Makeup Trend of Fall Winter 2020 – Red Lips

Makeup Trend of Fall Winter 2020-2020 – Red Lips

When temperatures drop below 68°F and autumnal wind is blowing, lips get colored with delicious berry and wine hues. It would be a pity not to take advantage of this pretty trend and not to enhance it with sheer lip gloss that will instantly plump your lips up.

Now let’s get serious! You can wear them for romantic or dramatic looks, now even for bold daytime makeup. It’s mysterious, sexy, and classy in the same time.

If you want to get your very first red lipstick, it is important for you to know which shade to choose!

There are several different shades of red, each for a different skin tone. Red lipstick looks best on cool skin tones. Fair skin-toned women should choose a pink or plum lipstick with red undertones. For dark skin tones, you have to try deep warm reds, you can even use a shine on the top, so it’ll pop out of your dark look. Avoid too dark reds that would blend into your skins tone.

Makeup Trend of Fall Winter 2020-2020 – Red LipsMakeup Trend of Fall Winter 2020-2020 – Red Lips

Those who have medium skin tones, avoid anything that’s orange-ish. Anything that’s berry or cherry will look great! Specialists say that we should get in consideration our lips shape too, so if we have thin lips, we should opt for a lighter shade and if we have fuller lips, you can choose shades of deeper and darker reds.

As for the rest of the face, minimal makeup (eventually just a drop of liquid foundation if you have to cover up flaws or if your skin is tired) some eyeliner and a single coat of mascara on lashes will do it.

Makeup Trend of Fall Winter 2020-2020 – Red LipsMakeup Trend of Fall Winter 2020-2020 – Red Lips

Tips on how to wear the trend right!

Hide behind a pair of Jackie O sunglasses that will give you a sophisticated and super-chic appearance – you’ll feel like a disguised celebrity on her way to Saks Fifth Avenue! Moisturize your lips before using lipstick. This way they’ll look more healthy and attractive, without the dry, chapped look.

You should use lipliner to make your look classier. It helps the lipstick not to run. And if you cover your whole lips as a base for the lipstick, it will last longer!

Makeup Trend of Fall Winter 2020-2020 – Red LipsMakeup Trend of Fall Winter 2020-2020 – Red Lips

Red lips won’t help you blend in the crowd. It’s a color for those who want to get noticed, for those who enjoy being in the center of attention.

Try using a brush for a precise application, covering your lips from the center of your upper lip straight to the corner, repeating it on the other side and the lower lip too. If you want a more subtle look but still want to stick to this season’s trends, opt for a lip gloss or lip stain that are easier to apply.

Red lipstick with cool blue undertones will make your teeth look whiter, your eyes more sparkling and the skin more luminous-looking. And the fabulous thing about this shade is that it goes well with any complexion.

Don’t forget to check out your smile and teeth in the mirror before you step out, there may be some lipstick stains. Enjoy your Hollywood look and keep on smiling! You are in the center of attention now!