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Pro Makeup Tips from Bobbi Brown

Pro Makeup Tips from Bobbi Brown

Forget about investing in expensive makeup courses! It’s high-time to find out more about the most important makeup application techniques and trends for free.

Learn from the best and choose your favorite MUA who inspires you to nail down the hottest looks of the moment. The following pro makeup tips from Bobbi Brown will definitely help your take your beauty skills to the next level. Copycat the looks of Hollywood A-listers in a few steps.

Foundation Tip

Build up the perfect makeup base to guarantee your success. According to Bobbi Brown, always choose a yellow-toned foundation which will disappear as soon as you apply it on your complexion. This is the secret to have the perfect foundation color. Place a tiny amount of this formula on the cheeks and the forehead (here the skin may have a darker tone).

Pro Makeup Tips from Bobbi Brown

Corrector and Concealer Tip

Bobbi Brown also provides all beauty kittens with the trick on how to select the most flattering corrector and concealer. In order to create a natural-looking effect it is essential to opt for a concealer color which is one shade lighter than the foundation.

Use concealer first on the darker spots of your face. Don’t forget about the inner corner of the eyes to make sure the application is done uniformly. Simply use your finger to blend the shade into the overall makeup base. Proceed the same way with the concealer.

Blush Tip

Are you fond of healthy, flushed cheeks? Find out the trick offered by this beloved MUA on how to choose the perfect blush shade. Bobbi says that it is important to apply the blush on the apple of your cheeks.

In order to create the perfect impression opt for a color similar to the tone you obtain when you pinch your skin. Smile when you apply this fab product and blend towards the hairline. You can add a brighter shade right to the top of your cheeks for a romantic look.

Eye Makeup Tip

Grab your makeup kit and follow the instructions offered by Bobbi Brown to glam up your look. Choose an eye shadow trio with a light, medium and dark shade. First, apply the light tone right across the lid using a pro makeup brush.

This will be the base for your complete eye makeup. The medium color is applied just above the lashes using a shadow brush. If you’re fond of smokey eyes, you can apply the dark tones on the outside. Make sure you blend this hue with the two other shades for a dazzling effect. Finally, use an eyeliner to define the eyes and 3 coats of black mascara to emphasize the lashes.

Lip Makeup Tip

Find a lipstick shade which blends into the natural color of your lips. Apply a tiny amount of this product on your lower lips and see whether it can be easily incorporated into your natural-looking makeup. Always close your lips after the application to have a uniform effect. Use lip pencil after tinting your lips with lipstick. This is the phase when you can see where to define the ideal shape of your lips.

Pro Makeup Tips from Bobbi Brown

Image courtesy of Getty Images, Bobbi Brown

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