9 Best White Henna Designs with Images

White henna” looks like an exciting option for darker skin tones as well as for Western-style brides who don’t want traditional red henna. But, what exactly is white henna? The leaf of henna plant contains a natural red dye that stains hair, fingernails and skin.

These days’ white mehndi arts have gained more popularity. This is a white adhesive used to attach prosthetic devices to the skin for health reasons. The adhesive can be piped onto the skin like henna paste and will stick to the skin for up to a week.

White Henna Designs

Top 9 Trending White Henna Designs With Pictures:

Below are the top 9 white henna designs that you should definitely try out:

1. Modern White Henna Design:

white henna designs 7

This is white mehndi henna with an Arabic Style Design with a combination of blue just to highlight the design. These designs can apply for some western type of parties, which doesn’t require any other accessories. If the mix is of good quality then it will last up to 1 week.

2. Simple White Henna Designs for Hands:

white henna designs 2

Easy white mehendi designs give a fashionable look, glues also can be used which are specially meant for this henna purpose. To make it more trendy rhinestones can also be placed on the design. When a woman is inspired and has imagination then she can create beauty from nothing.

3. Lotus White Henna Design:

white henna designs 3

These beautiful white patterned mehandi art can be great for wedding season or for those who want something different than the traditional mehndi art. Intricate motifs can be done on the inner side of the palms which gives a different look other than usual red colors.

4. Back Hand White Henna Designs:

white henna designs 4

Darker skin tones can go for white henna designs as they look absolutely gorgeous on them! The above picture is a perfect example for it with Arabic henna motifs and this beautiful henna design is a must try it will be good for western parties.

5. Diamond Shape White Henna Design:

white henna designs 5

This white mehndi design is more like a bracelet with diamond shape with mesh works and beaded chain extensions so that it looks like a jewellery. This can be good for parties and other occasions which don’t require any other accessories.

6. Cool White Henna Designs:

white henna designs 6

This is a normal floral design with a dots and circle pattern, this design is especially for the back of the hand and white Henna is a good concept. Which brings an new advantage to the people in Africa and fashion industry.

7. Creeper White Henna Design:

This can be mix and match with different patterns and colors for re-creating this henna design. It gives an elegant look when it is used with some different colors of glitters. This can be painted on the skin in patterns that look like henna, but white henna does not stain the skin.

8. Beautiful Henna Designs White:

This gorgeous floral design has a linear pattern. It starts right from the forearm and extends till the nails of the index finger, covering most of the skin on its way. The other fingers are left completely free of any design to highlight the central pattern. This design can be ideal for weddings and occasions.

9. Flower White Henna Design For Legs:

White Henna Art for legs turns even more beautiful when there are flower patterns and this beautiful mehandi design with a huge lotus blooming out in the middle is exotic and perfect to sport for festive occasions. Contrast nail paint with design gives an adorable look for the leg.

Henna is also a paste made from powdered henna leaf used to stain the body. The original henna comes in only red color; white henna is not the original henna. If anyone is interested in white henna for wedding or any other occasion, be sure to ask the artist about which products to be used if anyone is trying at home, stick to the safe techniques.