9 Most Captivating Purple Tattoo Designs

Are you in love with colourful tattoo designs! Yes, this is a trending fashion among the fun-loving teens these days. After the black inked tattoos, people are now heading towards the colourful tattoo designs to give their look a standardized look. Among all colours, purple tattoo designs have been widely adopted.

Beautiful and Stylish Purple Tattoo Designs:

Here is a bunch of amazing purple tattoo designs; you can decorate your body with.

1. Purple Floral Pattern Tattoo Designs:

purple tattoo designs

Flowers are the prime choice for the women when it comes to inking. A purple flower tattoo with lovely curved branches, when carried on the back, indicates royalty and ceremony, giving your body a sensual look.

2. 3D Style Purple Butterfly Tattoo Designs:

3D style purple butterfly tattoo

3D tattoos have replaced the normal inked tattoos to a great extent, giving a realistic look. With a combination of black, the purple butterfly tattoo shows the joy and happy side of your nature. It further signifies change, rebirth, happiness, renewal, glory, etc. Try this good pattern in the 3D style of design.

3. Purple Tattoo Designs in Rose:

Purple tattoo in Rose

Purple rose tattoo designs have gone viral with their flourishing look. Mostly carried by the girls, they represent the feature of enchanting. The tattoo further symbolizes magnetism, love, the urge of missing someone, sensuality, etc.

4. Purple Ribbon in Style Tattoo Designs:

Purple ribbon in style tattoo

Want to reveal your love and respect to your parents or someone very special! A ribbon-based purple ink tattoo is the best you can have. The tattoo carries an infinite shape, with the birth date or name embossed on it showing infinite love.

5. Purple Dove Structure Tattoo Designs:

Purple dove structure tattoo

Dove is mostly carried to show peace and purity, however, when it is inked in purple, it carries a further indication like care, devotion, loyalty and friendship. The small purple tattoos collections with dove are widely inked on the feet or neckline for a proper outlook.

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6. Owl with Lock Purple Tattoo Designs:

Owl with lock purple tattoo

Owls have been a rare choice for getting inked; however, when it comes to an owl with a lock-in purple tattoo ink, it would be a great choice to go with. The design represents values like feminine, fertility, wisdom, beauty, eternal love, and much more.

7. Purple Dragon Dashing Tattoo Designs:

Purple dragon dashing tattoo

Dragons are influenced by Chinese culture. They have their own pious place which resembles with unbelievable powers to have control over big issues, strength, good luck, etc. The purple tattoos have various shades for dragon designs.

8. Purple Octopus Style Tattoo Designs:

Purple octopus style tattoo

Purple tattoo ideas are incomplete without the collection of sea creatures like an octopus. Yes, the eight-handed creature are mostly liked by men, which legitimates complexity, vision, diversity, mystery, illusion, insight and intelligence.

9. Feather Purple Tattoo Designs:

Feather purple tattoo

The light and dark purple tattoo with motivating quotes would hold your eyes with a single glance. The feathers reveal wisdom, spirit, wisdom, fidelity, courage, stability and good fortune. It also allows inking the main thought of your life that inspires you. Those girls who like to try tattoo in a simple way, then go with this style of tattoo.

Purple tattoo designs are generally named as girly tattoos, nevertheless, even men in professions like sailors, beautician, or anyone related to art. It gives the tattoos an artistic touch showing the real side of the design. It shows your attitude towards life; you can personalize your tattoo as per your choice. Go with some simple but meaningful designs in the purple colour shade.