling the lashes can be done in several ways. You should invest in a good lash curler of a good brand and curl your lashes before mascara application.

12. Curl with Heat:

You can curl lashes with heat instead of an eyelash curler. Warm-up a spoon in warm water kept in a bowl and used the back of a spoon to curl your lashes.

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13. Apply Transparent Mascara:

For times when you do not want a more bold colour on your lashes, you can use transparent mascara. Another way would be first to apply transparent mascara to accentuate eyelashes at first.

14. Mascara:


a. Volumizing Mascara:

These are new inventions of makeup or cosmetic industry. You can invest in volumizing mascara to get more volume for the lashes.

b. Curling Mascara:

This is another good thing to invest in if you want more curl than volume.

c. Lengthening Mascara:

This can be good for people who have thin and sparse lash hair. And this can make your lashes appear longer and thicker.

d. Clump False Lashes:

Fake lashes give you instant thicker lashes. You can invest in clump fake lashes, and these can be applied with glue.

15. Fake Strip Lashes:

Instead of lash clumps, you can use strip lashes as well. These are good to invest in. You can apply these both on lower and upper lashes. For upper lash volume, you can apply this on the upper lashes only.

16. Mascara Before Fake Lashes:

Apply some mascara before applying fake lashes. This will make your lashes stick with the fake ones.

17. Tweezers :

Keep a pair of tweezers handy, and this will help you in the application of fake lashes.

18. Angled Brush for Gel Liners:

Eye Liner

Gel liners are a new trend, and these give you dense looking lining. Now is the time for eyeliner and kajal application. If you want the proper application technique, then you should always use gel liners with a good clean angled brush.

19. How to Apply Gel Liners:

Start by applying the gel liner from the inner corner of the eyes. Go up to the centre of the lid keeping the broadness same. Again start from the extreme exterior of the eyelid and move inwards to join the line at the centre. This will give you a perfect line.

20. Eyes Tight Lining:

For times when you do not want to look too made up, you should follow the tight-lining procedure to make your lashes or lash line look filled in. This is especially important if you have thin lashes. Take an eyeliner pencil in black or dark brown and line in with dots from the inner surface of eyelids in the spaces in the middle of lash hairs.

21. White Liner for Lower Rims:

This is a good new technique of getting a ramp style eye makeup. Use white liner pencil on the lower waterline and normally line upper eyelid with black liner.

22. Extensions:

Extensions work well when you want bold lining makeup. You can draw extensions on the inner corner of the eye for an Arabian look.

23. Winged Linings:

You can do several kinds of winged linings. These are easy to do. You can use scotch tape to mark the point if you have shaky hands. Draw the line and then remove the tape. This can give you proper winged formations. The black eye makeup generally depends on good liner and brows.

24. Vintage Eye Makeup Look:

For vintage eye makeup look, you can draw more than one winged formation.

25. Extension from Lower Lid:

This is another highlighting trick for winged linings. You can extend the winged formation from the lower rim and drag it upwards to create a 3rd winged formation.

26. Eye Brows and Brow Pencil:

Eye Brows and Brow Pencil

Uses brown pencils for eyebrows and in small strokes create small hair-like patterns to seal in any thinness of hair on the eyebrows. Brows are an important part and do not neglect to make them up. They define your whole eyes.

27. Colours Of Brow Pencil:

Although many blindly pick a black brow pencil, always it is necessary to take brown one as they help accentuate the actual look. Black may make you look artificial.

28. Brow Gel:

Apply transparent or brown brow gel to comb them well. You can do dark eye makeup only by accentuating eyebrows, defining them well.

29. Go Funky:

It is not a bad thing to go funky sometimes. You can buy coloured feather lashes and apply them like you would apply false lashes. Try out on new things like blue eye makeup or cat eye makeup to look quirky.

30. Go Glitter Along with Glitter Liners:

You can go for loose glitters and apply these on the lids over normal eye shadows and create a glittery effect. Glitter eye makeup is always in trend. This is also suited as eye makeup for hazel eyes. Further, if you love bold colour glitters, you can try coloured glitter liners, which can work when you are going to a party. This also goes well with eye makeup for brown eyes in case you are wondering.

Additional Tips:

  1. Begin with eye makeup first and then apply whole face makeup. This may help you a give a chance to rub off any traces of eye shadows which spill.
  2. Highlight the eyes with a highlighter. This is a good option to enhance and accentuate your eyes and eye shadow.
  3. Apply highlighter hence near inner corner or eye and near outer brows.
  4. Include makeup setting spray at the end of makeup for whole face fall also on the eye to make it stay in place for a long time.
  5. Invest in a good eyeshadow primer. Create depth to make your eyes look big and bold.
  6. Never miss out on removing eye makeup properly and cleanly. This is very important for skin hygiene. You should remove eye makeup with a good makeup remover or with natural almond oil or jojoba oil. You should not fall asleep with eye makeup on.

Hope you liked our guide on eye makeup tips. These tips will help you look prettier and stylish for any event and occasion on hand. Eye makeup is essential, and a vital component of full-face makeup and can break or make any look. Hence the brighter and trendier you draw your eyes, the more you can look good as that is what enhances your beauty and style. Good eye makeup will create a look which has an element of dimension.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. How to Let Glitter on Eyes Stay in Place for Long?

Ans: Glitters can stay for long in eyes if well applied. A good primer in the first place is required to be applied on eyes before eye makeup. This will help set the base. Further, apply face makeup setting spray on eyes too, which can help eye makeup stay in place for a longer time.

Q2. How Long do Fake Lashes Stay in Place?

Ans: Fake eyelashes can stay in place for the whole day or as per your wish and depends on how well you maintain and make them stay in place by applying good gel and glue to stick them well.

Q3. Are Fake Lashes Bad for Eyes?

Ans: No, it is a myth that fake eyelashes cause damage to eyes. Fake eyelashes in today’s market are of supreme quality. It all depends on you how well you stick them in place and maintain it.

Q4. Is Bright Red and Maroon Colour Makeup Suited for Dark Skin?

Ans: Dark skin colour can also go well with red colour eye shadow. Make sure to blend it with nearby shades of colour like brown and nude colours to make it look prettier and well-matched.

Q5.What is Nude Eye Makeup?

Ans: Nude eye makeup is nothing but eye shadows applied in nude colours that are in shades of brown, skin colour and white or black. These are a new style and looks quite elegant and beautiful. This is under the light eye makeup category.