9 Wedding Ring Tattoos Ideas And Designs For Male And Female

The turning point in a person life comes they are getting married to someone they love more than themselves.  A wedding ring tattoo is an upcoming tradition where both the couples instead of exchanging materialistic ring they design tattoo ring on their fingers as a sign of commitment to stay and love each other.

Best And Unique Wedding Ring Tattoos Ideas And Designs For Male And Female:

Let’s start our journey and have a look at top 9 exclusive types of wedding ring tattoo designs:

1. Amazing Wedding Ring Tattoos Design:

Amazing Wedding Ring Tattoo Designs

The two identical heart shape tattoos have been designed on the couple’s finger , displaying that now they their heart have become one and the similar design conveys that they both mindsets and liking have become alike once they have got united.

2. Fantastic Wedding Ring Tattoos Design:

Fantastic Wedding Ring Tattoo Designs

Another superb and brilliant wedding rings tattoo design where in infinity sign is depicted with two small hearts above as it the couples have promised each other that their love and belief for each other will increase with the passage of time and will not fade away whatever so happens.

3. Celtic Wedding Ring Tattoos Design:

Celtic Knots Wedding Ring Tattoo Designs

This is intricate piece of artwork depicted on the lover’s fingers in black ink lending a startling and distinct look to their thoughts. A Celtic knot wedding tattoo rings represents loyalty, faith which is essence and base of a relationship without which any relationship cannot sustain forever.

4. Unique Wedding Ring Tattoos Design:

Unique Wedding Ring Tattoo Designs

The tattoo wedding rings designs looks very simple but in awesome and sensational image as it holds deep symbolic meaning hidden beneath. The three simple lines represent past, present and future of the person and now it’s a commitment to stay together forever.

5. Impressive Wedding Ring Finger Tattoos Design:

Impressive Wedding Ring Tattoo Designs

This tattoo wedding ring designs could be a great way to expression or showcasing your wedding date to the world by styling the date on each other finger’s. As it whenever you have a glance at the image you could once again cherish the moments in your heart.

6. Sparkling Wedding Ring Tattoos Design:

Sparkling Wedding Ring Tattoo Designs

This is sensational wedding band tattoo design styled on the couple’s fingers depicting the romance and love that would always remain throughout their life and this band stands as a sign of witness for it.

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7. Inspiring Wedding Ring Tattoos Design:

Inspiring Wedding Ring Tattoo Designs

As it being said that marriage is made in heaven and lord indicates you about the right person in your life. This tattoo design displays homage to thank the supreme power and reflects the faith and honours its judgement also.

8. Awesome Wedding Ring Tattoos Design:

Awesome Wedding Ring Tattoo Designs

This is one of the cool ways of displaying affection towards each other; where in a small lock is designed inside pink heart and the key on another finger lending a distinct look to fingers. The couples wanting to depict that they are made for each other, the beloved is the key who can peep in their heart and fill it with love.

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9. Remarkable Women And Mens Wedding Ring Tattoos:

Remarkable Wedding Ring Tattoo Designs

A subtle way of presenting love for each other reflected in this tattoo design is a very artistic and heart touching way. Here the couples have designed each other name as a wedding ring and promise to love each other and stay committed to each other as well.

Wedding ring tattoo designs are found in various sizes, shapes and in mind blowing pattern and the couples can design the one which appeals them the most and they think that the design which can represent their love and bonding. Wedding ring tattoos is a fabulous and gorgeous way of displaying love and passion and stay together for the rest of life.

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