How to Style Medium Length Hair?

Medium hair length is interesting and many woman prefer keeping it neither long nor short. They prefer medium tresses that touch their shoulders. All types of hair length require different kind of styling so that it does justice to your tresses and features. Try out any of the below style and feel confident of how you look.

1. Layered and Textured:

How to Style Medium Hair1

Layering of hair adds extra volume to the hair and looks good in all lengths of hair but especially enhances medium length tresses. Texturing of hair can be done by various methods and the best one is by highlighting it with a suitable color. In addition, you can opt to use a feather razor at the ends.

2. The Sleek Style:

How to Style Medium Hair2

Straight hair is always in fashion whatever be the occasion or season in the fashion world. So, if you like medium length hair and have good thick hair you can decide on keeping the sleek style. For a little change, you can have angled fringes and keep the rest of the hair tied in a ponytail.

3. Back Styled Curls:

How to Style Medium Hair3

Medium length hair looks good, if they have curls and are combed backwards. The crown hair can be pinned with hairpins or a smart accessory. Your hair also can be curled artificially if required. However, you would have to then, think of using some equipment, to regularly maintain the look.

4. Side Parted Bob:

How to Style Medium Hair4

A good choice to style medium length hair is side parting it completely. This allows you to look younger as well as gives you a smarter look. The heavier side looks different from the side that has less hair. This kind of hairstyle is more suitable for younger woman, and woman who can deal with open hair at all times.

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5. Heavy Bangs And Wavy Style:

How to Style Medium Hair5

Heavy forehead bangs looks smart and can give a denser look to your hair. It is a good choice for woman who like medium length hair and have long forehead. The edges of the bangs can be kept blunt or given a shape. The rest of the hair will have slight waves that is done with an iron or curling machine.

6. Ombre Highlighted Ends:

How to Style Medium Hair6

Black and ombre combination looks nice and can be sported in medium-length hair. The ombre highlights can be styled in the ends giving a dual effect to the tresses. It can also be highlighted all over with thin streaks of color on a straight or wavy style hair.

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7. Center Parted Medium Hair:

How to Style Medium Hair7

Medium length tresses look good when center parted. It adds a dimension to the hair that allows you to feel confident. The hair can be naturally straight or wavy or even curly and they all can be centrally parted. This type of hairstyle is easy to do at home and looks nice everywhere.

8. The Noodle Style:

How to Style Medium Hair8

Not everyone can carry very curly hair but the ones who can manage to look smart especially in the bouncy medium-length hair. You can select this option if you are fond of curly hair or you naturally have this kind of tresses. Medium length hair can be easily kept open and does not require special care.

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9. A Ponytail:

How to Style Medium Hair9

If, you are too bust and do not want to go to the salon alone today, then you can simply tie a high ponytail. This allows you to be free from taking proper care of your hair without any kind of extra effort and you will surely look pretty in tied hair and some open fringes. If, you want to cut your long tresses into medium-length you can easily get it styled in one of the above mentioned hairstyles. They are simple and always look good.