Celebrities With Gray Hair

Celebrities With Gray Hair

While some women do everything to cover gray hair even into their 80s, other embrace it or even sport it as a fashion choice. If you’re thinking about switching to your natural hair or just adding a touch of gray to your colored hair, see a few celebrities with gray hair, who really rock their looks.No matter if you prefer full gray or just a streak or two, see the celebs who really know how to wear it with the right amount of confidence and style.

Kate Moss

While she hasn’t gone full gray, international supermodel Kate Moss was one of the first big celebrities with gray hair. Inserting a touch of gray at the roots, Moss is responsible for the adoption of graylights among many other women and celebs. She went back to her iconic blond hair, but she could rock gray anytime.

Celebrities With Gray HairCelebrities With Gray Hair

Kelly Osbourne

One of the youngest celebrities with gray hair, Kelly Osbourne went for full gray and silver with purple tones at the age of 27. The “Fashion Police” star’s look isn’t for everyone, but Osbourne proved that you can still make gray look young. The silver and mauve combination is something Kelly kept going back to, even showing off her black roots with the look.

Mary-Kate Olsen

Another fashion forward celebrity who rocked graylights, Mary-Kate Olsen went for shiny gray roots when she was only 22. It was probably a fashion choice aimed at making her look more mature, but mixing the gray with blond hair is one of the best way to sport a little color. The fashion icon didn’t make the gray roots permanent, but she might be one of the celebrities who embrace the color naturally when the time comes.


Celebrities With Gray Hair

A true hair chameleon, Rihanna has tried countless hair styles and colors, and she didn’t skip gray. The singer called it the new black and experimented with “ice grayish” hair when she wore it long and wavy. She even kept the beautiful color when she went for a more curly look, creating strong looks that highlight gray can be a stylish choice for young women.

Celebrities With Gray HairCelebrities With Gray Hair

Ellie Goulding

A natural blonde, Ellie Goulding is one of the youngest celebrities with gray hair who made it work as a bold statement. Her gray blond look stuck around for a while, before the singer went back to blonde, rocking it in light shades with dark roots. Goulding proved that a touch of silver can be both a fashion statement and a good look in your 20s.


Among many daring color choices, Pink started experimenting with the gray look in 2020, but has worn it multiple times since. Her silver tresses look young and stylish, and Pink has managed to make the gray look as attractive as a platinum blond tresses. Worn up or down in a longer pixie or a cute crop, her hair is a great inspiration for a more punk inspired gray look.

Celebrities With Gray HairCelebrities With Gray Hair

Judi Dench

Just like Helen Mirren, Judi Dench is one of the celebrities with gray hair who manages to look sophisticated because she embraces her age. Sporting gray and silver hair with her signature pixie cut, Judi Dench has shown again and again how natural can be extremely beautiful.

Jamie Lee Curtis

One of the biggest advocates of natural hair color, Jamie Lee Curtis rocks her gray hairs in a cute pixie cut, that’s both age appropriate and very flattering. Keeping gray hair looking good isn’t always easy, but the actress makes it look effortless thanks to her confidence and energy. Curtis went for the natural look in her 40s and never looked back.

Helen Mirren

One of the sexiest actresses of her generation, Helen Mirren is still rocking a great body in her late ‘60s, but she sometimes pairs it with a cool silver gray. Embracing her natural hair color in a sophisticated way with shorter haircut, Mirren is one of the celebrities with gray hair who prove that you can still be sexy with gray hair at any age.

Lady Gaga

Celebrities With Gray HairCelebrities With Gray HairCelebrities With Gray Hair

After wearing gray hair both during her concerts and on the cover of Vanity Fair, Lady Gaga has joined the list of celebrities with gray hair with both long hairstyles and sophisticated updos. She also experimented with silver and blue streaks, rocking the gray look with style each time.

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