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9 Latest Preppy Hairstyles For Women and Men to Try in 2020

Wondering why it is only women taking care of their hair and hairdo?? Then you are wrong, this article points out top 9 Preppy hairstyles which mentions about guys have a clean and well-combed hairdo which makes girls go crazy. Boys and men who like well combed, clean get up this hairstyle is the one. Girls and ladies who have long hair, as well as short hair, do try this listed preppy hairstyle which goes well with formal school dress or office dress as well as casual clothing.

Best Preppy Hairstyles For Women and Men:

Let’s take a quick look on top 9 latest preppy hairstyles to get a new and modern look for this season.

1. Ivy League Preppy Haircut:

Ivy League Preppy Haircut

Guys who like the clean combed and clean shave look, then for them this Ivy League preppy haircut is an apt hairstyle. This haircut has a low cut style which makes it look like a typical summertime hairstyle.

2. Preppy Hairstyle for Short Hair for a Girl:

Preppy Hairstyle for Short Hair for a Girl

This hairstyle is a simple as well as stylish haircut which suits well for school going girls as well for ladies who are busy and does not sufficient time in maintaining long hair. This haircut has the front long step cut and diminishes back with less amount of hair.

3. Preppy Hairstyle for Long Hair:

Preppy Hairstyle for Long Hair

This type of girl’s hairstyle which most of the school going students like to have, due to its simple an easy to tie up the hair. This hairdo does not require lot of combing, it has this messy outlook. The hair is collected and tied up as a side pony.

4. Side Part Preppy Hairstyle for Men:

Side Part Preppy Hairstyle for Men

This type of side part hairstyle for guys is the most commonly seen hairdo among schoolboys as well as university attending guys. This hairstyle where side part is taken either on left or right and the other side of the hairstyle has minimal hair compared to the opposite side.

5. Fringe Hairstyle for Men:

Fringe Hairstyle for Men

This haircut for boys is popular among young teenage guys, as many film stars have been using these types. This type of haircut the hair is parted in the middle which gives the preppy boy hairstyles with spikes. The two sides looks alike curtain falling on the sides.

6. Curled Preppy Hairstyle:

Curled Preppy Hairstyle

This type of hairstyle suits almost all type of hair texture but not for that completely curly hair. This hairstyle also has a side partition and the side part of the hair curls with undercuts. This gives the curly hair look.

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7. Wavy Preppy Hairstyle:

Wavy Preppy Hairstyle

This type of curly hairdo has become most popular hairdo among young teenage student’s as well middle-aged ladies. This hairdo suits well for short hair since shot hair can portrait the curls more prominently.

8. Spike Preppy Hairstyle:

Spike Preppy Hairstyle

Spikes are the next popular haircut among school going boys till middle-aged men. This style of haircut is simple to create by oneself. The spike haircut suits well for short hair with less height. Hair Gel is applied and hair is combed upwards to achieve spikes.

9. Preppy Summer Short Haircut:

Preppy Summer Short Haircut

Short haircut suits well for all men, taking this as an advantage using short hair as a summer haircut is the best decision. The front part of the hairstyle has the curvy hairdo and the back part is trimmed well which reduces the length of the hair.

The preppy hairstyle is definitely a clean and posh looking hassle which does not mean one should own a Yacht or an expensive house in Monaco. It is the way how one can carry them amidst the state of living. Try some preppy hairstyle and get the rich look.

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