How to Do Flawless and Seamless Makeup for Dark Skin?

Do you have a dark and dusky skin tone? With endless discussions and arguments on differences in skin tones and non-inclusivity in makeup products over time, today we have different brands and makeup looks coming, beating the stereotypes through showing seamless makeup on dusky skin tones. Gone are those days where being fair is beautiful, but instead, today being dusky is the new beauty and fashion. Given these trends, we are here to give you a glimpse of makeup for dark and medium-dark skin.

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Alternatively, called brown or being dusky, these looks are more than just makeup, becoming a kind of identity and style statement. Let’s get into how to achieve these looks in this article.

What is So New About Makeup for Dark Skin?

Well, why are we, first of all, talking about dusky and dark skin makeup? It is essential to recognize the fact that all of us do not need to look fair to being beautiful. The inner beauty lies in being confident and bold, accepting and flaunting one’s skin tone, whatsoever it may be! Having said this, it is also important not to choose makeup products that will make oneself look fair, but instead choose the right one which matches our skin tone. If you are dark and dusky in skin tone, we have a lot of brands coming up with specialized and tailor-made skin tone looks, giving us a chance to explore them further.

Simple Makeup for Brown Skin Tone:

Be it for festive or everyday simple makeup for dark skin; it is essential to note that one should always choose the right makeup tone and product. Let us begin exploring the makeup procedure for dark Indian skin by first understanding what to do before applying makeup.

What to Do Before Makeup Application?

Be it wanting a natural makeup look for dark skin, or wanting a dewy and party finish. First, one should choose the right undertone and skin tone of the product. Here are a few must-do as a first step.

1. Identify Your Skin Tone:

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Always go ahead first to choose the right makeup product. Go to the makeup store, and start with trying out different shades of makeup products such as foundation and concealer. Try a patch test on the neck, and make sure the shade matches your neck and jawline well. This is the trick to know if you are choosing the right shade of makeup product. Attempt to understand your skin tone and undertone.

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2. Choose Makeup Products:

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Go with the colour you are comfortable with. Gone are those days where you think bright colours cannot suit the dusky skin women. Be bold, and choose the shades and colours you are sure about and are confident with. Prefer shades that match your skin and undertone well.

3. Cleansing:

The first thing you need to do is to cleanse face thoroughly. You must not skip this step, both in night and morning. Before applying makeup, cleanse the skin thoroughly. Use an organic and natural cleanser or a product from the store, as you wish. For natural options, you can go with besan, rose water, cucumber and papaya as well. Alternatively, go with cleansing and face wash options from the market.

It is also essential to scrub face every week to avoid impurities and dust which are gathering on top of the skin in the form of pollutants, pollution and sun. Take good scrub and move in with circular motions every week.

4. Moisturizing The Skin Well:

Skin moisturization is essential in all seasons. The surface should not dry out and it is vital to go with proper hydration every day without fail. Choose a good moisturizer and apply on to face after cleansing routine. Give it some time to settle down in the skin.

Procedure for Applying Makeup for Dusky and Medium Skin Tone:

Let us now begin the primary step for makeup and know the process of achieving flawless skin with this makeup procedures.

Face Makeup for Dusky Skin:

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For anyone, the first step is to apply face makeup. Here are preparatory steps on getting the base makeup right!

1. Use Primer:

It is always essential to use the right primer to set the foundation base right. Primer unclogs pores, opens them up and works well to give a smooth and matte finish. Further, it helps anyone to make sure that the base makeup stays in place longer.

2. Get The Right Foundation:

Depending on your skin type and tone, choosing the right foundation can be the essential and priority step for setting makeup right. Dusky skin isn’t homogeneous; there are several skin tones within it as well. So take the best foundation for dark and dusky skin tone and blend it well. Dot it all over the face and blend it with an airbrush or makeup sponge, as you prefer it. Move-in circular motions and make sure not to leave out any patch anywhere.

3. Good Concealer:

If you choose to hide any acne or pimples or dark circles, you can apply concealer in the affected areas and blend it well too.

4. Blending Them Well:

This is a crucial step. After you apply the first three products, blend them well with makeup sponge or brush. Do not leave any excess anywhere in the skin.

5. Compact Powder:

Now, it is time to set the base right with good compact powder. Dust it across your face and leave it well. Make sure not to miss out on any points of the face from the compact powder. Alternatively, you can also use translucent loose powder for this procedure. If you are someone who does not wish to apply powder all over the face, then we would advise you to apply it near underneath of eyes and T-zone for best coverage.

Eye Makeup for Dark Skin:

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The next step is to get the eye-makeup right. Here are a few clues on how to go about it!

1. Eye Shadow:

For any skin tone, it is essential to choose the right eye shadow. It can depend on your personal preferences or events in your hand too. Bronze and wheatish shimmers, nude shades and neutral dark shades can go very well with eye shadow for dark and dusky skin. In addition, jewel shades such as purple, the bright colour blue, deep burgundy etc. stand out on your skin tone. Apply a base layer of your choice at first and add on to it by blending it well. Make sure to apply it all over the eyelid. You can go ahead with using a layer of eye shadow and leave it across, or go ahead with three or four layers of different shades to add drama.

2. Eyeliner:

Now take a liquid or gel eyeliner, and go about it around the upper lid of the eye. It can add an excellent bold and thick look with bright eyes.

3. Kajal:

If you love kohl, you can go ahead to apply kajal as well to your eyes. An intense and bold look will be all yours!

4. Mascara:

Curl your eyelashes well with mascara, and it also can help you give thick eyelashes. An elegant makeover is instantly added by doing the eye makeup right!

5. Eye Brows Makeup:

If you love a dewy and dramatic finish, go ahead with applying eyebrow pencil to thicken the eyebrows. Comb them thoroughly to give a sharp finish.

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Lip Makeup for Dark Skin:

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1. Lipliner:

This is an optional step. If you love precision and being on point, first add on a lip liner of your choice before applying lipstick. It can help to give a sharp, edgy look. You can alternatively skip this step and go directly to applying lipstick too!

2. Lipstick:

Now take the favourite lipstick of your choice and add on to your lips. The colour and shade depend entirely on your preference; you can go to the store and pick up the right matching shade of your choice. Prefer best matte lipstick for dark skin, instead of liquid lipsticks, as they seem to even out and give a seamless finish.

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Final Touch-Ups for Dark Skin:

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Last but not least, doing some final touch-ups can add an extra bit of drama to your overall makeup. Here is how!

1. Blush:

Go for a coral and nude shade blush and dust it across the cheeks. It can give an added glow to your face! If you do not want to go too bold, you can also choose to do it mildly and subtly.

2. Highlighter:

Further, the go-ahead to add highlighter with the help of fan brush near your cheekbones, tip of the nose, inner duct of the eye and near the pointed chin. The best highlighter for dark skin tone can be the one which is with bronzy shimmer in the shade. The elegance and vintage look of classy style statement added through highlighter is truly lovely here!

3. Bronzer and Shimmers:

This is again, an optional step. If you love the nice dewy finish, with the tanned look, go ahead to apply bronzer near pointed areas of the chin and near the jawline.

4. Makeup Spray:

Finally, set the entire makeup on a place with the help of makeup spray. Spray it well on the face by keeping the bottle at a little distance. Leave the product to set in place.

Additional Tips:

Given these steps and procedures on how to apply makeup for dusky and medium Indian skin tone, here are few tips to give a flawless finish,

  1. Make sure to moisturize face thoroughly before applying makeup. It can add extra beauty to the overall look.
  2. Never go with wrong shades. Go ahead with choosing the bold and right shade, be it what so ever tone the skin may be.
  3. Apply makeup spray at the end if you want the makeup to stay in place for a longer time in the day.
  4. For bridal makeup for dark skin, go ahead with shimmery shades and bronzed looks. The nudes and neutrals with shimmers can be exotic and trendy for those with dusky skin.

With these ideas on how to go about makeup for dark skin, hope you got your queries answered. The secret is all about going with the right shade of skin tone and being confident. Try these out and slay in the world with style and bold looks!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. Can Red and Pink Suit Those Who Are in Dark Complexion?

Ans: It is a stereotype that red and pink shades do not suit those in medium and dusky skin complexion. But you can go with red and pink shade with neutral and nude undertone too. These products can go well with those in darker skin tones.

Q2. Does Dark Skin Makeup Suit Well During Summers?

Ans: Yes, you can go ahead with makeup without a doubt even during summers. Do not skip on applying sunscreen at all at this season.

Q3. I Have a Dusky Medium Skin Tone With Oily Skin Nature. Can The Foundation Suit My Skin Well?

Ans: Be it any skin type; you can go ahead with applying long-lasting primer and right foundation to your skin. Despite having the oily nature of the skin, you can always apply makeup. The key is to always keep tissue paper ready with you just in case as you need, and making sure to give timely touch-ups with powder.