How to Do Pakistani Bridal Makeup?

Pakistani Bridal Makeup

Most Pakistani bridal makeup looks I have come across have been breathtaking. There is something very distinctive about their style of dressing for wedding. They all look elegant and trendy at the same time. Although inspired by Arabic makeup style; the Pakistani brides are always less harsh looking. After looking at many photos I have come to understand the fact that most of these looks follow a specific pattern and I am going to deconstruct that pattern for you.

Pakistani Bridal Makeup Tips:

We are going to breakdown the signature Pakistani bridal makeup into three parts.

The Face Makeup:

The Pakistani bridal makeup always utilizes techniques of contouring and highlighting to emphasize their elfin features.

Pakistani Bridal Face Makeup
The most common factor about Pakistani bridal makeup is that their skin looks flawless and chiseled. They all do perfectly matte finish base and heavy contouring to bring their typical bone structure into focus. They probably use 2-3 shades of foundation on their skin on the different parts to do contouring.

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Pakistani Bridal Face Makeup

The blush is always a very rosy shade and it is usually applied beneath the cheekbone to highlight the bone structure even more. They also use generous amount of highlighter on the higher parts of the face, like the bridge of the nose and the top part of the cheekbone to further bring it into prominence.

The Eyes Makeup:

Pakistani Bridal Eye Makeup

The Pakistani brides usually fill in their eyebrows using the right kind of product suited for their skin color and hair color and set it with a brow gel. The eyebrows are rarely sparse, unlike Arabic makeup looks, and always have youthful, full look.

In this type of makeup, the eyes are usually the main focus and the usual looks follow a common formula. The look usually matches the outfit and uses 4 colors. There will 2 contrasting colors that match the dress and one highlighter color and then a dark brown or black to intensify the look.

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The steps they follow to achieve this signature look is as follows:
1. Use one of the contrasting shades as a basic wash of color all over the lid.
2. Apply the other contrasting color as a crease shade just below the hood of the eyes.
3. Blend those two colors well so that there are no harsh lines.
4. Use the highlighter shade below the eyebrow and in the inner corner of the eyes to highlight it.
5. Use the dark brown/black shade on the outer corner of the eye to intensify the look.
6. On the bottom lash line, apply the two contrasting shade one after the other,
7. Use the black shade at the bottom outer corner as well and blend it into the black of the upper lash line.

Pakistani Bridal Eye Makeup

After doing the eye shadow, they use a black gel eyeliner to do an extend cat eye on the upper and lower lash line and fill in the waterline with black kohl. Last but not the least; they apply the most dramatic fake lashes and the best mascara available.

The Lips Makeup:

For the lips, the brides may opt for two types of lipsticks, either a dark loud color like a true red, oxblood red or hot pink. Usually, loud lips are worn when the eye makeup is on the light side and vice versa.

Pakistani Bridal Lips Makeup

Otherwise, they opt for light flesh colors or nude lips to make their eyes and face the center of attention.

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Pakistani Bridal lip Makeup

All the above mentioned looks are generalized to great extent. You can always come across looks that are more creative and sophisticated. But the most distinctive feature of a Pakistani bride is their elegant and regal attire and their demeanor.