9 Different Types of Eye Makeup

Are you a little confused on how you should apply eye makeup? Probably you have all the right equipment but you don’t know where to start. Well, all your tension is about to cease because we are going to give you a glimpse of some of the hottest eye makeup designs that will totally brighten up your whole look. All of these designs look very professional and require a lot of effort and precision. All you need to do is go through this article and pick your favourite. It all starts from here.

Beautiful Eye Makeup With Images:

1. The Prom Look:

different types of eye makeup

So it’s finally your prom night and you are still looking for a design that will make you look fabulous? Well, there is no need to worry. This beautiful design is definitely going to give you a fantastic appearance. The colour combination is perfect and the eye lashes have accentuated the beauty of your eyes in a very stylish way.

2. The Celebrity Makeup:

This makeup is perfect for those who have brown eyes. The look is charming and resembles a celebrity style quotient very well. The different shades of blue along with the perfect combination of grey and white are just what you need to stand out in the crowd.

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3. The Professional Touch:

This eye makeup will require the help of a professional. It not only looks well designed but also very bright and attention grabbing. It will flatter your eyes and give you that bright and fashionable look you have always wanted.

4. The Katy Perry Eye:

The Katy Perry is a great makeup design for women with grey eyes. The appearance is very charming and feminine. The thick strokes of the eyeliner and the very bright and white eye shadow will give you a pop singer or iconic look.

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5. The Blue Eye:

A very simple yet chic design for women with small eyes is the blue eye makeup. If you can see, special emphasis has been given to the liner and the eye lashes. The look is very cute and feminine and resembles an absolute diva.

6. The Unique Eye Makeup:

Eye Makeup like this will not just look good on blue or grey eyes but also on green eyes. The style is very unique and creative. If you try this, you are surely going to stand out in the crowd. Also add some glitter to add that extra spark.

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7. The Dancer Look:

Women who are part of dance groups and teams can try this eye makeup. It looks nice especially on women who have grey eyes. The colour yellow is a great choice for them. It lights up your whole face and makes you look unique and pretty.

8. The Seductive Eye:

Did you ever know that eye makeup can be such a powerful tool that you can seduce somebody with it?  If not, then its time you experiment with the seductive eye look. It’s an ideal design for women who have simple yet expressive eyes. The glitter on your eyelids and the glamorous background looks very bright and sensuous.

9. The Foxy Eye:

Women with light blue eyes should try the foxy look. If you are going out with your boyfriend tonight and would like to show a very dangerous, sexy and sultry side of yourself, we recommend you this. The blend of colours looks so dramatic and the perfect lower eye makeup is what will drive your man crazy!