How to do Kareena Kapoor Inspired Eye Makeup?

Kareena Kapoor has a very different style of doing her eye makeup. Amongst several stylish looks that she sports, she often sports a fresh Smokey eye makeup with bold liners or with thin liner and a pinkish shade of Smokiness. Therefore you can try doing both the different types easily with simple shadow colours that are easy to buy from the markets.

Kareena Kapoor Eye Makeup

Below are the steps mentioned to get Kareena Kapoor eye makeup look like the image shown above.

  • Start by cleansing the surface of the face. You need a good cleanser for washing the face. The oil and dirt and the pollution from the pores should be cleansed properly such that the makeup base can sit into the surface and pores. You can also buy some oil free cleansers or the cleansers which have neem extracts in them. These are good for skin that is oily and prone to pimples.
  • After you have washed the face, apply a primer. This is necessary so that the base stays for longer. You can also buy different primers which are for the lid. This helps to keep the shadow on the lid and does not let it crease. You can also use the face primer on the lids as well. This is for those who do not want to spend excess money n buying separate priming.

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  • You need to then apply some moisturizer if your face has the habit of cracking. This is for those who has dry surface. You can also use some other creams if you do not want a cracking effect on the base. If you have oily surface then you can apply the concealer after priming. You need to choose a goo concealer if you have pimples and blemishes. If you have under eye circles then also this is important. For beginners they can use stick concealer which are very affordable and also very suitable for beginners. If you want something professional then you can buy some cream concealer which you need to apply with makeup sponges. You can also apply mineral powder concealer. This is good for aging people.
  • You can then apply good foundation. Foundation is the basic thing for the base. You can use any form of foundation that is suitable to your complexion and accordingly you need to buy this as per how professional you want the makeup to be.
  • You can then use some compact and blusher accordingly for the face. The compact or loose powder should also be applied on the eye lid.
  • If you want to wear false lashes like Kareena then you should wear it at this stage before staring the makeup. You can use the glue that comes with it.

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  • Now take a dark pinkish shade and then apply this on to the exterior and the crease area. If you want a darker and bolder finish then instead of pinkish shade, use a charcoal or black colour for the exterior and the crease area. This can be for the party look. Using pinkish will make it a fresh look.
  • Then apply silvery shadow colour on the rest of the lid and the brow bone.
  • Take another darker colour like brick red or you can take dusty charcoal colour for the lower rim. Line below the water line.
  • Now take your gel liner and draw a thin line starting at the upper inner side of rim and extend in slightly slanted upward at you reach the exterior side.
  • Apply mascara and Avoid liner for lower rim.

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