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Tips for a Long-Lasting Makeup

Tips for a Long-Lasting Makeup

Women usually spend a lot of money on different makeup products. However, after several minutes in front of the mirror trying to obtain that perfect makeup without giving the impression of exaggerating, the only thing we get is an evaporating makeup. In order to avoid this it is important to learn a few simple tips and tricks that can help you get a long-lasting makeup in no time.

Let’s start by preparing the skin. It is well known the fact that preparing your skin for makeup is essential not only for a healthy skin, but also to make your makeup stay in place longer. Therefore, the first step and one of the most important is cleansing and moisturizing your skin. Sometimes, due to our hectic schedules, we tend to forget preparing our skin for makeup. Even though we don’t realize it, omitting this step can become the worst enemy of your skin.

Start with the most crucial thing, and that is cleansing your skin. Then, apply the moisturizing day cream you normally use or a serum. Leave it for a few minutes allowing the cream to enter the skin making it more receptive to the makeup products. A moisturizing cream can play the role of a makeup base sometimes. You should know that the makeup base is the best ally against a running makeup.

Tips for a Long-Lasting Makeup

The second step means applying a foundation that works for your skin complexion. Apply foundation 10 minutes after the moisturizing cream. Foundation has the role of covering small imperfections, giving an even aspect to your skin, and ensuring a long-lasting makeup. Despite the time you take for meticulously applying foundation, you get to realize that throughout the day it evaporates. Moreover, it stains everything that comes in contact with it. The best thing you can do in order to make your foundation resist longer is to choose one with a fluid texture, oil-free, as this one works for every skin type. Apply it using a small makeup sponge as it allows an even appliance. Leave it for a few moments and then apply a light layer of powder in order to fix it.

Another trick for a long-lasting foundation is to wet your hands and gently press them on the skin after applying the foundation. This way you’ll help the product to enter into the pores and therefore fix it better. Glazing is a technique used by makeup artists too.

Use a compact powder as it provides a longer resistance. When it comes to the right blush, remember that the powdered texture is more recommended as it resists longer.

Women love a sexy, glamorous look and they usually use their eyes in order to get this. A dramatic eye makeup can easily be achieved using a pencil or a liquid eyeliner. However, when choosing between these two, you should know that the liquid eyeliner is four times more resistant than the pencil. With a little bit of skill you can apply a thinner line for a daytime makeup and a more accentuated one for a special, evening makeup.

Before applying the liquid eyeliner you need to use some powder on the eyelids in order to prevent the makeup from smudging. Start drawing a first, thin line from the inside corner of the eye and working outwards. It is not necessary to make one long line, especially if you are a beginner, but rather several smaller lines. If you want a more dramatic look, you can thicken the line. In order to balance the eye makeup, you can use a pencil on the lower lid, making a fine line at the roots of the eyelashes, but only from the center of the eyelid going outwards.

Tips for a Long-Lasting Makeup

Tips for a Long-Lasting Makeup

What’s worse than a running mascara? In matters of makeup this is one of the most dreadful things. Who wants to look ten years older? In order to avoid this, choose a waterproof mascara. But not a common waterproof mascara. The perfect choice should perfectly cover your eyelashes, lengthening them and adding more volume without the overloading sensation. When applying it, start from the roots of the lashes going towards the exterior, curving them.

You have finally found the perfect lipstick color for you. However, after applying it for the first time you realize that once at the office, the color on your lips simply vanished. In order to be sure that your lipstick will last longer, make sure your lips are always smooth and well taken care of. You have to pay a lot of attention to exfoliate them and nourish them properly using a lip balm. This way you’ll avoid dryness. Never apply lip balm just before the lipstick or you’ll get a running color. As for the lipstick, go for a long-lasting one and apply it using a special lip brush. Then, wait a few moments to allow the color to fix. However, don’t exaggerate with the long-lasting lipstick as it can dry your lips and don’t forget to apply a gloss coat over. This will not only sweeten your aspect, but it will make your lips look fuller.

Tips for a Long-Lasting Makeup Tips for a Long-Lasting Makeup

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