Stylish Celebrity Hair Accessories

Stylish Celebrity Hair Accessories

Award-winning hair styles scream for a tint of glam which can be best achieved with the help of a stylish hair accessory. Not even celebrities could resist the temptation of experimenting with hair clips and headbands of all designs, sizes and even colors. In order to create an overwhelming formal look or simply to add a funky twist to a casual hairdo you’ll have the chance to steal the tricks of style icon socialites who manage to popularize the trend with alluring mastery. The stylish celebrity hair accessories are adopted both for red carpet events as well as simply to immortalize their look at a relaxed event. The latest fashion trends offer a colorful repertoire of similar hair styling tools that are embedded into classy buns, wavy locks as well as Boho looks.

Stylish Celebrity Hair Accessories Stylish Celebrity Hair Accessories

Hair clips serve as cute and at the same time mesmerizing details for your tresses. Be it a simple donwdo as the one sported by Katy Perry or a ceremonial and more high brow appearance as the one promoted by Zooey Deschanel, it will accentuate the beautiful features of every face shape. The mono-colored and jewelry-style accessories can be perfectly paired with the other props of the outfit as earrings and necklaces. A small hair clip will radiate subtle femininity and an old Hollywood glamor. On the other hand, there’s no need to restrict ourselves to neutral tones, instead rainbow shaded designs would look fabulous especially with the arrival of the warm season. Copycat the style of Katy Perry who embraced the hair clip trend by leaving her strands free flowing on her shoulders. Find the style variation that best suits your personality and restrained or more explicit style aspirations.

Stylish Celebrity Hair AccessoriesPR PhotosStylish Celebrity Hair AccessoriesGetty Images

Pixie Lott adopts a more non-conformist attitude towards hair styling and chooses these tiny flower pieces that are interwoven in her tresses as the main statement accessories. The vibrating white details paired with her blonder hair tone create the perfect ensemble for a cute and groovy hair style. In order to rock the trend make sure you choose accessories that complement your hair tone for a natural effect. However, if your are a fan of the colorful looks, choose the ones that contrast the tone of your strands. Both long and medium hair look fabulous when paired with the latest hair accessories.

Katherine McPhee launches the list of celebrities who are fond of headbands of all fabrics and colors. Though she restrains herself to the wide black headband paired with her blonde locks, the effect is romantic and at the same time hyper-polished. Those who would like to sport the latest trends in hair accessories should engage into wearing neutral or colorful styles paired with a fabulous hair style.

Stylish Celebrity Hair Accessories Stylish Celebrity Hair Accessories Stylish Celebrity Hair Accessories Stylish Celebrity Hair Accessories

The velvet carpet also witnessed the revival of hair accessories, though undoubtedly these limit themselves to the more classy and retro-inspired looks it is still worth admiring them for useful beauty tips. Creative headbands can be created similarly to January Jones who used a black satin fabric to improvise a cute hair accessory. The glamorous updo can be perfectly perked up with a stylish detail especially when it flatters the whole outfit. Exposing our facial features can be done by using a similar trick that will tame our flyaway tresses at the same time, guaranteeing the long-lasting neat condition of the hairdo.

Carey Mulligan as well as Natalie Portman and Christina Henricks also join the party of headbands lovers. All of these prominent actresses manage to complement the subtle beaming of their earrings and jewelry with a stylish embellished headband. The skinny quality as well as the sparkle effect boost the nostalgic and alluring appearance of their strands. Instead of limiting ourselves to some volume and the perfect color it is also advisable to crown our apparel with a similar hair jewelry.

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