9 Great Western Tattoos Ideas And Designs With Meanings

9 Great Western Tattoos Ideas And Designs With Meanings

A tattoo lover can love any design which attracts and enhances their style and looks. Among the designs one most appreciated and adored by people is Western tattoo designs which mostly depicts the romance and violence period of the Western region.  These western tattoos were influenced from that era and depicts designs like gunfights, cowboys, horses and many. These designs can be transformed into many different styles and pattern and you can depict the way which appeals you the most.

Best and Great Western Tattoos Designs, Ideas And Meanings:

Let’s have a look at top 9 different types of western tattoos designs.

1. Awesome Western Style Tattoos Design:

Awesome Western Tattoo Design

This is a gorgeous western cross tattoos design inked on the shoulders of the man and the shades of brown and grey add more sizzle to the image. Here a small cross sign is outlined with a cowboy hat on it trying to covey that he has attributes of a country man but has deep faith in Lord also. The image looks as if the wearer skin has been ripped and the design has been carved out.

2. Gorgeous Western Themed Tattoos Design:

Gorgeous Western Themed Tattoo Designs

As western skull tattoos design displays violence and unrest which existed in this decade. Similarly the wearer wants to lay emphasis on the same by outlining a skull with a cowboy hat on his head and pistols on both the hand depicting his courageous and fearless attribute.

3. Spectacular Bull Riding Great Western Tattoo Design:

Spectacular Bull Riding Western Tattoo Design

Here comes an awesome way of representing masculinity and eagerness to accept a challenge and mark a win on it. In this image the wearer has styled the most prominent design of bull on his shoulders trying to depict his brave heartedness through the image.

4. Vibrant Western Tattoos Design:

Vibrant Western Tattoo Design

It was believed that horseshoe as lucky charm and when styled it by facing upward direction it could bring prosperity in their life. The Native Americans believed feathers were good spirit and represents power and freedom, so both the combination add more sensational look and represent West lifestyle with new looks.

5. Creative Western Tattoos Design:

Creative Western Tattoo Design

This is a contradictory yet amazing design where a cowboy has been shown as being seated on a bull and the way cactus has been sketched with the bull lends a fantastic look to the image. The harmonious colors combination adds spark to the design.

6. Riding Western Tattoos Design:

Riding Western Tattoo Design

Decades ago the only way commuting were horse and people used to travel on them. This is a simple tattoo design where a horse is being sketched on the back of the lady and giving her remarkable look to its persona.

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7. Revolver Western Tattoos Design:

Revolver Western Tattoo Design

In that decade revolver was being used by law persons or ranchers to protect themselves for any lawbreakers. Designing a revolver tattoo it even symbolizes the person bravery and toughness to fight back against any unforeseen situations.

8. Startling Western Tattoos Design:

Startling Western Tattoo Design

This is a western traditional tattoos design rendering the look of old Western decade where a person is riding a horse and the black and white image adds more beauteous look to the entire concept.

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9. Marvellous Western Tattoo Sleeve Design:

Marvellous Western Tattoo Design

This is eye popping tattoos western design styled in an illustrative way covering the sleeves of the wearer and giving an enticing look to the wearers. In this western sleeve tattoo image person has styles a big sailing ship and the orange flowers add more enhanced look to it.

Western tattoo designs can be sketched by anyone tattoo lovers whose got inspired by these wild, adventurous images and want to style them on their body parts. These tattoos depict the survival skills of the person of that decade and when depicted in an artistic manner it looks awesome and gorgeous and lends a startling look to the wearer of this design.

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