Detoxify your Body with Epsom Salt Bath

Detoxify your Body with Epsom Salt Bath

If you feel tired lately and your body craves for a rest, it’s because of the large amount of toxins built up in your body.

A refreshing, detox bath would give you the impression of a fabulous rebirth – the following method can be tested at home without any unfortunate consequences.

Hydrotherapy got a tremendous importance nowadays, due to the fact that we are bombed daily by the toxins from certain foods and chemicals.

All you’ll need is: – 1 cup of Epsom salt – 1/8 cup of ginger (powder from the local store or grated)– hot water– 30 minutes.

Detoxify your Body with Epsom Salt Bath

Ginger and Epsom salt bath will reinvigorate your skin – especially the Epsom salts will do a great favor to your tense and ‘poisoned’ body. Prepare the warm water and add 1/8 cup of ginger to the 1 cup of Epsom salt – that you can easily purchase at the local stores, it’s not expensive and has several benefits – pour all this into your bath water.

This special ingredient, used in many therapeutic methods, contains mineral magnesium sulfate, detoxifies and relaxes muscles and also exfoliates.

However you should be aware of the fact that excessive use of Epsom salts can dry out your skin; experiment with it once a week to test the reaction of your skin to it.

In the winter reduce the number of the detox baths, when the weather tends to be drier.

There are some useful tips that contribute to the effect of the bath:

– after taking the bath try to avoid using your usual body lotions, (including face creams) as this will only reduce its effect. – while you are taking the bath have a bottle of water at hand to stay hydrated.– it is advisable to remove your nail polish – these could contain chemicals than can react with the Epsom salt.– you should take this bath right before going to bed, since intense sweating will follow the process if you feel tired on the next day – don’t panic, it’s the best sign, because your body starts to eliminate the toxins.

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