9 Best Medium Red Hairstyles with Images

Coloring and styling your hair never goes out of fashion, nor does the number of styles to choose from limit. There are some styles which you can rock with a particular type of hair or a particular hair color. Here are nine such hairstyles for a medium red colored hair.

Latest and Beautiful Medium Red Hairstyles in Trend:

Let we have to look at the top 9 medium red hairstyles.

1. Messy Waves:

medium red hairstyles

This look is a winner for a beach day or a day out. Taking a curling iron create beach waves all over your hair. Brush your hands through the waves to give it a messy look. To give a twist to this look start twisting a section of your hair from the top all the down to behind your ear. Secure the section with a bobby pin. The messy waves will bring out the different shades of your red hair.

2. Loose Curls:

red hairstyles2

This a very simple yet elegant look for medium length hair. Taking a curling iron start curling your hair. The trick is to start curling from midway towards the end. You can also middle part your hair or side swipe it according to your hair.

3. Side Swept:

red hairstyles3

This look will surely make heads turn. To achieve this look start curling your hair starting at the bottom. Once you have curled your hair take it all to one side and spray it with hair spray so they stay in place. Now using bobby pins secure all of your hair in its required position. If you have bangs you can straighten the bangs to give it a more voluminous look.

4. Top Knot:

red hairstyles4

This look is your savior look. To start with, get all your hair up into a high ponytail, brush through your hair to give it texture. Now tie the hair up on the top of the head. Once your hair is secure roll the rest of the ponytail around the hair tie. Secure it with bobby pins so they stay in place.

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5. Half Up Half Down:

red hairstyles5

This a very simple yet chic look that goes perfectly with medium length hair. For this look blow dry your hair to give it volume. Now, using your hands as brush take the crown section of your hair and tie a knot. Use a cute hair tie to spice it up. Leave the bottom section of the hair as it is. You are ready for your day.

6. Braid Band:

red hairstyles6

For this look neatly back comb your hair and tie it up. Now take a thick section of hair from behind your ear and start braiding it all the way down. Now cross the braided section over to the back of the other ear and secure it with bobby pins. Repeat the process with the other side if you want. Untie your hair and comb it once again. Apply some hair spray to secure your look.

7. Boho Braid:

red hairstyles7

To achieve this look middle part your hair. Take a thick section of hair from one side of the front of your hair divide it into two. Braid each part till the end and tie it with a clear elastic. Repeat the process with the other side. Now secure both sides with bobby pins behind the ear. Comb your hair to give it a finish look.

8. Scarf it Up:

red hairstyles8

This a very easy yet different hairstyle for medium length hair. Back comb your hair. Fold a scarf to your desired amount of thickness. Put the scarf at the bottom of your head, taking it through the back of your ear tie the scarf up at the top of the head. Comb your hair once again to finish the look.

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red hairstyles9

For this look take the front section of your hair. Tease it. Smoothen the top and pull it back and secure it with bobby pins. Comb the rest of your hair accordingly.

These are few hairstyles that will look good on medium red hair. It’s time to experiment with your hair color and hairstyles. Let these hairstyles bring out the best in your hair color.

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