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Herbal Woman Shahnaz Husain Reveals her Secret Beauty Tips

She was born into a traditional royal Muslim family, married at the age of fifteen, became a mother in the following year of her marriage, studied ayurveda and cosmetology, trained at leading institutes of London, Paris, New York and Copenhagen in cosmetic therapy and established her first beauty salon in India in 1977. Shahnaz Husain, pioneer in the world of herbal beauty products is the leading lady when it comes to beauty and skincare.

Her products aimed at beautifying the skin and making it youthful have found their way to leading global stores from Blooming Dales in New York to Harrods and Selfridges in London to Lafayette in Paris and La Rinaeccente in Milan. For someone who has taken the country by storm with her 400 plus herbal range of skin_friendly products, have you ever stopped to wonder what the award winning beautician does for her own skin and hair or how she still looks marvelous at her age?

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Read on to know some of Shahnaz Hussain’s very own fitness and beauty secrets.

Shahnaz Hussain Beauty Tips:

Shahnaz Husain’s skincare routine is as extensive as her range of beauty products. Her morning skincare ritual begins with a 20_minute soak in bathwater sprinkled with rose petals and drops of sandalwood oil. She then cleanses her face with milk and gram flour or uses an aloe vera and lemon cleanser. After her bath, she uses her own Shaflower lotion to moisturize her body and rose_based skin toner for her face. A pedicure, manicure and facial massage with aloe vera follow suit after which she delights in a daily mask of herbal powder that’s combined with seaweed lotion, honey, curd and the white of an egg. The final touch involves a mist spray with Platinum Jasmine Moisture Mist which leaves her skin feeling as soft as satin. Her day finally ends with a foot massage by the hands of her live_in beautician.

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Shahnaz Husain’s heavily kohled eyes are regularly treated to a refreshing soak in one of her skin tonics with cotton wool that are used as eye pads. The skin tonic which is aimed at alleviating under eye patches and dark circles is most relaxing and gets rid of fatigue. Her other alternative that gives great relief is simply splashing her eyes with cold water.

Her hair care regimen is as formidable as her skincare routine. Twice a week her huge mane is treated to a hair mask that’s made with 16 egg whites blended with the juice of a lemon and olive oil. Her lush burgundy coloured hair is the result of regular applications of a mixture of henna powder, ground coffee beans, tea, lemon juice and up to 20 eggs.

Shahnaz Husain’s Fitness and Diet Secrets Revealed:

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Not one to take her diet lightly, Shahnaz Husain is equally devoted to a strict diet regime. Her breakfast includes a bowl of almonds and raisins, two spoons of cornflakes and a glass of papaya juice. Add to that some immunity and Vitamin C capsules. Around mid_day, she washes her system down with a glass of lukewarm water with lemon and honey. For lunch, she has ghee_free rotis and vegetables that are cooked in olive oil. She ends the last meal of the day with cornflakes while her tea is had without any sugar.

For the herbal queen, physical fitness is a blend of good nutrition, regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Even with a demanding and hectic work schedule she still manages to set aside some time for daily exercise. In fact, her day typically begins with deep breathing followed by a bout of yoga and stretching exercises which help her start her day with a renewed vitality. Do you like these Shahnaz Hussain Beauty Tips and Secrets? Leave your comment below.

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