Different Ways To Remove Permanent Tattoo Easily?

Sometimes, you do not really make a good choice when it comes to getting yourself inked. A botched relationship, bad tattoo art, and a wrong choice will leave you up in arms with your tattoo. OK, now finally you have decided that you do not want this permanent tattoo for forever. Whatever the reason is either you want to remove the tattooed name of the ex-lover or you got bored. And so if you are wondering how to get rid of them, here are some ways that will answer question on ‘can permanent tattoo be removed?”

how to remove permanent tattoo

How To Remove Permanent Tattoo:

A bad thing about a tattoo is that it will be a real pain when it comes to removal. Today, there are many new procedures being developed day by day, but all of them will be either too painful or too expensive by taking tons of time. But, if you really need to get it done, read on further to know further more on how to remove a permanent tattoo. Below is a post on to remove a permanent tattoo from body.

1. Laser To Remove Permanent Tattoo:

Can Permanent Tattoo be Removed? Laser Treatment

  • It is the highly recommended and probably the popular way to remove the permanent tattoo.
  • Though it is one of the most effective processes for removing the permanent tattoo, it will be too painful and heavy on your pockets.
  • In it, powerful lasers are used to break the ink of tattoo into very tiny fragments.
  • Then these fragments get dissolved by the immune system of the skin on its own.
  • Ink of tattoo gets deposited in every layer of the skin. Laser penetrates into the skin layers to break up the pigments which will be then disposed by the body.
  • NDYAG Q-switched lasers are the most powerful and effective ones and you require 3-10 sessions for the complete removal of your tattoo.


Dermatologists suggest that this laser technique is the safest and best for the removal of such kinds of tattoos. There are also very less chances of scarring.


  • This method is 90% dependent on the texture of pigment.
  • If the ink used while tattooing is in black pigment then it is very easy to remove.
  • But if tattoo is colored with green and red etc, then its removal becomes little difficult.
  • After removal in few cases a tattoo’s ghost shadow is left over and the color of skin gets lightened in that specific area.
  • This procedure can be painful, so anesthetic cream is being used.
  • There can also be slight redness and swelling in the area after each session for 3 – 4 days.

Whom To Approach:

Always prefer a reputed dermatologist. Keep in mind using a professional to remove permanent tattoo is considered a cosmetic procedure and will not be likely covered by a medical insurance.


It is little bit expensive depending on the area covered by the tattoo. It might costs you around Rs.50000 to Rs.1,00,000. As laser costs you more the removal is more expensive than getting the permanent tattoo done.

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2. Cover Up:

Do you know how to remove permanent tattoo by using cover up? If you cannot make up your mind for an expensive laser removal method, you may make use of makeup to cover up your botched tattoo. You can also get your tattoo altered instead of getting it completely removed. Tattoo artist can make a new tattoo to cover up the old one. Until you make up your mind for laser removal, you can cloak it with a concealer.


You need not to spend lots of money as you do if you visit a doctor. This is one way you can adapt easily if you have been thinking on how to remove a permanent tattoo from the skin as these are not like normal concealers but made especially for tattoo cover ups. Often, it is very easy to remove at home.


This method works only if you are bored with the older tattoo or you want to erase your lover’s name.

  • Get it done by a reputed artist.
  • Its cost depends on the cover up starting from Rs 2000.
  • Scare of Scarring.

3. Skin Drafting To Remove Permanent Tattoo:

Can permanent tattoo be removed? yes you can remove by using of skin drafting. Skin drafting or plastic surgery is a process in which tattoo is surgically removed by cutting tattoo covered area. You can get rid from the tattoo but permanent scar will always remain. In general, removing tattoo with this type of procedure will be considered as an anesthetic or cosmetic procedure and is not covered by medical insurance. Skin drafting will be a problem for large tattoos and some others which have not been done by a professional.

Expenditure for Skin Drafting:

The cost for skin grafting may range from several hundred dollars up to thousands of dollars depending upon several factors like the size of the tattoo, the type of anesthesia used and the type of skin grafts used.

Permanent Tattoo Removal Procedure:

When you seek to know about how to remove permanent tattoo using a plastic surgery or skin drafting, it will be done separately for small tattoos and large tattoos.

  • For small tattoo, the surgeon will cut away the area of tattoo bringing the edges of skin together and close these with stitches.
  • Removal of larger tattoo will require a bit more work than the skin drafting as the surgeon will cut away the tattoo and graft an area on skin the thighs or underarms.

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4. Intense Light Pulsed Technique (IPL):

Sometimes, IPL may incorrectly refer to as laser treatment but, it is not. IPL is a light transmission method but in short bursts at high intensity. The chances of your skin getting burnt are more!

5. Dermabrasion:

  • It is like gradually sandpapering the tattoo from the skin. Abrasive friction removes this and may leave some unwanted scars behind.
  • Do not go with the creams available with the tag of erasing the permanent tattoos because its ink is deeply penetrated and no cream will help you out.
  • In this method, your skin will be drizzled with a numbing solution and sanded down to reveal the unblemished layers of skin under the tattoo. This will make the ink of tattoo leach out of your skin.
  • You will be given the local anesthetic during this method as bleeding will occur usually and be painful.
  • After this procedure of tattoo removal, you will be sore for some days to over a week.
  • Hence, you will be given the ointment to treat the affected area and keep remembering that the
    Dermabrasion may not remove the tattoo completely.
  • If you are prone to scarring or hypo pigmentation, do not go with this procedure for tattoo removal.

6. Natural Treatments To Remove Permanent Tattoo:

Today, more and more people love to go as natural as possible using home treatments that are concerned. In that regard, this guide will specify some of the natural ways to remove permanent tattoo as listed below:

  • Consider using the mixture of Aloe Vera, Paederia Tomentosa, and Vitamin E.
  • Using lemon juice to lighten tattoos.
  • Honey for tattoo fading normally.

We’ll guide you on some more homemade natural ways to get rid of tattoos.

By Using Lemon:

  • Cut a lemon into two halves and squeeze out its juice. To it, add 100g of salt and stir thoroughly to dissolve.
  • Dab the solution onto the tattooed area with a clean cotton ball and then rub repeatedly for 30 minutes.
  • Rinse the area with warm water and repeat often until you get the desired results.

It does not cause any side effect your skin, however you may have to keep doing this for a while until you see results.

By Using Aloe Vera:

Try something with aloe Vera? Here is how to do it.

  • Take a fresh Aloe Vera juice from a fresh leaf or you can also the one which is commercially available.
  • Take 1 tbsp. of Paderiatomentosa and vitamin E capsule content and put them into aloe juice. Stir well till you make a thick paste.
  • Apply it gently over the tattoo area in circular motions for 10 minutes. Wash off the area with warm water.

Repeat this method everyday till the tattoo fades away completely. For best results, it is advised to do after shower, when your skin has enough moisture with the open pores.

This method has No Side-effects and can be safely tried out.

Salabrasion Way:

Have you tried it with Salabrasion?

  1. Shave the zone that has the tattoo. Getting rid of the hair from the zone will make the salabrasion procedure a little easier.
  2. Sterilize the inked zone by washing it with antibacterial cleanser. Consider going to your specialist for a medicine antibacterial sudsing emulsion operator to use in this progression for unrivalled sterilization.
  3. Immerse the bandage wipe in water, at that point wring it out so it stays clammy, and not dripping wet. Keep doing this and wipe through a little heap of table salt to salinate the retained water. Quit rolling the wipe in the salt when the salt quits dissolving.
  4. Rub the tattoo enthusiastically for 30 to 40 minutes or until the point that your skin turns a dark red.
  5. Let the treated zone to dry, and at that point apply a covering of anti-infection cream to it. Cover the zone with a sterile swathe.
  6. Check the dressing and check the treated region following three days.

In case, it has progressed toward becoming redder, it might be contaminated. Consult your specialist instantly on the off chance that you speculate this to be the situation.

The major disadvantage of this technique is the amount and nature of torment you will have to undergo. It will hurt your skin and you need to give extra care to your skin once the process is done.

By Using Salt Remedy:

If that got you scared, here is another permanent tattoo removal method using salt.

But before the procedure, the major disadvantage using this method is the pain that will be inflicted on your skin. It will abrade the skin enough to reach the ink in the dermis. It will be extremely painful and could lead to an infection, nevertheless, the technique works very well and is effective. If you are up for it, here is how to do it.

  • Scrub the affected area with salt.
  • Use a loafer or use your hands and keep rubbing it.
  • Once done, wash off with cold water.

While it is very effective, it can potentially lead to a permanent scar on your skin.

By Using Honey:

Here is another less painful method to remove your permanent tattoo using honey. Honey is one of the best natural ingredient for permanent tattoo removal.

  1. Mix aloe vera gel, salt, sugar free yogurt and honey.
  2. Mix all the ingredients until it forms a cream like paste.
  3. Before applying the cream, make sure you thoroughly clean the tattoo covered area. Now apply the cream until it is completely absorbed by the skin so that it can remove the tattoo ink.

It does not have any side-effects and is a rather good way to remove your tattoo off your skin.

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Top 5 Permanent Tattoo Removal Creams in India:

If these home remedies don’t impress you, here are some permanent tattoo removal creams you can try.

1. Profade Three Step Action:

This first product of this comes in three steps. First, is preparation. The first tube is a cream that prepares the skin for the removal process. The second, is activation. The cream activates with the ink and begins the removal process. The third and last step is elimination! And it’s done!
It is low cost and is safe. However, it takes a while to work effectively.

2. Inked Up Tattoo Removal Cream:

The product is scientifically tested and is guaranteed to work effectively on regular use. It promises to be 100% safe and natural, while making your removal process comfortable and painless. Reviewers have given a positive word on the product and have found it satisfactory. However, the product comes in a small tube and hence might get over very fast. Try this permanent tattoo removal cream for best results.

3. Wrecking Balm:

The product is packed with all the essential goodness to help you get rid of the permanent tattoo on your skin. It comes in a clean, easy to access box with tools, all that you will need to get rid of your tattoo. It gives good results and is pain free. It smoothens and rejuvenates your skin, while being waterproof and light weight. However, it is priced on the higher side, but still is worth your money.

4. TCA Home Skin Peel Kit:

Another effective tattoo removal cream is the TCA Home Skin Peel Kit. It is also known to remove stretch marks, acne, wrinkles etc. The product is packed with all that you will need to help get rid of the tattoo. It is adapted for all skin types and improves your skin significantly. However, you may experience some burning sensation when using the product on certain skin types.

5. Tattoo Off:

While this product takes time to work, it nevertheless generates significant positive results upon regular use. The ingredients used are natural and safe. It keeps the skin safe from any more damage. It is easy to use and is a cheapest long-term option. However, there is too much cream and very little use with all of that.

While tattoo might be your biggest drunk mistake, or a deliberate one, it nevertheless is a nice feel to have it for a while. For those of them who get bored, it is easy to never see them again on your skin, ever. With the many home remedies and creams that are available at your disposal, start trying them. For some, you may have to repeat the process, while for others you will see instant results. In any case, if you are determined to get them off, just get them off!