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6 Beauty Uses for Vaseline

6 Beauty Uses for Vaseline

Vaseline is one of the cheapest beauty products available on the market and you should include it in your daily skin care routine, especially during cold seasons. If you’re still asking yourself ‘What is Vaseline good for?’, we might have found the answers.

6 Vaseline Beauty Secrets

Uses for Vaseline: Makeup Remover

Here’s one of the greatest beauty uses for Vaseline! You probably didn’t think about it before, but you can substitute your daily cleanser with it. All you need to do is apply some Vaseline on the desired area, massage it gently and rinse with warm water. We guarantee you’ll get rid of your makeup very fast and you’ll enjoy one of the benefits of Vaseline.

6 Beauty Uses for Vaseline

Vaseline Beauty Tips: Highlighter

If you want to add some shine to your cheekbones or to your eyes, then you should add Vaseline to your shopping list. We suggest applying a dab of Vaseline in the inner corners of your beautiful eyes to make them stand out. Among the beauty tips of using Vaseline is the wet eye makeup effect that you can get by adding some Vaseline on your eyelids.

Vaseline Beauty Tricks: Lip Exfoliation

For treating chapped lips, we’d recommend using Vaseline to exfoliate your lips. This is one of the many beauty uses for Vaseline. Just add some on your chapped lips and let it sit for a few minutes. After that, start scrubbing your lips for 1 minute with a toothbrush. Repeat this action 3 times a day. Finally, you’ll see the result of your Vaseline beauty trick: smoother lips.

Beauty Uses For Vaseline Petroleum Jelly: Prolong Your Perfume’s Smell

Does your perfume start wearing off just after 2 hours? If so, Vaseline petroleum jelly might be the perfect solution for you. One of our Vaseline beauty tips is to apply some on your wrists and neck and then add your perfume. This way you’ll make your fragrance last longer!

6 Beauty Uses for Vaseline

Unconventional Uses for Vaseline: Fight Split Ends

If you haven’t had the chance to book an appointment with your hairstylist, then we recommend one of our favorite Vaseline beauty tricks: adding a dab of Vaseline on your hair ends. You’ll nourish your hair, prevent split ends and you’ll add a glossy touch to your tresses.

Beauty Tips Using Vaseline: Make Your Lashes Longer

We love this beauty tip using Vaseline! If you’re not satisfied with your eyelashes’ length, add some Vaseline on them before going to sleep and watch them grow. Repeat the application for two weeks and you’ll certainly be satisfied with our Vaseline beauty secret.

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