9 Most Beloved Plumeria Tattoo Designs

Plumeria is the flower which you will find in Hawaii. It’s a beautiful flower which has its own speciality; each colour has its own unique fragrance. This flower has a very rich and symbolic meaning. It is a symbol of birth and life. It also represents birth and beauty. These lovely blossoms have rich and profound imagery in numerous antiquated societies.

Nowadays Plumeria tattoos are very famous among women. Men, also it is famous, but they combine this flower with some other sea creature or with some other design.

Stylish and Best Plumeria Tattoo Designs with Images:

Some trendy designs are shown below.

1. Lovely Bell Plumeria Tattoo:

Lovely bell Plumeria Tattoo

This Plumeria Flower Tattoo in the bell pattern looks lovely with pink, purple and yellow Plumeria flower. This tattoo is favourite among woman folk, irrespective of their culture and religion. Those girls who are fitness lover, they like to make such design for their stomach or back.

2. Wavey Frangipani Tattoo:

Wavevy Frangipani tattoo

The Scientific name of Plumeria flower is Frangipani Flower. This Frangipani flower tattoo on ankle looks very pretty. This tattoo has sea waves around the yellow Frangipani flowers.

3. Cute Plumeria Tattoo Behind an Ear:

CutePlumeria Tattoo behind an ear

This Small Plumeria Tattoo with pink flower and three green leaves look very sweet on the backside of the ear. It’s a unique place to have a tattoo and looks beautiful. You will get good confidence in this place for plumeria design.

4. Turtle Style Plumeria Tattoo:

Turtle style Plumeria Tattoo

Many Sea creatures and animals look beautiful with Plumeria flower tattoo. This plumeria flower on top of the turtle shows tribal style, that’s why it is also called a Plumeria Tribal Tattoo. This style of pattern is famous among youngsters; they think that they get positivity because of these turtle plumeria design.

5. Off Shoulder Frangipani Tattoo:

Off shoulder Frangipani Tattooo

This is the Best Frangipani Tattoo on shoulder spread in two directions. This tattoo is having seven pink shed plumeria flowers with lovely design looks gorgeous at the shoulder. This looks at girls who like to use some off-shoulder tops.

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6. Hibiscus and Plumeria Tattoo:

Hibiscus and Plumeria Tattoo

This tattoo is a combination of hibiscus and plumeria flower. This one is a great Frangipani Tattoo Design, Hawaiian belief that this stands for positivity as well as perfection.

7. Back Frangipani Tattoo:

This Frangipani Tree Tattoo with a pink colour flower on the back looks beautiful. For broad tattoo design, this type of pattern can be chosen. It can be lots of branches or with a single branch. Try this design for your backless tops.

8. Plumeria Tattoo for Men’s Special:

This Plumeria Tattoo Design on the shoulder of the man looks superb. It includes Plumeria flower along with the beachside view and yacht in the sea with Pam trees. It’s not a coloured tattoo.

9. In Picture Frame Plumeria Tattoo:

This Image you will find on frame whenever you visit Hawaii. This Plumeria Tattoo Image on the shoulder looks beautiful. This image contains a lovely beach with the sunset in the background and Plumeria flower on the bottom looks beautiful.

Don’t go in a rush always, people tattooing because friends told them about this tattoo pattern. But when you plan for this plumeria tattoo on your body that time has a look in meaning about these flowers too. Research more and find some unique way to make the design in your own style. This tattoo can fit anywhere because these are a different Plumeria Tattoo which you can have on your shoulder, sleeve, back, neck, ankle, any part of your body.

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