9 Best Alia Bhatt Hairstyles You Must Try in 2020

Alia Bhatt is the new-age fashionista of the industry. From walking the ramp and flaunting some beautiful looks is to be a pro in the world of acting. Born with a silver spoon, Alia Bhatt is the daughter of a doting father and the major director of Bollywood, Mahesh Bhatt. Grabbing several accolades in the industry, Alia has become the highest paid actress amongst the new-age leading women of Bollywood. Alia Bhatt hairstyle has been a major inspiration for all the teenage girls in India. Alia Bhatt’s haircut has been a sorted solution to amp up the looks for all occasions be it a casual date night, or a best friend’s wedding, you will surely find a way to draw some inspiration from the Alia Bhatt’s hairstyles.

Alia Bhatt Hairstyles Main

Top 9 Hairstyles of Alia Bhatt with Images:

Here are the presents most popular hairstyles of Alia Bhatt with pictures. Alia is one of the most beautiful actresses in the Bollywood film Industry. So many people follow her styles, especially teenage girls madly follow.

1. A Sleek Ponytail:

Sleek Ponytail Hairstyles

If you are going to attend a cocktail party or sangeet or you are going out with your guy for a romantic evening high-end dinner date, a sleek yet chic ponytail hairstyle is a perfect fit for you. All you need to do is gel up your hair and by using a tooth comb, just comb the hair to the back. You hide the hairband using the strand of hair by rolling it up through the ponytail. If you are donning big earrings, this hairstyle will further accentuate your entire look. This hairstyle of Alia Bhatt is perfect for girls 20 age mid group during the summer season as it will keep you from sweating and ruining the hairstyle.

2. Half Up Half Loose Look:

Half Up Half Loose Look

A half up-do is the most preferred choice for casual date nights and college looks if you have long hair just like Alia Bhatt’s haircut. It will help you out in keeping the bangs away from your face and will give you a graceful look. You can add a bit of spark in this hairstyle, by using some metallic hair clutches or braiding it from the sides and tucking the braids on either side. You can sport a boho flow dress along with this look. It is a perfect option for all the girls stepping into the college or the newbies in the corporate industry. You can try this hairstyle in all the seasons, as this one is a common one from the fashion books of hairstyles of Alia.

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3. Loose Waves:

Alia Bhatt Loose Wavy Hairstyles


A little flowy yet wavy look has always been a stealer took out from hairstyle of Alia Bhatt. If you are in a rush and you do not have time to add in much drama onto your hair, this hairstyle will come to your rescue. Do a mid-part and then brush up your hair entirely. Then take your curler and loosely just curl up the numerous strands of hair. The option here is that either you can add in some hair accessory such as a headband or just pin up a side strand just like Alia hairstyle. It entirely depends on you. Women will look amazing in this look as mid part might make teenage girls look a bit mature. The best season to try this Alia Bhatt hairstyle is in autumn, when your wavy strands will freely flow with the autumn breeze.

4. Top Knot Bun:

Alia Bhatt Top Knot Hairstyles

Are you always late to office? Are you a lazy person, who is never on time? This latest hairstyle is your best option, for that morning rush. Just pull up your entire hair in a ponytail and tie it up in a bun. The top knot bun will be an amazing option for a casual outing day with the girls, or you are on your way to shopping when you really need to keep the hair from falling onto your face. You can jazz it up a bit by using headbands and bow pins that will amp up your look a bit. Girls of all age-group can try this hairstyle, and it is suitable for all the seasons. This was Alia Bhatt’s hairstyle in the student of the year, as she was a college going student.

5. Cornrow Braids:

Alia Bhatt Braids Hairstyles

The evolution of cornrow braids happened in the regions of America. They have once again made a comeback in the fashion industry and are hiking up the game point. In this picture, Alia Bhatt has sported cornrow braids on top of her head and we will acquaint you with Alia Bhatt hairstyle step by step. With little modifications, you can even sport a side cornrow braid look. You just need to gel up your hair and braid them tightly. Do not use any hair accessories, as they will overdo the entire look. The hairstyle is perfect for all the college going girls, fit for all the seasons. It will look super amazing with loud eye makeup.

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6. Braided Pigtails:

Alia Bhatt Braided Pigtails Hairstyles

Remember those days of childhood, when you had to make two braided ponytails and attend the school? Your childhood hairstyle is back in fashion but with a little twist. For this hairstyle, you need to do a side part and then start braiding it from the top. You have to continue doing it till you reach the end part of your hair. It will look amazing on teenage girls and can be sported with a casual look of joggers and a tee. This hairstyle is suitable for the summer season when there is too much humidity to handle with flowy hair.

7. Mid Level Ponytail:

Alia Bhatt Mid Level Ponytail Hairstyles

A mid-level ponytail is best suited for the office looks or the evening looks when you are a wearing a backless gown. It looks extremely chic and classy. For this hairstyle, you can try out various hairbands like the sparkly ones, or thick hairbands. The next option for this hairstyle is rolling up a strand of hair and clipping it at the bottom. You can curl up the hair or leave it straight. In addition to this, you can modify a little bit, by braiding side hairs or the back part of your hair. Give it a little volume by backcombing your hair. The mid-level ponytail was Alia Bhatt hairstyle in Dear Zindagi, as she portrays the character of a carefree girl in the movie. The hairstyle is suited for all the seasons and occasions and looks best on females of age group.

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8. Wet Hair Look:

Alia Bhatt Wet Hairstyles

Messy hair looks amazing especially when you have just stepped out of the shower, with your hair all curled up and messy. You can pull off the look by adding a bit of hair gel in the wet hair and scrunching it up a little bit. Women of all age group can carry off this look amazing and are suited for all types of season. You can wear a headband over it or a scarf to sport a boho look. For a more subtle evening look, just pin a side of the hair with some metallic or glittery hairpin. Let people be smitten by this look and it was the Alia Bhatt hairstyle in 2 states, with the Indian wear.

9. Half Hair up Bun:

Alia Bhatt Half Hair Bun Hairstyle

Hair buns are perfect for those days when you are in a rush to get things done in the morning. The next thing that you can do with your hair is tied up a half hair up bun. Tie it up in the middle of the head. You can use a scrunchie or you can even make a bun. Let the hair loose. The look can be easily pulled off by women of all age group and is perfect for every season. Get dressed for a casual evening or a college or office look and sport the half hair up bun hairstyle and got fame from Alia Bhatt hairstyle in Kapoor and Sons.

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Additional Tips:

  1. First of all, you should always try to keep a balance between your hairstyle and makeup. There should not be a feeling of overdoing the entire look.
  2. Always try to choose your outfit first and then go for a hairstyle. For instance, if you are donning an Indian hairstyle, you would want to go ahead with something very desi as seen in Alia Bhatt hairstyle in Humpty Sharma ki Dulhania.
  3. If you are wearing a maxi dress, the best option would be to create a bohemian hairstyle with beach waves and braids.
  4. You should keep your hair clean by using good quality shampoos as well as conditioners for the well-being of your hairs.
  5. You can take occasional spas and other hair treatments at certain professional salons to maintain the health and hygiene of your hair.
  6. And you can also research the internet for some good tips regarding how to keep your hair quality maintained and well groomed.

In conclusion, it does not matter what age group you belong to, try Alia Bhatt’s hairstyle and Alia Bhatt’s haircuts to do up your look and increase the level of jazz in your look. Try out some Alia Bhatt’s cute hairstyles and give proper feedback on which ones you liked the most. If you want to add some twist to your hairstyles, you can always have a word with your hairdresser and take some advice on this topic. It is very important to look presentable and these hairstyles will surely be of great help in the process.

Frequently asked questions:

Q1. Will Cornrow Braids Make The Face Look Too Sharp And Nasty?

Ans: The thing with cornrow braids is that it makes you a little mean as a girl, but if you wear the right set of the outfit, the hairstyle will surely compliment your entire look. Then, always take a close look at the angles of the face and then decide if you want a side cornrow braid or on the crown area.

Q2. Can Headbands Be Worn With Half Hair up Bun?

Ans: If you will wear headbands with the half hair up bun hairstyle, the hairstyle will come out as a little too much and will seriously ruin the entire look as you will be adding up an entire packet of zing in your hairstyle.

Q3. Will Braided Pigtails Look Good with Corporate Wear?

Ans: Braided pigtails are more suited for the casual look. If you will carry this hairstyle with your office wear, you might end up looking too casual and not professional. It is best to avoid this amazing hairstyle at your workplace.

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