9 Easy Thanksgiving Nail Art Designs with Images

Thanksgiving is considered as one of the most popular holidays in the United States. As the name implies, Thanksgiving celebrates the spirit of sharing, of brotherhood and of togetherness. Therefore, families, big and small, gather for a scrumptious feast on this day while they all list the things they are most thankful for. This famous US holiday has also inspired nail art.

Nail art as a form of expression has gained momentum over the last few years as it provides young women and girls with the opportunity of ‘dressing’ their nails to add more personality and spunk to them. Therefore, when you add Thanksgiving and nail art together, you will be amazed at the quirky nail designs that are available. Also, considering that the holiday takes place during the last Thursday in November, the autumn season also has a significant influence on the thanksgiving inspired nail art design, replete with autumn leafs.

Thanksgiving Nail Art Designs:

1. Autumn Leaves Nail Art:

thanksgiving nail art

The autumn leaves nail art design pays a fitting tribute to the season in which the holiday of Thanksgiving takes place. The autumn hues are on full display on this nail design, with autumn leaves painted on the nail from the bottom up in earthy tones of brown, ochre and orange. This is a perfect example of how you can be quirky without being too loud. The glitter coating which goes on top of the leaf design adds sparkle to the nail.

2. Fall Inspired Nail Design:

Fall inspired Nail Art

The fall based nail design references how nature and the earth become one during the autumn season. The streaks of black are added for decorative purposes and the white dots complement the overall design without making it look garish. The glitter coating has been added to add sparkle and pizzazz. The French manicure style of the nail art adds character and leaves the nail bare without making it feel empty.

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3. Pilgrim-inspired Nail Art:

Pilgrim-inspired Nail Art

The pilgrims that were the official bearers of good news also serve as inspiration for nail art design. The faces of the Indian, the Nurse and the Chief are painted on each nail. This quirky style is both cute and funky and is a hit among young girls during the holiday season. By using these characters, a woman will embody the true spirit of Thanksgiving.

4. Turkey-inspired Nail Art:

Turkey inspired Nail Art

No Thanksgiving celebration is ever complete without the presence of a succulent Turkey. All homes, aside from the other delicacies placed on the table, are sure to have a big turkey don the center of the table. Therefore, it is fitting that a turkey design should find its way on a woman’s nail. The cute turkey motifs painted on the nail come in earthy tones red, yellow, orange and brown.

5. Fall Inspired Nail Art:

Fall Inspired Nail Design

The season of Fall is welcomed by everyone around the world as it brings with it the warmth of the holiday season. These flower motifs painted on an earthy toned background will best complement the season. Rich in texture and color, this nail design also comes with added sophistication.

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6. Turkey Feather Nail Art:

Turkey Feather Nail Art

The Turkey’s feather form a sort of a canopy on the nail in rich colors of yellow, orange, lime green, mocha and black. A great way to look fashionable.

7. Leaf Motif Nail Design:

Leaf Motif Nail Design

The autumn leaf motif is referenced in this nail design where part of the leaf is painted on either side of the nail and completed with a hint of glitter

8. Falling Leaves Nail Art:

Falling Leaves Nail Art

The leaves that fall during autumn serve as inspiration for this design, represented here with glitter.

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9. Cooked Turkey Nail Design:

Cooked Turkey Nail Design

Now young women and girls can enjoy a cooked turkey on-the-go (on their nails). It is fun and delicious!