9 Best Indian Bun Hairstyles

Buns are probably the most common and primitive hairstyle there is for an Indian. Often in the busy weddings, or the early morning humid office runs, you would see women in their according attires sporting a fast made bun, either to beat the heat or scrunch up sometime in their busy schedule. With variations being an important part of modernization, even the rough made buns are now going through some personality changes. Amongst the many types, there is the high bun, the low one, the one at the side and of course the bed head messy one. Today in this article we will breeze through some of the Indian bun hairdos that one can sport.

1. The Messy Look:

indian bun hAairstyles1

This is probably the least structured yet most used bun look for modern India. The messy look just requires you to gather the hair at the back of your head and messily tie it up using a simple hair tie. The messy bun does not require any good structure or technique and yet adds volume and style to your hair.

2. The Embezzled Bun:

indian bun hAairstyles2

For a perfect wedding look or simply to create a statement style, try this awesome bun idea. This is a simple donut bun that has a dent in the middle that would allow you to hang or hook in your ornament piece. The donut bun can be best created by using a sock as a base which would give you the perfect sock bun or donut look.

3. The Braid Bun:

indian bun hAairstyles3

Start by gathering your hair at the end and tie a simple pony to it. For extra volume you may add extensions or hair volume sprays and then start braiding the pony. Here, you may either opt for a single braid that you can wrap around as a pony or segment the hair into two three braids and follow the wrap around method.

4. The Side Bun:

indian bun hAairstyles4

This is a soft rolled side bun and for an immaculate look use curlers beforehand to give your hair that lustrous princess curl. This hairdo might take a bit time as individual strands of locks and rolled into a rose like coil and then pinned to the side of the head.

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5. The French Twist:

indian bun hAairstyles5

Here’s the second thing that we learned from the French where the hair is magnificently twisted into a beautiful French roll. Leave loose strands on the front of the hair while the rest is bumped up by a bump-it or teasing and then rolled in an inward French styled bun.

6. The Top Knot:

indian bun hAairstyles6

The most basic to a bun is the high bun for the trend setters or the summer teasers. Don’t let the long tresses get the best of you during the humid summers by rolling the hair into a high pony but never really securing it with a tie. Gather the hair up and then roll it into a tight bun. While you’re at it leave a loose strand at the back to cover the tie.

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7. The Top Knot Variation:

indian bun hAairstyles7

Here’s a variation to the top knot where the hair is segmented into two compartments, the first being tied into a top bun, small and petite while the rest of the hair is smoothened and kept free letting you sport both a free hair with a bun top.

8. The Looped Look:

indian bun hAairstyles8

This is a low hanging bun made by looping a ponytail. Gather your hair at the back and then create a loop with your fingers, eventually passing the pony and curling it up to create the bun.

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9. The Underdog:

indian bun hAairstyles9

Here we start with an inverted French braid and instead of finishing the braid wrap it up in a bun at the very top.

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