Hair Salon Etiquette Tips

Hair Salon Etiquette Tips

Knowing the right hair salon etiquette can not only make you look good, it’s also helpful to keep your hairstylist happy and more willing to put in the extra work so you get your desired look. Check out the most important hair salon etiquette tips.


The most important thing you should know about your stylist is that they can’t always understand what you mean even if you offer a detailed verbal explanation. Save some pictures on your phone or bring in the magazine to show your hairstylist the look you’re after.

Always turn off your phone before sitting in the chair. Hair salon etiquette also dictates that if you have to bring your kids along, you need to have toys or books to keep them occupied.

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Hair Salon Etiquette Tips


Once you make an appointment, make sure you arrive a bit early so you can get as much time from your stylist as possible. If you have to cancel, do it at least 24 hours in advance when possible and try to book your sessions in advance for a longer period of time to get the best time slots. Most salons have both a 24 hours cancellation rule and can book appointments in advance up to 6 months.

Chit Chat

You can help your hairstylist get to know you better, but don’t get too personal in chit chat. Also, try to avoid gossip, especially about people who may show up for their own appointment and overhear it.

Unless you’ve been using the same hairstylist for a long time, don’t go into intimate details about your sex life or professional life, especially when it comes to your salary.

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Hair Salon Etiquette Tips


When it’s time to decide on the right tip, you should first consider who you need to give a little extra to. Find out more about the way the salon works to respect the hair salon etiquette tips.

If the hairstylist is a freelancer at a salon, you should also tip the salon manager, especially when they make an extra effort to accommodate you. You should always tip your colorist if that doesn’t fall in the stylist’s job description and you can also give a little something to the person who washes your hair.

Tip extra when you’re late or when you had to reschedule at the last minute. Going lower than 15-20% is usualy acceptable when you visit your stylist very often (more than once a month) for touch ups to your color or style. You can skip the tip when you’ve had to wait for a long time even if you made an appointment and showed up on time or when you’re unhappy with a rushed job.

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