9 Best Hairstyles for Long Wavy Hair

With a head full of hair, the latest worry that has been keeping you bust at nights is the different ways you can spice up your look without compromising the heavy curls. The thing about long hair is that, any new style or hairdo can easily be implemented because your length makes up for everything else.

hairstyles for long wavy hair

But the same old same old hair might just be a bit too much for boring days. Then again the bad hair days ruin the perfect waves and so on. Here is a list of some of the best hairstyles you can opt for with your long flowing locks.

Different Long Wavy Hair Hairstyles for Girls:

The Small Bun:

hairstyles for long wavy hair1

For this hair try to scrunch up your hair more. You can try by braiding your hair the night before so that the next morning the shape for the hair is maintained and you get elegant curls. Now section your hair from the top half and with a small tie fix it into a messy bun. This is a perfect hairstyle for the breezy summers when you can keep the hair out of your face and still wear it the way you like.

High Pony:

hairstyles for long wavy hair2

By now the word pony has become too mainstream and you want to incorporate some fun in it.  Gather all the hair from the back by turning your head upside down to get a good drip. Once you do so comb thoroughly and leaving a lock of hair from down underneath, tie the rest into a high pony. Now use the single lock to curl it around the base to hide the band.

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The Back Braid:

hairstyles for long wavy hair3

Create a braid band at the back of your head by simply using this technique. Section out hair from each of your two front locks and start braiding them individually. Once you are done instead of securing them with a tie secure it using a pin. Now bring it all the way back and secure the pins to your head.

The Front Puff:

hairstyles for long wavy hair4

This is a simple enough everyday hairstyle that you can opt for. This can be suitable for a movie night or even to school. Curl or scrunch up the hair in the back. Now use a soft puff on the front by teasing the front and then secure it with pins. You can even tease the back of the head for volume.

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The Waterfall Braid:

hairstyles for long wavy hair5

Try the waterfall braid for your heavy head of mane. Usually waterfall braids look awesome with wavy hair since the waviness of the hair is brought out loud with the usage of the free falling hairs that blend in well with the rest. Start from one side and slowly move on to the other.

The Messy Low Bun:

hairstyles for long wavy hair6

If you are still worried about a hair look for the next week’s wedding, look no further since here is the perfect hairstyle for you. Start by curling your hair to define your waves all the more. Now use individual chunks of hair locks and fold and pin them to get this look.

The Full Vintage:

hairstyles for long wavy hair7

Much like the 90s puff, here is yet another classic hairstyle that you can opt for. Use teasing and bump it to create this look.

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The Upper Braid:

hairstyles for long wavy hair8

This is quite a simple and exciting look for an everyday ordeal. Take the upper front locks and tie them into braid. Now fan the braid out well to add volume to the look and secure it underneath the other side locks using pins.

Fake Faux:

hairstyles for long wavy hair9

Remember the classic faux bob hairstyles popular in the 90s. get that look back with this defined strong waves.