9 Effective Acupressure Points For Hair Growth

Acupressure is an ancient technique that can effectively control baldness, help with new hair growth and stop hair loss. Acupressure for hair regain works on targeting the pressure points in our body. Our hair’s health is primarily associated with the condition of one’s blood and how well the adrenal glands function. If you want healthy hair, blood will have to flow to the roots and scalp. Diet, exercise and massage stimulate the blood circulation and helps to bring oxygen and fresh blood to the hair and the scalp. Detoxifying helps to stop and reverse the loss of hair.

acupressure points for hair growth

Regular massage of the scalp will help to stop the radical hair loss and will actively work to facilitate better hair growth. A good scalp massage helps to increase the blood circulation to the scalp. This blood brings nutrients which help in hair growth. Stress and tension of everyday life reduces the blood circulation to the hair follicles and the scalp oil and the dead skin may hinder the natural hair growth.

Massaging the scalp and identifying the acupressure points for hair will rectify these problems and help to regulate natural hair growth. Using special oils to massage the hair also contributes to hair growth. Oils like cedar wood, Bay, grape seed; jojoba, grapefruit, lemon, lavender, rosemary, thyme and neem essential oils have anti-bacterial and detoxifying properties. They help to stimulate hair growth and help to revitalize the dead scalp cells.

In order to help stimulate the hair growth, you need to massage the scalp and the head for five to ten minutes daily. After a general massage, an acupressure massage should be done with these points. These points if massaged well, helps to stop hair loss and thereby facilitate new growth. GV 12, LI 1, GV 14, LU 7, GV 20, LU 6, B 13 and LU 9. There are some of the most important and most recommended acupressure points that requires some good amount of pressure to make the hair grow longer and also relive you from temporary muscle aches.

Best Acupressure Points For Hair Growth:

These few acupressure points if stimulated will help combat hair loss:

1. Paihui:

acupressure for hair growth

Paihui is the point that is located on the top of the head. This simple scalp acupuncture exercise is proven responsible for blood circulation to the head and helps in hair growth. This is the place where the nose extension meets the extension of the ear. To stimulate Paihui, you need to take 10 toothpicks. Bundle them together with a rubber band. Stimulate the Paihui for ten minutes. Then move on to the hair follicles. Massage the head uniformly and be gentle so you don’t damage the hair or injure yourself.

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2. Head Massage Paihui:

scalp acupuncture for hair growth

To do this massage technique, you need to push the Paihui with the five fingers of your hand in a way such that you can massage yourself. Pressure should be applied in the vertical position. Massage the head uniformly and be gentle so you don’t damage the hair. This method also increases blood circulation in head that support to promoting hair regrowth. This is an acupressure point on hands for hair growth.

3. Reflexology Massage:

acupuncture points for hair regrowth

In this, a reflexology massage is integrated with an acupressure massage. For this technique, you need to massage the hands and wrists vigorously. This is a good acupressure treatment for hair loss.

Here is what you should do.

  1. Run your fingernails together. This will help to stimulate hair growth. This will surely bring out the best results. Remember to do this daily. The fingernail exercise stimulates the blood flow to the head. It is only when the blood flow reaches the hair follicles will it help to grow new hair.
  2. The neck, shoulders and back also have pressure points that when massaged stimulate hair growth. Results will be slow but prominent within a month or so.

Hair loss can be caused by bad diet habits, skin reactions, heredity or stress. The Chinese points of acupressure prevalent in China ensure the thick black hair of their population. Thus, acupressure helps to improve the immune system and also helps to increase the blood circulation which in turn helps to remove the toxins.

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4. LI1:

acupressure for hair regain

There are certain effective acupressure points for hair growth in the body, which can stimulate the hair growth. LI1 is basically the point located below the lumbar vertebrae (first) just next to the large intestine. According to many researches, it has been proven to be one of the most effective acupressure points that will facilitate quicker hair growth.

Here is what you should do.

  1. Press a point which is exactly one millimeter to the corner of the nail of the index finger (to the side of the thumb). This has been proved to be effective for most people and is attested for better hair growth.
  2. You can press that particular point for about three or two minutes once every day and it will prove to be highly effective for you like it has been for everyone who has tried it.

5. B13:

acupuncture for hair loss

Another amazing acupressure point for treatment of hair loss is the B13. This exercise is rather simple.

  1. You will have to put three of your finer in the portion between the shoulder blade and the spine. Excessive rubbing and pressing is required.
  2. You will experience a sense of relief. This is done on one side of the spine only.
  3. Do this on the other side of the spine as well to get effective results. This has many other functions as well.

It can be used as a natural therapy that to calm your mind. It works on both men and women and is one of the commonly practice acupressure point therapies used for hair growth. You will have to massage those points for 3mins at least for getting the best results.

6. LU6:

acupuncture for hair growth

This is like a secret acupressure point located on the forearm (inside portion). It is basically on the Nickle portion and is considered to be one of the best acupressure points that can stimulate hair growth effectively. You can press that portion at any time of the day for two to three times and it will prove effective for improved the hair grow.

7. LU9:

can acupuncture help hair loss

This is located in the wrist crease in the front part of the thumb and most people are not aware of it. It is good for reducing the physical stress in the arms and also helps in better muscle contraction. It is often used during the treatment of wrist injury. According to many researches, it has been proved to be one of the finest acupressure points that can ensure hair growth better.

8. GV12 and GV14:

scalp acupuncture for hair growth

These are two of the most important acupressure points for hair regain on your body. GV12 is basically a thoracic vertebra and is situated in between the shoulder blades. Pressing this point often during the day can deal with the hair growth issue.

On the other hand, GV14 is a point near the cervical vertebrae and is located at the back of the neck. This is another point, pressing which will ensure a good hair growth. Again, you will have to practice this often to see bets results.

9. Acupuncture for Hair Regain:

A regular acupuncture will help stimulate hair regrowth. Acupuncture will improve the flow of qi and blood in the scalp and will therefore enhance hair to regrow. A strict diet with all essential nutrients is a must. Salmon, walnuts, flax seeds are a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids and are important factors that contribute to hair growth.

A regular use of acupressure points as mentioned above will give you satisfying results when it comes to hair growth. Remember to be regular to practice them. Acupressure technique has been in use since the ancient times. This age old technique of using acupressure points for hair regrowth and hair fall control have enabled us for our good. Their results have been impressive through ages that testify their power and effectiveness. What could be daunting is that the process maybe a bit time consuming, but it nevertheless is a good strategy to employ.