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How to Find Your Signature Perfume

How to Find Your Signature Perfume

How can I find my scent? This is a very common question when it comes to choosing the right perfume that describes you entirely. So, you should check out now how to find your signature perfume.

Find Signature Scent: Look for Fashion Inspiration

A great piece of advice regarding how to find your signature perfume is getting some inspiration from fashion. If you ran out of ideas and you want to find something that suits you perfectly, you can always check fashion blogs or glossy magazines to see which are the newest fragrances available on the market, check their main ingredients and go to a beauty store to try them out. This is an amazing way to discover what’s your signature fragrance and to purchase it immediately.

How to Find Your Signature Perfume

Find My Scent: Choose One that Fits Your Personality

Here’s an interesting question: How to find my scent? You should guide yourself according to your personality, because it can reveal a lot of things about you. For example, those women that are mostly shy will probably go for subtle fragrances, while the outgoing types will most likely choose a stronger perfume that will make them stand out in the crowd. Nonetheless, your signature fragrance should be the one you’re most comfortable wearing, and one that embodies who you are.

How to Choose Your Signature Fragrance: Think of Its Main Ingredients

Another great piece of advice in choosing your signature fragrance is focusing on the things you really like. If you’re more into vanilla, rose, lavender or bergamot, then sweet floral fragrances are the ones that match your caring and loving personality. However, if you love the fresh summer ocean breeze, you’ll probably go for an aquatic fresh scent, and you’ll make it your signature fragrance.

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How to Find Your Signature Perfume

Find My Scent Tip: Be Patient

Being patient is probably one of the greatest tips when it comes to finding your signature scent. You shouldn’t act on your first impulse and purchase the first fragrance that comes your way, because you might not like it on the long run. Instead, you should visit many beauty stores and also ask one of your friends to come along with you when searching for your signature fragrance. You can pick two fragrances that you always wanted to try and get samples from each of them. Afterwards, you should ask for your friend’s opinion. Her answer can help you out a lot.

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