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How to Straighten Curly Hair

How to Straighten Curly Hair

People are always in search for a change and always seem to aspire at things they don’t have. Most women with naturally curly hair wish that they were born with straight hair and vice versa. The greatest thing about this is that now there are so many ways of styling the hair differently: you can go from curly to straight or the other way around, it made a woman’s choice so easy to make.

Nowadays women with curly tresses can stop wishing they had straight hair and get right down to getting it done. Flat irons and so many straightening products are available that it makes the transition from curly hair to perfectly straight tresses so easy.

Before all these products were developed obtaining a perfectly straight hair wasn’t an option for women with curly tresses because the hair would just start to frizz and curl back as soon as it hit moisture, so here are some tips to say goodbye to your curly tresses and hi to your new sleek straight hair:

How to Straighten Curly Hair

Before straightening your hair make sure you wash and condition your hair. Curly hair is usually dryer so hydrate it by using a good conditioner. Blow dry your hair completely dry before you start straightening your tresses, by using a round brush and the hair dryer.

Separate the hair into sections and apply the brush at the roots, take the blow dryer in the other hand, direct the hair flow right over the brush and smooth the hair through from roots to ends. If your hair tends to frizz you can opt for an anti frizz serum to make your tresses frizz proof.

Take a little bit of flat iron finish product which can help maintain your tresses straight after straightening as well as offer them protection against heat damage and apply it throughout your hair.

You can select the brand that you desire or one that can be recommended by your hairstylist.

Section your hair and straighten narrow strands of hair for best effects. Make sure you start from the roots and smooth the flat iron gently down towards the ends. Two strokes are usually enough for one strand in order to avoid damaging the hair. Apply a little bit of shine serum and hold spray over your tresses when you are finished and your hair should look and feel silky smooth.

The best thing about this method is that you can temporarily change your texture without causing any permanent changes to your hair. You will be able to style it differently as often as you wish.

How to Straighten Curly Hair

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