Japanese Eye Makeup – How to do

Japanese eye makeup is very different from almost any other forms of eye makeup. Whether it is a party look or whether it is a traditional style, this is very different as these are not done in a Smokey or bold format. The colours used are very similar to the person’s skin colour and the flesh tint of the shadow and a reddish shade or a pinkish shade is used.

Japanese Eye Makeup

This shade can also not be done for times when the look is to be very traditional. In those cases, a simple tailed lining is done to make the eye prominent. These types of lining can be done easily and at the same time the face should be done in a way that is not much with blusher or bronzer. These are easy to do even for beginners who want to experiment with various formats of makeup.

Below are the steps on how you can easily get the Japanese style eye look for a party or for a traditional gathering.

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1. The basic step to getting a good makeup base done is by cleansing the face and getting the face cleansed of all oils and dirty and pollution. You need to use a deep cleansing face wash if you want a very clean surface. The clean surface will help the base to stay on skin for longer hours. The area of the eye is also to be cleansed properly and thoroughly with face wash and water. You can use a neem cleanser for those who are oily and dirty prone skin and who has pimples or rashes.

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2. You can then dry the surface with a cotton ball and then use a primer. Priming is very essential when you want a full face professional look. If you do not want the base to last for long and this is for an experimental look, then you can avoid the priming of your skin. If this is for a stage performance or a party then you should prime the lids and the face.

3. The concealer is an essential part of the base. You need to use a good layer of concealer on the areas that you have blemishes. The lid is often kept quite silverfish or with only the concealer effect which makes it look quite like the colour of the skin. Therefore use of a very pinkish or yellowish shade of concealer is essential and something that is not much darker than the complexion.

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4. Now you need to use the foundation. You need to use a foundation that has shimmers in it or is silvery in colour. You need to apply this on the lid as well.

5. Use a compact and dab on enough of powder on the eye lid. This will make the lid look very similar to the skin.

6. Now you can either go for the pinkish shade or you can only use a silverfish shade of shadow. If you want a pinkish shade then use a shade of pink on the whole of lid and brow bone. You can additionally use some silvery shade on the area below the brow bone. Along the crease and the whole of lid use the pinkish shade.

7. If you want a traditional look then avoid any colours. Use a simple silver shadow on the whole of eye area and use some flesh tint on the lids.

8. Take the gel liner and draw a thin line and then tilt the line upwards at the exterior.

9. Use only slight amount of mascara. Avoid false lashes.