How to Look Hot at a Pool Party

How to Look Hot at a Pool Party

It is worth preparing for these outings with special care and creativity. Before you start the pre-planning process it is vital to find out more about the guidelines that can help you in how to look hot at a pool party. How to Look Hot at a Pool Party


The buzzword in the case of swimsuits is body shape. Indeed matching the right piece with your features is the first step towards stealing the show.

The most important is to know what looks best on your body, from top to bottom. Devote a couple of minutes to choosing the right design, pattern and fabric.

Avoid spoiling your stylish entre√© right at the beginning by wearing a swimsuit that won’t fit you. The pool party is somewhat different from the ordinary beach parties.

That’s why it is important to select according to these factors. Bikini or one-piece, spandex or cotton the point is to make it chic and flattering.


Don’t underestimate the power of fab accessories during the hot season. Hats, bags and even beach towels will add a nice touch to your overall look. Think of the unlimited range of brand new or on the contrary vintage patterns and designs. You might even top the breath-taking effect of your swimsuit with a nice pair of sunnies or a beach bag.

Keep away of overdoing your look, jewelry especially the statement and bright ones might seem a bit too-too for the event. Leave them at home and wear rather their close-to-nature fellows as a tiny stud earrings.

Copycat the style of celebrities and make sure you bring out the best of your charisma. Dare to wear ultra-hip maxi dresses or minis. The cover up is just as vital as the swimsuit underneath. Opt for nice wavy dresses and short that follow the newest trends in fashion.

How to Look Hot at a Pool Party


Restrict your makeup to the basic elements, don’t overload it with products that will give the mask effect to your skin. Indeed there are several tricks on how to wear makeup and still stay extremely natural. The water resistant mascara in this case is a must. If you stick to wearing this accessory take the proper preventive actions and use high quality products that won’t smudge and spoil.

Don’t forget there’s a huge chance that you’ll enter the water. Choose your summer makeup look having this in mind. Flash your natural beauty and apply simple sunscreen that will protect your skin from harmful effect. Don’t leave unless you secured your health condition with a sunscreen with 15 SPF or more.

How to Look Hot at a Pool Party How to Look Hot at a Pool Party


Beach wavy hairstyles are hugely popular due to their chic and also practical quality. If you want to add a romantic or rather a surfer aura to your look, you might choose from some easy DIY braided hairdos.

The tiny hair accessories as ribbons or headbands will help you in securing as well as jazzing up your strands.Whether you go for the relaxed or rather polished hairstyle the point is to choose it according to your outfit and personality.

For a girlie effect tie your hair in braids and messy buns. On the other hand the sporty style is best achieved by gorgeous ponytails. If you go for a summer makeover you might even think of natural looking highlights. Feel free to experiment with different looks.