Best and Simple Summer Bridal Makeup Tips

Weather is one important requirement that can positively or negatively affect the results of makeup on a bride. It is important for you to know that the makeup tips and ideas are totally different for the summer and winter months. In fact, it also differs from monsoons. Summertime specifically is the humid and warm time when the skin acts weird and might even look greasy and shiny. This usually dulls the face and makes it difficult to get makeup results that the bride desires.

summer bridal makeup

However, the good news is that some effective summer bridal makeup tips can be kept handy for good outcomes. To save you the effort, all the important information has been provided below:

Here are The Best Bridal Makeup Tips in Summer:

Do not overdo Moisturizer:

Moisturiser is to add nourishment to the skin, but if the skin does not dry out in the summer months, then do not apply this product that will make the skin greasy and lighten the makeup if it’s humid and you are sweating. Instead, limit the moisturiser only to dry spots. A gel-based moisturiser is always better than a cream or lotion based for summer use.

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Sweat Proof Concealer:

Some products are specially designed nowadays for warm months. Among them, sweat proof concealer is one of the best ones that a bride should keep handy. Use this product and see how well you limit the sweat in summers that usually washes off the skin.

Importance of a Transparent Primer:

A transparent primer helps to create a barrier between the skin and the foundation. This helps in keeping the heat away from makeup and neither will the heat of the summers enter the skin pores on the face and cause you to sweat. This is a perfect idea for summer bridal makeup.

Do not Use Heavy Foundation:

Oil-based foundations are a big no when it comes to summer bridal makeup. Also, when using a liquid foundation use small quantities only and try to spread it evenly with a wet sponge. Heavy foundation application is not recommended in this situation where it might cause you to sweat more.

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Waterproof Mascara over Volumizing:

Instead of using mascara that adds volume and length to the eyelashes, it is always preferable that one uses a waterproof product. This will ensure and prevent the colour from smudging and fading because of the summer heat. One can also consider wearing artificial eyelashes but only on a condition where a waterproof coat of mascara is applied to it. This is a healthy makeup tip for summer brides.

Hair before Makeup:

During summertime, blow driers can leave havoc on the skin because of heat. It is best suggested that a bride gets her hair done way before the makeup to look fresh and beautiful and without any sweat on the face.

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Long Lasting Eye Liner:

Get eyeliner that is super long lasting when it comes to summer makeup for brides. This will make it stay for a longer period of time and prevent the makeup from fading. Eyeliner is one of the main makeup products that need to be kept fresh and highlighted when it comes to wedding makeup. There are a lot of brands that provide this quality for the convenience of the customers.

Keep Skin Healthy:

Have lots of water and hydrate the skin well at least 2-3 weeks prior to the wedding day. Apart from that sleep is very important to get a fresh look even in summers. Have a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables that will help you bring a glow on the face. Try and avoid fried foods, oily foods and spicy foods that will only aggravate oil on the skin. All these are important for the base of the summer makeup for the bride.