Hindu Bridal Makeup – How To Do

It is said that a girl looks the prettiest on her wedding day. It is the biggest day of her life where all her dreams come true. With all the care and pampering, looking the best is also her dream and biggest fear too. However, calling for make-up professionals is not affordable by all.

Thus if you want to get the professional like look at home on your big day, follow these easy steps to make your big day special.

hindu bridal makeup


Clean the skin thoroughly with a good cleanser and splash a lot of cold water on it. You can also use ice to close pores and provide a smooth base.


Use a correction pencil that suits the skin tone and cover dark patches, spots and dark circles around the eyes.


Choose a foundation that matches your skin tone and not one that is lighter. It is a misconception that lighter foundation will make you look fairer; it makes one look dark instead and the make-up looks cakey too.

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Use a good compaq to apply powder on the face and neck and provide smoothness. This will also make the base long lasting and oil free.

Useful Tip: Make sure all the products used for base are zero on SPF. Products with SPF have a lot of oil and moisture that make the face oily in no time.


Apply a soft shade of blusher on the cheek apples and jaw line. Also brush a few strokes on nose and forehead to make the face features prominent.

Eye Make Up:

Eye make-up is tricky for Indian Brides. Since the costume and jewellery are so colourful and dressy, colours on the face need to be kept minimum and soft to get an elegant look. Choose a light basic shade that suits the skin as well as the hues on the costume.

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Kajal, Liner and Mascara:

After eye shadow, apply mascara to the upper and lower lashes. You might also require false lashes to make the eyes look bigger. Use a dark pencil or liquid liner and apply a smooth line over the eye lids. You can also use powdered eye liner with a thin brush. Finally, complete the eyes with a dark kohl or Kajal.

Useful Tip: Make sure all the eye make-up used is waterproof and long lasting. Avoid using products that contain shimmer. These make you look dark in very less time.

Eyebrow Corrector:

Use eye brow pencil or Kajal with a brush to make the eye brows look thick. This might not be essential for those with thick brows, but the touch up is still required to prevent the eyebrow from looking dull when compared to the overall face.


Apply foundation on the lips and let it dry first. Then use a lip liner to define the shape of your lips. Then use a base coat of the lipstick evenly and apply powder to set the shade. Use another coat of lipstick and finish with a matching gloss for plump look.

Useful Tip: Do not try to make the lips appear bigger by outlining on the outside, this makes the lips look bloated.

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The speciality of Indian brides is the accessories they are adorned with on the face. Bindis, nose rings, forehead decorations and maang tikka enhance the overall look. No matter how well you do the make-up, an Indian bride is incomplete without these accessories.

With these simple to follow steps you can get the desired look without much effort. You just need to choose the shades wisely and be confident about yourself.