How To Stop Hair Fall?

There are various problems and reasons which is why a person have hair fall. This can be due to various reasons like outside stress, tension, lack of sleep and other problems. However, there can often be genetic causes too. Therefore if herbal methods do not work then you should consult a doctor and get suggested tests done like hormonal tests and also blood test to see if you have any other problems.

How to Stop Hair Fall

How To Control Hair Fall:

Below are the 30 Methods that are the solutions for how to stop hair fall effectively and fastly.

1. Hot Oil Massage:

Here the process of how to prevent hair fall problem fastly. It is important to give the roots some massage occasionally because this can make them stronger. If your roots are not strong then the strands will fall off easily when you comb it with the brush or when you have to comb them in haste when you have just washed your tresses. You will also have to know that when you do not do this massage then you will not be allowing the blood flow evenly and this can result in less circulation of blood to the cells at the roots. This makes more prone to breakage and will be very weak. You need to do this at least 4 to 5 times a week.


Now there are various procedures that you should follow for this. You should know those as well. You should also do this when you have very flaky skin and also for those times when you are trying to clean the roots from these flakes.

We already know that dry flake is such a thing that can commonly occur even for those people who have dry surface them can to have this problem. It is not a symptom of only oily surface. This is a wrong conception that most people have that it occurs only when a person faces oiliness. This problem can occur for any type of head. You should also do this when you have this problem because you will be cleaning the roots off this problem. The dry flakes will come off easily and you will be able to wash these off when you use the shampoo.


There can be various ways in which this can be done. You can mix any type if good concentrated oil for this. To do a normal mixture of oils, you should always use the method of indirect heating. The oils should not be heated directly. That can strip these off their nutrition levels. You should mix about ½ cup of almond oil, ½ cup of olive oil and lemon juice about 1 tbsp for a normal mixture. You can then apply this when it is not hot but slightly warm and which is comfortable to you. It should not burn your scalp. You can then wrap the head with a towel and keep it like this for about 20 minutes. Then you can wash off. There are other ways in which this can benefit you. You can use this regularly.

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2. Usage Of Amla:

Amla is one of the best solution for how to prevent hair fall quickly. You can use only this product on to head after sectioning your head. This is an excellent strengthening thing. You can mix 6 to 10 tbsp of this into slightly warm water and then use this. You should section with a wide toothed comb and then use this. You can also get fresh goose berry from markets and then you can wash these, separate the seeds by carefully cutting these into small pieces. The seeds are like stone and you should not put these into the mixer grinder along with these otherwise the blades may break.


You should separate these and then make a paste out of it. You can then use it. These are not available for all seasons and therefore you should consider that for other times you will need to buy dry powder of this. Remember to buy only from a good company. Then you can use this about 10 tbsp and then mix n slightly warm water and keep this in a glass bowl. Then you should use this next day or at least keep this for 3 hours. Next keep this on for 20 minutes and wash off.

3. Usage Of Brahmi:


Brahmi provides a lot of firmness to the roots. This can be bought from markets in powdered form and used in similar ways and also can be used with other things like reetha or shikakai and made into paste. You should soak this over night. Next day section out and then use this. Keep for 20 minutes and wash off. This is one of the best way for how to prevent hair fall.

4. Shikakai For Hair Strength:


This gives very good shine and also this provides firmness. If you have weak roots, this is what you should try out. You can make your hair more strong by using this shikakai. This is one of the finest method to control hair fall naturally.

5. Henna Amla And Neem Pack:


No doubt this hair pack will save you from heavy hair fall. 4 tbsp of each of these henna amla and neem should be mixed in dry form in a glass bowl in slightly warm water. You should keep this over night. In case you are using fresh neem then you should mix the paste of neem just before you use this on your head. If more is required then you can increase the quantities in the same ratio.

6. Amla, Brahmi Pack:


By using amla and brahmi treats to prevent hair loss. Amla makes the roots stronger. You can take 4 tbsp of each of these amla and brahmi and then mix them in a glass bowl in slightly warm water. Then you can keep these overnight and then use it the next day. This should be done quite often then you will have healthy.

7. Reetha For Shampoo:


Reetha is a natural agent that has lather properties like soap. But this is natural and so it will not harm your roots or make hem frizzy like normal shampoo does. You can buy these dry fruits from the market and soak them in slightly warm water overnight in such a way that the fruits stay covered in it. Then the next day you can wash your head with this instead of normal shampoo.

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8. Natural Shampoo For Lasting Color:


If you have the habit of using color and you do not find any shampoo that makes the color last longer, then you can try natural shampoo. You can buy Brahmi powder, henna powder and mix these in the same ratio. Take double the quantity of the reetha powder or soak these separately in a bowl and then make a shampoo with all these components. Use this instead of normal market shampoos.

9. Coconut Oil Massage:


This is a much known remedy and has been so for many people over generations. You can try this too to stop hair fall. This is oil which contains natural agents. This can be put on head before you go to sleep at night.

10. Remedy For Dandruff:


Dandruff is one of the main reason for hair fall. So you have to remove your dandruff first that will help you from hair fall. You can make natural remedies for curing this problem of flakes. You can take a cup of essential base oil mixture like a cup of different variants consisting of coconut, olive, henna oil and others of your choice. You can then add 5 tbsp of lemon juice to this or less depending on the condition that you are facing. You can also put a pinch of camphor into this. That is also something which is known to be a relaxing agent. This helps in circulation but also fight your problem.

11. Deep Conditioning Treatment:


Conditioning is also very effective treatment for avoid hair fall. Yogurt is one of the perfect conditioning solution to how to prevent hair loss and hair fall safely. Yogurt is a natural citric acid containing thing. You can use this beaten and strained off excess water as a mix that you can section and then use. You should keep this on all across the length and then you will get natural shine. You will also be able to get relieved of excess frizz. You can then wash this off.

12. Bhringraj To Stop Hair Fall:


This is a very natural thing that you can buy in powdered form from the market and then you can use this. Use this in the same way that you would use other powdered natural products. You can keep this for 20 minutes and then wash off. This gives strength to hair and promotes hair growth also.

13. Mustard Oil With Henna For Hair Strength:


This has been a known mix for generations. This also protects henna coloring and also any other forms of color. This gives firmness and you can put some leaves of henna and heat it with enough mustard oil in a bowl. You can use direct heat for this. Keep this bowl separately and then next day make a paste of the whole thing. You can use wide toothed comb and use this mixture. Keep this for about 30 minutes and then wash off for control hair fall.

14. Methi Seeds Usage:


Methi seeds contain natural slimy agent which gives shine. These also make the roots firmer. You should soak a handful about a cup of these methi seeds and then keep these overnight. Next day grind these into a paste and use. Wash off with mild shampoo. This process is simple solution for how to stop hair fall.

15. Reetha And Methi For Reduce Hair Fall:

Do you know how to stop hair fall by using methi and reetha? this is the process for you. Both these can be mixed in same ratios as per quantity needed and then you can soak these in a glass bowl overnight in plain water. You can then use this and keep for 20 minutes and then wash off. These are two of the best natural stuffs out there that can protect the hair from hair fall issues. In the old days, when there were no high-end branded products to offer hair solutions, these natural stuffs came in handy.


This is like grandma solutions of the hair and are so effective that they are still used in the modern age even during the presence of so many products out there for solving your hair problems. Hair fall is one of the most complained issues these days and some artificial products with their chemicals can make your condition even worse. It is always good to apply the natural way to solve hair and skin issues.

16. Protein Mix For Strength:


Eggs can be beaten and then used as a mix for the whole length. You can use these directly on to the roots. You can also use these for firmness. It should be applied and then you should wear a plastic cap or this will be dripping. Some people have allergic reactions with this. If you get itchiness after washing this off, then avoid using this. Keep for about 20 minutes and wash off. Egg is one of the best treatment for how to stop hair fall effectively.

17. Vinegar Wash:

This is a citric acid containing liquid. You can use this as a wash. Vinegar is one of the best things for the hair, that can avoid hair fall, according to experts. That is the reasons why a lot of anti hair fall products come with a little bit apple cider vinegar. It can fight pollution and can make the hair strong from the roots.


If you are rooting for vinegar, then you are definitely supporting for healthy hair. According to many experts in this subject, vinegar is extremely good for the hair and is sometimes considered as an expert in solving some serious hair problems. If you apply hair products with vinegar content in them, then you are automatically looking after your hair naturally and artificially.

18. Beer Wash:

Beer gives shine and strength for hair. You can try to using this for avoid hair fall. Beer is probably one of the best things for the hair fall control. These days a lot of companies are focusing on manufacturing the best beer shampoos that come with original beer extracts. It is good for the hair and moisturizes the hair. It makes the hair smooth from the roots. Do you know why does beer work so good for the hair and restricts hair fall?

Beer for hair fall control

Beer comes with natural antioxidants and has some good vitamins in it as well which are however, very good for the hair. It has 90% water and for that it works as a great moisturizer and works great for the scalp as well. It keeps the scalp hydrated and is probably one of the best things for the scalp. It can make the hair strong from the roots and reduce the amount of hair fall. Apart from hair fall benefits, it is good for the heart and the bones as well.

19. Yogurt, Honey Egg Mixture For Hair Strength:


Yogurt and egg are said to give shine and also cures flakes. You can make a mix of these and also add honey to this for more moisturizing effect. These are some of the best stuffs that used in our daily needs category and can be used when you are trying to solve hair issues like preventing hair fall. If you are looking for something totally effective and natural, then go to the kitchen and try out the mixture of the ingredients mentioned here.

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20. Chamomile Tea Wash:


This tea is one of the most essential solution for how to stop hair fall. You can buy tea bags and then soak these in slightly warm water. Steep these and then use these as a rinse. This gives shine. Chamomile is one of the best herbs that you can possibly avail for promoting healthy hair. It offer the hair with brightness and natural shine and takes care of the hair fall issues equipped with all the best natural benefits. It is widely used in many hair treatments. The German chamomile is the best herb out there and is considered to be one of the best herbs for curing hair problems.

21. Shampooing Regularly:


It is important that you use shampoo regularly so that your scalp stays clean and free from dirt, grime. If these get deposited and you do not clean it properly then you will have more hair fall. Regular shampooing also control hair fall.

22. Flax Seeds:


Have a teaspoon of these flax seeds every 3 days and you may be able to lessen the breakage. This is one of the useful treatment for hair fall.

23. Enough Sleep:


Often baldness is a side effect of not sleeping properly. It is said that you should have at least 8 to 10 hours of sleep regularly. It has been often seen that lack of sleep has led to some hair problems like hair loss. Thus, you will need to make sure that you get proper sleep. When you are suffering from hair fall issues, try sleeping twice per day for a few week until the hair fall problem is gone.

24. Balanced Diet:

As we all know a balanced diet is always helpful. A healthy head of hair always demands intake of healthy foods in the right amount. There are certain foods containing good amounts of vitamins and minerals that can promote hair health. You can try including fresh fruits and vegetables into the diet. You should rule out caffeine habits and take herbal concoctions.

diet for hair fall control

You can also include fresh salads and fresh fruits. You can consult a doctor and you can get advice as regards when you explain your lifestyle method and you know which things you need to include in your balanced food, then you can have those and not have the oily or the junk foods. You should also drink plenty of water since this helps to flush toxins out of the body. Proper balanced healthy diet is another best solution for how to stop hair fall.

25. Trim Tips Regularly:

This is a well known method for how to stop hair fall safely. You can try this too for better results. You should keep the tips of the sections regularly chopped. So when you use your brush, these break more easily. You should use the method of twisting sections in front of sunlight and then you will be able to see if any tips are coming out of it.


Usually split sections will come out and you can then take normal crafts scissors and carefully cut these. You can also do this at a salon. If you do not have enough time then you can try regular trimming at a parlour and it is usually quite cheap. You can do this at home as well. If you have a helping hand, you can ask for some help.

26. Antioxidant Therapy:

This is one of the best ways to keep the hair healthy and strong. Green tea comes with antioxidants and it really healthy for the hair. Warm green eta bags can come in handy when you are curing the hair fall problem. Two bags of such green tea bags will be totally beneficial for the hair and can cure the scalp from all kinds of itching and infection problems.


If you are willing to cure your hair then trust the benefits of green tea. It is used in many hair natural therapies and it works great every time. You will need to mix two to three bags of green tea in a cup of water and apply that to the scalp and leave it for sometime and wash it off later on after an hour. The antioxidants of this tea boost the hair growth and restricts all the possibilities of hair loss.

27. Consult An Expert:

After applying all the possible hair products and practicing all the home remedies, if you are still not able to cure your hair fall issue, then try consulting an expert with your issue. These problems can be really hard to solve if something serious happens.


So before it takes dangerous and harmful turn, consult an expert and follow the procedures that he asks you to follow. There are chances many serious medical conditions when the hair is concerned. If you are suffering from hair loss problem, then one of the best and most effective ways to get rid of it is consulting a doctor and taking proper medications.

28. Meditation:


There are certain meditation and yoga techniques that seem to work well on hair fall problem, when all the other artificial techniques fail. One of the best ways to give yourself the best medication services is to practice some yoga postures that are out there and popular for control hair fall and boosting hair growth, downward facing dog posture being one of them.

29. Workout:


Often it has been seen that due to lack of physical stress the body stops functioning properly and problems start emerging which you never even thought of. Hair fall is one of those problems which can happen if you are dealing with some serious health issues, which have happened due to lack of exercise. So there is only one way to solve it now. Go out to the gym or the playground and break some sweat. Slowly you will see that this natural therapy has started working and your hair fall problem has been reduced.

30. Take Assistance From The Best Friends:


Consulting your friends is probably the final option left now. If your friends have suffered from this issue and got through it, then it would be a wise choice to ask them what they did to reduce hair fall.

Reading this, you must be now aware totally on how to work towards controlling and stopping hair fall. One needs to follow two to three tips and remedies from the above on a regular basis to get the perfect results in hand.